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Chapter 113: Chapter 113: Single Seedling

“Zhang Chen.”

Zhou Renlong was shocked to hear that, and he immediately tried to detect it, only to discover that the soul of the person in front of him was exactly the same as that of Zhang Chen, who went in ten days ago.

He finally confirmed his identity; the gilded person was Zhang Chen.

‘However, ten days ago, this Zhang Chen was still an ordinary person. How did his appearance become like this!?!’

If he had detected correctly, the strength in Zhang Chen’s body was already comparable to the Foundation Establishment realm!

Just when he was in doubt, Chen Chen took a deep breath and the spiritual energy of the mountain entered his body while the golden light vanished, returning back to normal.

Zhou Renlong was even more astonished!

At the end of the day, body refinement was all about channeling spiritual energy into one’s body and using it to temper one’s body. In the absence of spiritual energy, his strength would be greatly reduced.

‘After this kid swallowed a mouthful of spiritual energy, this kid’s body actually reached the Core Formation realm!

‘What kind of legacy did he get in there?

‘Is there such a legacy within the first division of the secret realm?

At the thought of this, Zhou Renlong’s voice started trembling a little and he asked, “Kid, could you have… Obtained the legacy of the second clan master of the demon clan, the Immortal Fiendgod?”

Hearing his words, Chen Chen’s thoughts ran through his mind rapidly, but he soon deduced that Zhou Renlong probably didn’t know about the Fiendgod legacy, so his imagination was restrained.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen immediately pretended to be grief-stricken and replied in a deep voice, “Clan Master, I received exactly the legacy of the Immortal Fiendgod, the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique!”

“You traversed the mountain of swords and the sea of fire? How is that possible!?!”

Zhou Renlong’s eyes were filled with strong disbelief. He had also entered the secret realm at the time, and naturally knew of the mountain of swords and the sea of fire. Back then, he had also tried it, but after walking for more than ten meters, he could no longer take it and had no choice but to retreat.

In fact, after the second generation, most of the clan masters had all seen the mountain of swords and the sea of fire but none of them succeeded in moving past it!

Yet, Zhang Chen had already broken through. Didn’t that mean that Zhang Chen was much stronger than most of the clan masters of the previous generations?

Chen Chen slowly shook his head and said with some fear, “Actually, I haven’t broken through. I was at my last breath in the sea of fire, and when I reached the stone monument, 99% of my body had already been burnt!

“At that time, I thought I was dead. I even felt myself floating up and saw my own battered and mangled flesh! I was so indignant!”

“However, at that moment, golden rain fell from the sky, and the light and shadow of Lord Immortal Fiendgod appeared in front of me. He said that he was touched by my desire to become stronger and decided to take me on as a disciple. After the golden rain poured down on me, my body rapidly recovered, and I came to life in this body!”

Chen Chen was extremely serious and when he mentioned the miserable parts, tears welling up in his eyes.

He had already thought of what to say long before he came out. Hence, he had no issue with saying these words now.

Anyway, until now, no one in the demon clan had gotten the Fiendgod legacy, and Zhou Renlong had no choice but to believe his half-truths.

Hearing this, Zhou Renlong’s body trembled and he had a look of epiphany.

“The aftermath of death… Why didn’t I think of that back then? It’d be normal for the Lord Immortal Fiendgod to come up with such a test…”

After whispering softly, Zhou Renlong stared at Chen Chen, a gleam of light flashing in his eyes!

“Kid! Are you not afraid of death?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s expression became more and more sullen and he said firmly, “I made a vow to destroy the Wuxin Clan within ten years, and the only way to do this is with immense strength! Hence, I decided to take the legacy of Lord Immortal Fiendgod from the very beginning! Instead of being cursed by the Lord Fiendgod after ten years, it is better to fight hard now. Even if I die, I will have no regrets!”

Chen Chen’s voice was loud, clear, and full of gusto. Echoing continuously within the empty mountain, it moved Zhou Renlong, the master of the demon clan.

Even if one had thought of the intention of the Lord Immortal Demon beforehand, how many would dare to gamble with their lives?

Yet, Zhang Chen had dared to do so.

‘What kind of courage is that? I didn’t expect that the demon clan’s body refinement lineage would accept another disciple with such great perseverance.’

“Lord Immortal Fiendgod is indeed worthy of being the strongest clan master of the demon clan. Even after being dead for over 8,000 years, he still has the ability to shape an ordinary person into a Core Formation realm powerhouse, I am really far inferior…”

Zhou Renlong was full of admiration, then shifted his attention to the large bag behind Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Chen Chen hurriedly explained, “After I gained such strength, I thought that the demon clan’s body refinement lineage might need some cultivation methods, so I took two more legacies…”

Naturally, Chen Chen wouldn’t say that he had taken 28 legacies, or he might get beaten to death on the spot.

In fact, he truly had only brought out two legacies.

He memorized all the secret manuals and legacies before putting them back in place.

All the gifts in the legacies had already been absorbed and he couldn’t bear to throw away the items in the back, so he brought them out.

If there were disciples of the demon clan who tried to enter the secret realm in the future and couldn’t repair their broken tendons after painstakingly obtaining the legacy, that was none of his concern…

“Haha, you’re so greedy.”

Zhou Renlong had, of course, seen through Chen Chen’s thoughts, but he did not say much because it was only human to be greedy. He just couldn’t be excessively greedy.

Seeing that the demon clan master wasn’t angry, Chen Chen was relieved, hurriedly taking out a hideous mask from his bag and putting it on.

Without waiting for Zhou Renlong to ask, he took the initiative to explain, “Clan Master, I’m too handsome and I don’t look stern enough, so it is better for me to wear this mask.”

Of course, Chen Chen was also babbling nonsense.

After learning that the demon clan masters of the successive generations were all at the Essence Soul realm, Chen Chen was worried that someone might see through his face-changing mask, so he wore an additional one just to be safe.

Zhou Renlong nodded along without any doubts.

Zhang Chen was indeed rather handsome, and unlike the members of the demon clan, he didn’t seem stern enough to have a deterrent effect.

“Clan Master, how did Lord Immortal Fiendgod die? His divine ability is overwhelming, he should have ascended!”

Noting that Zhou Renlong didn’t hold it against him, Chen Chen changed the topic.

Hearing this question, Zhou Renlong’s expression became despondent.

“8,000 years ago, the second war between the humans and demons occurred. The demon clan belongs to the human race, so of course we had to participate in the war.

“Back then, the Lord Immortal Fiendgod and the terrifying experts of the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan had a brutal battle that lasted for seven days and seven nights. The Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan ended up falling. Lord Immortal Fiendgod died eight times, and when he returned to the demon clan, he only had a few years left to live. He chose not to struggle, instead entering the secret realm to leave behind his legacy with his remaining power.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was left speechless. There was too much information in there, and he couldn’t absorb it immediately.

During the second great war, he died eight times at the peak of the battle.

Those words kept running through his mind.

At this moment, the gate of the mountain was opened once again and Elder An Chen, who brought Chen Chen to the demon clan, walked over.

He didn’t look at Chen Chen at all, clearly failing to recognize him.

“Clan Master, the second division disciple Yuan Qingtian is ready to accept the challenge from the young clan masters of other divisions!”

“I know, go ahead,” Zhou Renlong said indifferently.

Hearing this, Elder An Chen bowed and retreated.

Chen Chen was shocked to hear this.

‘Did Yuan Qingtian recover so quickly? He actually wants to accept the challenge of other young clan masters?!’

“Yuan Qingtian, it’s a pity.”

After An Chen left, Zhou Renlong sighed and then looked at Chen Chen.

“You just joined the demon clan, so you don’t know the rules yet. If a disciple wants to become the crown prince of the State of Zhou and the young clan master of the demon clan, there is only one way, which is to accept the challenge of all the young masters of the 35 other divisions without a single failure.

“In order to even get a chance to take such a test, you must first make a significant contribution to our demon clan. Only then will the clan master gather the young masters of each division.

“The reason why the successive clan masters have been so dominant in the clan is because they have all come in this way. In terms of strength and prestige, they have convinced all the disciples they are worthy, and that’s the reason they can become the Lord of the demon clan.

“That kid Yuan Qingtian is a rare genius from the second division. After the assassination of the new king of the State of Jin, he has obtained the chance to challenge and originally had some hope. Unfortunately, his sea of consciousness has been rebuilt and his memory has been removed. I’m afraid he will not pass the test.”

Chen Chen nodded at his words. There was indeed a reason for the 36 divisions to be united.

This system was indeed reasonable and much fairer than that of the clans of the State of Jin clan.

Apart from the first division, the disciples of other divisions were also treated equally. As long as they were strong and were willing to contribute to the demon clan, they would all be given a chance.

“Zhang Chen, you should go too. By right, Yuan Qingtian should have to go through you too,” Zhou Renlong stated calmly.

“Huh? I only joined the clan a short while ago! Shouldn’t the other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters go instead?”

Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

“You are the only disciple in the first division, the body refinement lineage.”

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