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Chapter 107: Chapter 107: The Body of Immortality

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“The Soul Cleansing Fruit half a meter to your left can dispel witchcraft curses, the Divine Lotus can break the 10,000 year old corpse curse, the host’s blood, the Clear Spirit Herb two meters ahead, and the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite can cure thousand year old poison.

The system’s prompt sounded in his mind, and Chen Chen quickly picked up the corresponding heavenly treasures and swallowed them after hearing each sentence.

However, despite this, he still felt giddy while the ethereality in his body became stagnant as he couldn’t get it to flow at all.

“This poison called Mortal’s Wrath is really horrifying!”

Chen Chen was shocked.

Mortal’s Wrath contained a mix of 1,000-year-old poison and 10,000-year-old corps curse and witchcraft curses.

The poison would attack one’s flesh while the curses would break the soul. The corpse will suppress the ethereality and prevent the poisoned person from saving himself. The trinity of terrifying poison itself was an extremely precious treasure.

‘No wonder Chong Ye that half-step Golden core cultivator was turned into ashes in sub 20 seconds despite having the support of three experts who are at the Nascent Soul realm.’

Chen Chen was filled with fear as he thought about it.

Fortunately, he did not delay a single moment just now, or he would have had his ethereality suppressed and end up being unable to open his storage ring. Even if he had the system in his body, he would still die there.

Who could he reason with when that happened?

“Damn it! I’m so scared!”

Chen Chen cursed angrily in his heart, and after consuming the Soul Cleansing Fruit, the ghostly wailing sound from the wound finally began to fade, and he became much more awake.

However, the golden silk robe had already been corroded into ashes.

On the other hand, the 10,000-year-old corpse curse had also been suppressed by the powerful medicinal power of the Divine Lotus and a trace of spiritual energy gradually returned to the body.

However, the strange poison was still overpowering and corroding his wound.

Chen Chen’s physique was special, and so his wounds were constantly being healed by the powerful vitality.

The change and recovery were just like war.

While struggling, Chen Chen consumed the Clear Spirit Herb, followed by a bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite. It wasn’t the time to save now.

As long as he could stay alive, he would have any treasures he wanted in the future.

The three types of toxins and three medicinal forces were fighting in his body and one can imagine how terrible Chen Chen felt. Soon, he turned pale and seemed to have had his energy drained.

At that moment, several streams of light appeared in the distant sky.

Seeing these streams of light, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted slightly, and he used the little bit of spiritual energy that he had easily recovered to collect all the heavenly treasures and put them into the storage ring.

At the same time, he took out a special mask from the storage ring and placed it on his face. Soon, his face began to change and he became even more handsome.

That mask was given to him by his mother, and it was made of the hide of an extremely special demonic beast, which could be incorporated into human skin. Even a top powerhouse would not be able to see through it easily.


After doing that, Chen Chen lay down on the ground and hid the storage ring in the compartment of his clothes. He then started panting heavily.

Seeing the stream of light getting closer and closer, Chen Chen stretched out a finger with difficulty and pointed it at Yuan Qingtian who was a few meters away.

“Bastard, it’s not that easy to survive.”

In the next moment, a faint flash of lightning shot out, and engulfed all of Chen Chen’s remaining ethereality before blasting it above Yuan Qingtian’s head.

Soon, the two figures landed and immediately leaped towards Yuan Qingtian.

“Young Clan Leader!”

Looking at Yuan Qingtian’s miserable appearance, the two people cried out in unison.

Hearing his cry, Chen Chen’s heart dropped too.

‘Damn it, I’m really unlucky. Indeed, it’s someone from the Demon clan, luckily I was smart enough to change my face.’

Chen Chen turned his head over slightly and sneered when he saw them feeding heavenly treasures to Yuan Qingtian.

Even if Yuan Qingtian didn’t die, he would be 99% dead, unless he had the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite. Otherwise, he would not be able to recover within a short period of time.

In fact, it was just like what he had imagined. Moments later, their voices began turning miserable.

“Young clan master… wake up!”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“If his tendons and veins were destroyed, this can still be repaired, but he… His consciousness was severely damaged and he has suffered a huge blow that made him collapse.”

Hearing his answer, the other person sat on the ground, seemingly in despair.

“His consciousness collapsed… Won’t he become a fool then?”

The other person stayed silent. Like the elixir field, the sea of consciousness was intangible and difficult to repair.

If it wasn’t repaired, the injured person would be no different from a zombie.

However, if it was repaired, it would be a new memory. Not only would his memories be lost, his intelligence would also return to the level of an infant.

How would that be different from a crippled person?

“Who is it!?! Who did this to the young clan master!”

“There’s someone else here!”

The two people from the Demon clan finally noticed Chen Chen at this time, and approached him immediately.

Chen Chen was speechless when he saw the clothes they were wearing.

They were both esteemed elders of the Demon clan whose cultivation levels were above the Golden core realm.

“Kid, why are you here?”

A Demon clan elder asked while grabbing Chen Chen’s arm, and after taking a look, there was a look of surprise on his face.

To their surprise, Chen Chen didn’t have an elixir field but he didn’t seem like a mortal to them so they thought that he had had his elixir field crippled.

“I… passed by casually and was injured by the aftershock.” Chen Chen said helplessly.

“Do you know who injured the young clan master?” Another elder asked.

“Yes… The second elite of the State of Jin, Chen Chen, who is also the successor of the Tianyun Clan. He did it using the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique.”

The Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique caused a huge commotion and Chen Chen didn’t know if anyone else had seen it. Hence, he decided to just tell the truth.

“Why was he so brutal?”

“He said this person killed the new king of the State of Jin but death would be an easy way out for him. He wants this person to live in pain and misery for the rest of his life,” Chen Chen lied.

The two Demon clan elders were so grief-stricken that they couldn’t help but cry miserably.

“Chen Chen! I will deal with you!”


“We can’t take this insult! Chen Chen, how dare you humiliate the young clan master like this!”

Chen Chen felt a chill in his heart when he heard that.

If the two of them found out that he was Chen Chen he’d probably die.

After the two Demon clan elders finished cursing, they all looked at Chen Chen.

“Do we kill him or let him stay alive?”

“All the people of the State of Jin deserve to die, kill him.”

Hearing the conversation between these two, Chen Chen struggled to sit up.

“I have something to say!”

The two elders’ gazes froze and they waited to hear what Chen Chen had today.

At this moment, Chen Chen took out a Demon clan token from his pocket and placed it on the ground with a bitter look.


“I live at the edge of the city. I have a store and a field at home, life is blissful. However, one day, an elder in black came to my door, saying that my qualifications were too incredible. Hence, he gave me this token and told me to keep it with me at all times.”

“Who knew? That Wuxin Clan turned out to be cunning and vicious. They fell out with us and the elder tried to resist, only to be beaten up badly. After he found my token, he ruined my elixir field.”

“So, the city is now in chaos and I managed to escape but I never expected to face another disaster as I got flung far to the roadside! Life is unpredictable and I can’t say enough about my sorrow. I only ask you two to spare my life!”

The two elders of the Demon clan were stunned and confusion filled their eyes.

After a moment, one of them came back to his senses, picked up the token and said somewhat sympathetically, “Are you a disciple of my Demon clan?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen said gently with a miserable expression, “The black-clothed elder said that I would be considered a disciple of the Demon clan only after he takes me back.”

The two elders looked at each other, already 80% convinced that Chen Chen was telling the truth.

They reckoned that the young man in front of them was probably a cultivator with good potential who was discovered by the Demon clan in the State of Jin by their fellow disciple. However, the matter got exposed and that fellow disciple naturally died while the young man Chen Chen had his elixir field ruined and only managed to escape during the chaos.

However, just then, one of the elders’ expressions suddenly changed and he said in a stern voice, “The disciples recruited by the Demon clan in the State of Jin will take the Body Burning Pill before they go to the State of Zhou. Let me take another look at your physical condition.”

After saying that, he didn’t give Chen Chen a chance to move and tried to grab Chen Chen’s wrist again.

However, after seeing Chen Chen’s wrist, he froze again.

The first time he checked Chen Chen’s physical condition, he used a lot of force, and the spot on Chen Chen’s wrist that he pressed had already reddened.

However, his wrist now was as good as new.

“What is going on with this kid?”

He was bewildered while the elder beside him looked grim. Without uttering another word, he made a cut on Chen Chen’s arm.

In the end, the cut began healing at a speed visible to the naked eye right in front of them.

Seeing this scene, horror filled their eyes and they shrieked in unison!

“This… This is Luang Huan’s Indestructible Body!


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