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Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Who Are You!?!

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Half an hour later, Chen Chen arrived at the stream where the Fiendgod statue was hidden.

Compared to the harsh environment where the other legacies had been located, this stream looked rather peaceful and pleasant. Not only were there fish swimming in the stream, there were even some small beasts that would come occasionally out to drink water.

Seeing this peaceful scene, Chen Chen continued to keep his guard up high.

It was the Fiendgod legacy, and with his current physical strength, he might encounter danger.

“System, are there any traps or any tests nearby?”

“No,” the system answered without emotion.

Hearing that, Chen Chen walked forward carefully, but even after asking the system dozens of questions, there was surprisingly nothing.

Finally, Chen Chen found the so-called Fiendgod statue in the middle of the stream between pebbles.

The Fiendgod statue was only twenty centimeters tall, and it looked just like a toy in his hand.

Compared to the Fiendgod statue that Zhou Renlong had seen in the mountains, this one was just too ordinary. Not only did it not look ferocious, it even seemed a little handsome. It looked more like an immortal than a demon.

However, Chen Chen knew that it was the real Fiendgod statue.

The system authentication could never be wrong!

“System, is there anything nearby that can unlock this Fiendgod’s legacy?”

“The host’s blood.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen took a deep breath and took out a knife, which he used to cut himself.

When the fresh blood dripped onto the seemingly ordinary Fiendgod statue, there was initially no change, but as more and more blood was dripped onto it, the originally tightly shut eyes of the Fiendgod statue slowly opened!

The most bizarre thing, however, was that the statue smiled!

Before Chen Chen could react, a beam of light suddenly shot out from the Fiendgod statue and hit Chen Chen’s forehead.

Chen Chen felt his vision turn black, and by the time he regained consciousness, he had already somehow appeared in a dark void.

There was a refined looking, middle-aged man silently standing in front of him, with his back facing him.

Although he couldn’t see the middle-aged man’s face, Chen Chen could tell from his aura that this man was the one whom the statue was modeled after.

“Person from the lower realm, the fact you can awaken my statue means that your constitution is suitable for cultivating the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique. Remember, if you ascend in the future, come to the Skyfiend City and I will teach you the technique after the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique!”

After saying those words, the middle-aged man suddenly looked back and his body expanded, emitting golden light that spanned across 10,000 feet!

Chen Chen squinted slightly, and with the change in the middle-aged man, various strange information began to appear in his mind.

“Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique!”

Chen Chen’s heart trembled.

Compared to other cultivation methods, this one was much stronger!

The highest level of other methods seemed to only be the Void Refinement realm above the Essence Soul realm.

However, in the Nine Revolutions Golden Body, the first revolution was equivalent to the Qi training realm, while the second revolution was equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm. By the time one reached the ninth revolution, they would be several levels higher than the Void Refinement realm.

The other cultivation methods were worlds apart from this one!

This Fiendgod was different from the fancy leaders of the demon clan. He didn’t create any troublesome tests, instead having come up with a unique criterion of his own.

‘This is a true boss! Unlike those silly fools…’

Chen Chen sighed in his heart. At the same time, the golden light on his body became more and more dense. It didn’t take him long to be near the third revolution.

Outside the secret realm.

Zhou Renlong was still sitting on top of the stone platform, his heart palpitating.

Today was the tenth day since Chen Chen entered the secret realm. If he had obtained the legacy, it should almost be time for him to come out.

“With the Indestructible Body, he should be able to obtain legacies that are on par with mine, right?”

Zhou Renlong murmured.

One could only enter the secret realm twice in a single lifetime. The first time was before the age of twenty, when the path of cultivation had yet to be set.

The second time was during one’s death, at the end of cultivation.

He had gone through lots of hardship and his physical body had almost collapsed before he got the fifth-generation clan master’s legacy.

After he came out, he dominated the path and became invincible with the fifth-generation clan master’s legacy, ascending to the position of Clan Master. Now, he had walked a path of his own.

If one day he sensed that his time was up, he would also enter the secret realm and leave his legacy behind.

In terms of constitution, his initial constitution was far inferior to the Indestructible Body, but he had great ambition and a great desire to win. He had the courage to defy the heavens, so he was able to come this far with fair aptitude.

‘If he gets the legacies of other divisions, then this Zhang Chen would be a wastrel. When the time comes, I’ll dump him to the other divisions,’ Zhou Renlong thought to himself.

While he was wondering what legacy Zhang Chen would get, a disciple dressed in black came in from outside.

“Clan Master, we received news from the State of Jin. After the Wuxin Clan pacified the chaos in the King City, they lost their patience and destroyed the Green Dragon Clan, which was originally in second place!

“The Clan Master and a few Great Elders of the Green Dragon Clan have been killed, while some talented disciples have been brought back to the Wuxin Clan.”

Hearing this, Zhou Renlong burst into laughter, which seemed rather eerie in the vast mountain.

“The ancestor of the Wuxin Clan is ashamed and furious. He went all out. Hah! How did the other clans react to the Wuxin Clan exterminating the Green Dragon Clan?”

“Overnight, the Clan Masters of the White Tiger Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan, Black Tortoise Clan, and Tianyun Clan, all broke through to the Nascent Soul realm realm. The Tianyun Clan Master even reached the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm!”

Hearing this, Zhou Renlong couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

‘This is a typical example of shooting oneself in the foot.’

The Wuxin Clan’s brutal scare tactics did not shock the few powerful clans, instead invoking a desire to rebel.

Those who embarked on the path of cultivation, be it immortal cultivators or diabolic cultivators, all had a backbone.

Seeing the Clan Master laughing, the disciple bitterly said, “Clan Master, even if the four clans unite, they might not be a match for the Wuxin Clan, and the more important thing is that the Clan Master of the Tianyun Clan, Xiao Wuyou, is not in State of Jin but State of Zhou.

“It was said that during the King City Rebellion, Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan, was killed, so he’s here in the State of Zhou to avenge his disciple.”

“What a fool! What is he doing here at our demon clan to take revenge instead of going back to preside over his clan!?! Fools! Okay, I know what to do. You may leave!”

Zhou Renlong snorted coldly.

Of course, what he wanted most was for the four clans to unite and fight toe-to-toe against the Wuxin Clan, so that they all ended up getting severely injured.

However, since Xiao Wuyou wasn’t around, that probably wouldn’t happen.

‘What a shame!’

After the disciple left, silence was restored in the mountain.

After about an hour, the Fiendgod statue behind Zhou Renlong suddenly moved, emitting light.

A moment later, the Fiendgod statue slowly began to move, revealing the door of light hidden behind the statue.

Zhou Renlong looked over, only to see a gilded stranger walking out.

Seeing this golden figure, Zhou Renlong turned pale, the calmness on his face gone without a trace as he roared, “Who are you? How dare you trespass in the secret realm of the demon clan!?!”

“Huh? I’m Zhang Chen!”

Chen Chen was speechless. He put down the big backpack he was carrying and spoke with an innocent face.

‘Damn, it’s only been a few days since we last met and you don’t recognize me anymore?’

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