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Chapter 111: Chapter 111: Sorry, I Didn’t

Looking at the prompts given by the system, Chen Chen quickly started planning in his mind.

Since there was a limit to the amount of time he could stay in the secret territory, and he still had to go through some tests to obtain the legacies, it was best if he prioritized the most precious legacy.

After formulating a basic strategy, Chen Chen ran to the Fiendgod legacy, which was the furthest away, without any hesitation.

According to the arrangements he had made, he would return to grab the legacy of the second-generation demon clan master, who was at the peak Essence Soul realm, after obtaining the Fiendgod’s legacy. He would then proceed to collect the second-best legacy.

He would proceed to collect as many legacies as he could within ten days; the more the merrier.

However, after running wildly for 10 kilometers and killing two ferocious beasts with the Hundred Poison Dagger, Chen Chen was disappointed.

It was because he had passed by the legacy of the second-generation demon clan master.

Unlike the others, the legacy of the second-generation demon clan master wasn’t hidden.

There was even a large monument near the top of the mountain that stated that the legacy was right there.

Apart from that, the clan master didn’t hide the test or have any hidden surprises.

The test was obvious, he could tell by just a glance.

The mountain was full of sharp stones, and from afar, they looked like knives on a mountain. As far as Chen Chen could see, there were seven or eight corpses.

In addition to that, there were blazing flames within an area that was a hundred meters in radius around the stone monument! They made the sky turn red!

It was just like a fiery mountain!

Looking at his shabby equipment, Chen Chen reckoned that getting through the fiery mountain to obtain the legacy would be a Herculean task. Even if he got it, he might not have the energy to use it.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression shifted rapidly and he quickly changed his mind.

If he acted according to his previous thoughts, it would be just like a rookie player, challenging the ultimate boss of the game.

It was a death wish.

After thinking about it, Chen Chen turned around and left.

The test of the second-generation master of the demon clan was simply that terrifying. God knew if the Fiendgod legacy would have any special powers. What if it gave him a test that he couldn’t pass?

‘No, I still have to upgrade!’

Chen Chen was not an indecisive person, nor was he greedy. He knew that he had to prioritize his safety at all times.

A few moments later, he arrived at the legacy of a peak Nascent Soul realm elder and passed the test with the help of the system, as well as some fancy operations. Thus, he obtained the legacy.

“Fated junior, you must have lost a lot of energy and blood, right? Do you feel giddy and weak in the limbs? Haha! If you want to obtain the legacy, you have to go through these hardships. The bottle next to it contains the True Dragon essence blood, which I obtained by chance. If you drink it, it will help with your blood deficit condition, and will help you cultivate the Skyfiend Blood Refinement Technique!”

Seeing the contents left by this peak Nascent Soul realm elder, Chen Chen muttered, “Sorry. I’m not bleeding, but I still have to drink it.”

After saying those words, Chen Chen drank the True Dragon essence blood in one gulp, a large wave of blood energy surging out from his body!

When a few beasts around him saw that scene, they became so frightened that they turned around and fled, soon disappearing from the forest.

Chen Chen felt the sudden increase in physical strength. Without another word, he tossed the knife away, feeling as if he could now hack a small tree with just his hand.

Late at night.

Chen Chen arrived in front of the legacy of the previous generation of the demon clan master, disheveled and unkempt.

“Fated one, I bet at least thirty of your bones have been broken now, right? Yet, you still managed to persist and come all the way here. You’re a rare find. That box next to you contains a medicinal ointment made from the tiger bone of an Essence Soul realm demonic tiger that I slaughtered way back when. Apply it to your body and meditate here for a period of time to heal your broken bones.”

“Okay, thank you so much!”

Chen Chen picked up the secret book and rubbed the tiger bone ointment onto his body. Soon, the bones in his body began to crackle and pop like beans.

Chen Chen looked up to the sky and roared. By the time he snapped back to his senses, he had grown two centimeters taller!

The next day…

“Fated one, I reckon the tendons in your body must have been broken by now. Don’t be afraid…”

On the third day…

“Fated one, I reckon you’ve already castrated yourself, right? Don’t panic…”

On the fourth day…

On the eighth day…

Chen Chen walked on with an unsteady gait as he wasn’t quite used to his current physical strength, which had been increasing rather quickly in the past few days.

As for the rope and other equipment, he had already thrown all of them away, keeping only a single backpack, which contained all the secret manuals of the big shots, as well as some fancy meeting gifts.

At this moment, he once again came to the legacy of the second-generation clan master of the demon clan, which was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm.

The seemingly terrifying fiery mountain no longer seemed so scary anymore.

As he took a step out, the steep, sharp stones immediately turned into ashes, Chen Chen didn’t even have to use the system.

In fact, since yesterday, his body had been bearing the brunt of obtaining the legacies through various tests and traps.

Hence why yesterday, he had managed to obtain the legacies of eight Essence Soul realm powerhouses within a single day.

Now, of the 28 legacies tracked by the system, only the fiery mountain and the Godfiend statue remained.

Bang, bang, bang…

Along the way, the stones darted through the air as Chen Chen walked through the mountains, soon arriving at the flames.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Chen stepped into the sea of flames.

The burning pain he had imagined did not appear, but he felt the blood energy in his body burning rapidly. Without hesitation, Chen Chen took a step forward, leaping outwards by ten meters.

Boom, boom, boom!

After a series of ten explosions, Chen Chen crossed the sea of flames and arrived in front of the stone monument.

There were no tables or treasure chests there; it was just an empty space.

However, the moment Chen Chen stepped on the land, the stone monument lit up in a dazzling ray of light!

Immediately afterwards, an illusory figure clad in a black robe slowly appeared. His face could not be seen clearly, but Chen Chen could tell in a glance that he was very powerful.

The second-generation clan master of the diabolic cultivator was the strongest he had ever met!

“Poor kid, do you still want to aspire to the strongest, even if you have to die? I know you have a special constitution, just like me. Otherwise, you would have died long ago.

“You have a strong constitution and unparalleled will. Even if you die physically, you still yearn to become stronger. Kid, I have to admit, you have impressed me, and you’re qualified to be a disciple of mine, the Immortal Demon. In this case, I will teach you my formidable skill, the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique!”

Chen Chen was speechless. The figure looked cool to him but in fact, it didn’t have a real consciousness.

Otherwise, why would it say that he was dead?

That was blatant lying!

‘Sorry, I’m not dead!’

Before he finished mocking him, a ray of light shot out from the stone monument once again, shining onto Chen Chen.

A memory quickly emerged in Chen Chen’s mind. It was the Heaven-Snatching Immortality Technique!

At that moment, the figure spoke again.

“Revive, foolish child. When I died, I left behind a large amount of the essence of immortality. Now, you may have all of it!”

As his voice sounded out, golden raindrops began to fall from the sky.

The rain made Chen Chen’s body appear gilded, making him emit a dazzling, golden ray of light.

When the rain stopped, Chen Chen took a deep breath and leaped down from the mountain.


With a casual punch, Chen Chen smashed the house-sized boulder into many pieces!

At that moment, he felt as if he could fight himself with his physical body alone!

He had cultivated for months to reach his current cultivation level, but he had also refined his body for eight days.

After getting some benefits from the experts here and there, he managed to increase his cultivation to such a terrifying level.

No expert would want to have their meticulously designed tests be solved so quickly by a mortal who had accumulated to a shocking extent right in the middle of this secret realm!

Not to mention how difficult it was to search for such legacies. Just the survival of a mortal body in this forest alone would require a large amount of energy.

Spending ten days finding a satisfactory legacy and then going through the tests to obtain the legacies was already extremely difficult.

Besides, most of the gifts from the bigwigs were used to heal wounds and injuries, not strengthen one’s body.

Logically speaking, they were not supposed to make one improve so drastically.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

Chen Chen was somewhat embarrassed, smiling tactfully before walking towards the Fiendgod statue.

With his physical body’s current strength, he was practically cheating in this secret realm!

“With my inherent talent and the added advantage, it shouldn’t be difficult to get the Godfiend legacy, right?”

At the thought of this, Chen Chen gradually looked less coy and became more confident.

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