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Chapter 108: Chapter 108: Demon Clan Headquarters

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“What Indestructible Body?”

When Chen Chen saw the wound heal automatically, he first lamented but after hearing the two devil clan elders’ exclamation, he was dumbfounded.

‘Is there something special about my body that automatically heals on its own?’

Seeing that Chen Chen’s shocked expression seemed to be genuine, the two demon clan elders’ expressions looked extremely complicated.

There were 36 divisions in the State of Zhou Demon Clan. However, except for the first division, which was the headquarters, the others were all evil.

Only the first division of the body refinement lineage was a proper Dao that could allow one to reach the supreme realm that was comparable to the Immortal Dao.

Going against the Heavenly Dao with one’s body of flesh and going beyond life and death was diabolism.

The Indestructible Body was one of the few most suitable constitutions for body refinement.

Due to the fact that the refinement of the body was an incredibly painful and torturous process, the collapse of one’s body during the process was a common occurrence.

When people of ordinary constitutions tried to temper their bodies, they might die a brutal death if they were careless.

However, it was very difficult for the Indestructible Body to collapse as the recovery was extremely powerful too. In fact, one can even use some forbidden body refinement techniques to achieve the supreme demon body and finally reach the realm of immortality!

“Young man, come back with us to the demon clan.”

A demon clan elder said.

Although he was from the second division of the State of Zhou Demon Clan, the demon clans of the State of Zhou were united and they naturally had to bring a person with such a constitution.

“Huh? But my elixir field has been ruined, so I can’t cultivate.” Chen Chen was a bit helpless. Of course, he hoped that they would let him off.

The other demon clan elder shook his head and said, “It’s alright, we have a division where you can cultivate without using the elixir field.”

“Really?” Chen Chen’s eyes lit up.

Hearing this, the first thing that came to his mind was of course Zhang Ji.

Zhang Ji’s elixir field had been ruined by Qi Bufan’s underling, and from then on, he was destined to lose connection to the immortal path. If cultivation without an elixir field was possible, Zhang Ji would be able to continue cultivating.

It wouldn’t matter if he became an immortal cultivator or a diabolic cultivator. Chen Chen didn’t care, as he felt that being able to live forever was the ultimate goal.

“I won’t lie to you. Okay, let’s go as soon as possible, we shouldn’t stay here for long.”

One of the demon clan elders seemed to have sensed something as his expression change while a large part of his body sprang out of a halberd. Afterwards, without uttering another word, he pulled Chen Chen on the halberd

Another elder dragged Yuan Qingtian along and soon, the halberd quickly rose into the air and darted away in the distance.

“I’m afraid we have to make a trip to the demon clan.”

On top of the halberd, Chen Chen was speechless. At this moment, his body had already fully recovered. However, he did not dare to absorb spiritual energy into his body since he was next to two experts.

Otherwise, he could return to peak condition in a minute.

“Young man, what is your name?”

“Zhang Chen.”

Chen Chen blurted a fake name and borrowed Zhang Ji’s last name.

“Can I borrow some blood for a while?”

“Uh, yes.”

Chen Chen had no choice but to extend his arm, and it didn’t take long for him to let out a little blood.

Much like what he thought, that demon clan Elder fed his blood to Yuan Qingtian.

Soon, the charred scab on Yuan Qingtian’s body began to fall off, revealing the fresh new skin underneath.

“Chen Chen! Screw you!”

Yuan Qingtian suddenly exclaimed, giving Chen Chen a great shock.

Seeing this scene, the two demon clan elders’ eyes were filled with endless misery.

They had no idea what their young clan master had gone through. After his sea of consciousness collapsed, he had left behind an obsession.

The second division of the State of Zhou Demon Clan finally found someone with a divine concealment technique. However, they didn’t expect to end up in this situation.

The halberd flew through the clouds at an incredible speed and they soon flew far from the capital.

Late at night, the few of them had already arrived at the border of the State of Jin.

At this moment, Yuan Qingtian’s face was incredibly gloomy because when Yuan Qingtian was unconscious, he cursed at him at least 180 times but he would yell the same sentence every single time.

“Rascal, just you wait, I’ll deal with you sooner or later!”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart while the demon clan elder at the side turned glum as they said with concern, “The first flight is inevitably going to cause you some discomfort. Most people would have thrown up after flying for so long but you only look a little unwell. This has something to do with your constitution.”

Chen Chen nodded solemnly, but he kept complaining in his heart.

‘If you got cursed 180 times, you wouldn’t seem too well either!’

Amidst their conversation, the few of them entered the State of Zhou.

As soon as they did, the number of people of the demon clan began to increase.

All of them surged over from all directions, and they were all heavily wounded. They should have fled back from the capital of the State of Jin.

‘How many people did the demon clan deploy this time?’

However, no matter what, the demon clan should not have lost. This time, they had not only managed to kill the new king of the State of Jin, but also prevented the Wuxin Clan from unifying the 36 clans.

That was a wonderful thing for the demon clan.

Looking at the bustling and prosperous town in the State of Zhou at night, Chen Chen was amazed.

Although there was the demon clan, the lives of mortals there seemed on par with that of the State of Jin.

Actually, it was inevitable.

If the so-called demon clan was made up of all sorts of vile demons who killed and slaughtered everyone in the city, the nation would have long collapsed.

“All the people of the State of Zhou believe in the Fiendgod, if you want to join the demon clan, you must believe in the Fiendgod too.”

The demon clan elder who was at the side, said indifferently as he looked at the town below.

Chen Chen nodded seriously. He was the only one who knew if he had registered those words in his head.

After flying for some time, the sky gradually turned bright as dawn arrived.

Finally, the halberd stopped in the middle of a mountain range.

This mountain range was mostly made up of withered mountains and the spiritual energy there had already been depleted. The surrounding environment was as harsh as it can be and even birds were scarce. There were only either crows or vultures.

“This is the headquarters of the demon clan.

The demon clan introduced.

“The headquarters of the demon clan?” Chen Chen’s heart dropped.

He thought that he would be brought to a certain branch, but he did not expect that they would take him directly to the headquarters of the demon clan.

Most importantly, the headquarters was too shabby. In terms of living environment, it was worse than the stone village, let alone the Tianyun Mountains.

“Elder, are all the people in the demon clan leading such tough lives?” Chen Chen couldn’t help but ask a question.

At such a moment, it was normal for a rookie like him to ask such a question. If he didn’t, it would seem suspicious.

“The main core technique is body refining, and to refine the body, one must have a cool and harsh environment,” the demon clan elder replied as he led Chen Chen to fly towards the highest mountain in the distance.

Yuan Qingtian was also made to follow behind by another demon clan elder who pulled him along.

“So that’s how it is.”

Chen Chen had an epiphany but he was distressed.

‘Damn it, can there be heavenly treasures in such a harsh environment?’ He originally thought that it was a rare chance for him to come to the demon clan’s place, so he had to dig up some local specialties and bring them back with him.

When he landed on the highest peak, Chen Chen did not hesitate and began to ask the system.

He didn’t have much hope for this environment, so he was very cautious with his words.

“System, is there anything slightly valuable within 30 meters around here?”

“There’s a Meteoric Divine Iron Ore two meters below the bottom of your feet.”

“Twelve meters to the left, there is a 10,000-year-old Ghost Flower that can cause all sorts of frightening hallucinations.”

“Eighteen meters to the right, there is a 1,000-year-old prickly divine grass. After taking it, your soul will weaken until death.”

“Move forward by eight meters and go upwards by three meters, and you will see a death energy magic mushroom that has absorbed ten thousand years of death energy. If you go a little closer, your lifespan will be decreased.”

Hearing this system prompt, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

‘The demon clan is just different. We grow life-saving items but all the things here are lethal…’

Just when he was speechless in his heart, the system in his mind gave him another prompt.

“Host, you have used the system for a total of 1,000 times. You are rewarded with a chance to track within a range of 20,000 meters.”

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