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Chapter 106: Chapter 106: What Is a True Elite!?!

Watching the scene unfold, Chen Chen took a few steps backward, his aura erupting without restraint and blocking the opposing strong ethereality.

Even if Yuan Qingtian didn’t use the divine concealment technique, his strength was already a half-step close to the Golden core realm and far beyond Lin Jin and Qi Bufan.

Of course, if he did not have such strength, it would be difficult for him to touch Chong Ye, let alone harm him.

As it was Chen Chen’s first time facing such an opponent, he began to grow very serious.

After taking in a deep breath, a bolt of lightning formed in front of his chest and shot towards Yuan Qingtian, blocking his palm immediately.

After being forced to retreat by the lightning, Yuan Qingtian looked as if he had been enlightened.

“No wonder you were able to kill Qi Bufan, this strength is worthy of being the second elite within the State of Jin. Unfortunately, I lost my Soul Devouring Dagger. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take me so much effort to kill you.”

Yuan Qingtian said while moving his feet, seemingly looking for Chen Chen’s weaknesses.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen didn’t say anything. Initially, he didn’t want to use the Tianyun Divine Thunder Technique because he was afraid that it might cause too much noise and attract the attention of the Demon clan.

However, he now had to do his best to get rid of the demons as soon as possible, and such, he couldn’t care less about attracting attention.

After realizing that he didn’t have to hold back, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up once again as the sky was soon covered with gloomy clouds while an invisible force of heavenly might locked onto Yuan Qingtian.

Yuan Qingtian looked into the sky, only to feel as if the sky was about to collapse. His gaze turned somber in an instant.

Chen Chen, who was standing in front of him, was much more powerful than he imagined; the more powerful he became, the greater his murderous intent grew.

‘This person might be a greater threat than Chong Ye in the future, I must kill him!’

After exhaling gently, Yuan Qingtian’s figure gradually became darker and darker.

It soon became obvious that he was about to use the lost technique, the Divine Concealment Technique!


Chen Chen roared into the sky as seven or eight bolts of lightning descended down, blasting in the direction where Yuan Qingtian was standing.

However, Yuan Qingtian had already completely vanished at this point and the seven or eight lightning bolts also blasted in the empty space, smashing onto the ground and forming seven or eight large craters in the crash zone.

“Chen Chen, you are the second person in the State of Jin who has forced me to use the Divine Concealment Technique. Haha, although the consumption of this technique is taxing, it’d be worth my while if I can kill you.”

Yuan Qingtian’s voice could be heard coming from all directions.

At this point, Chen Chen simply felt as if he was muttering nonsense. He had seen the fight between him and Chong Ye and all his words had hidden meanings.

He was either trying to mess with his opponent’s mind or trying to distract them.

As a top killer, talking nonsense would never be possible.

Chen Chen stood still as he carefully attempted to detect the demon assassin. He then immediately sighed when he confirmed that he really couldn’t detect any traces of Yuan Qingtian.

“Ah, it seems I have to cheat.”

“System, where is Yuan Qingtian?”

“18 meters above the left.”

As soon as he heard the system’s answer, Yuan Qingtian’s voice sounded from the upper right.


Chen Chen had no idea how his voice was coming from the right even though he was to the left. When dealing with Chong Ye, Yuan Qingtian had also used the same tactic.

However, at such a time, he definitely chose to trust the system.

Before he heard the word ‘Die’, a thunderbolt in the sky came down abruptly and struck the place where the system pointed to.

At this moment, Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

Moments later, a muffled grunt echoed from mid-air, however, Yuan Qingtian was nowhere to be seen.

Soon after the lightning bolt landed, the air began to smell like roasted meat.

All cultivators had acute senses, and the smell was enough to guide Chen Chen to find Yuan Qingtian.


Before Chen Chen could smell carefully, a few pieces of charred and mangled flesh suddenly fell from the sky.

Looking at the flesh, Chen Chen smirked. It was flesh from a thigh; it seemed that Yuan Qingtian had been struck in his thigh.

‘This guy is really ruthless. When he fought with Chong Ye, he made himself bleed, and now that he’s fighting me, he chose to cut his own body.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t have to smell it to know where Yuan Qingtian was.

“System, where is Yuan Qingtian?”

“Twenty meters to the right rear.”

Hearing this prompt, Chen Chen launched another bolt of thunder and lightning in the sky without hesitation.


This time, Yuan Qingtian’s muffled grunt turned into a miserable cry.

“You could detect me! That’s impossible! Unless one reaches the peak of the Golden core realm and can sense minor changes in ethereality, it’d be impossible to detect my presence!”

Yuan Qingtian roared in shock and anger from behind while Chen Chen turned around and laughed.

“Can’t I have secret techniques as well? You’re not the only one who has one. Well, you can guess how I detected you.”

‘Hah, you’ve already gone into stealth mode but you won’t let me detect you? I’m not afraid of anyone, I’ll just cheat back.’

“It must be a coincidence!” Yuan Qingtian muttered. His eyes were red and his body was scorched, but he still didn’t believe that his invincible divine stealth technique could be seen through by anyone.

Gritting his teeth, Yuan Qingtian vanished yet again.

This time, he did not immediately make a move, but flew around non-stop, carefully observing Chen Chen’s reaction.

However, no matter how much he observed, he could not see any signs of Chen Chen using any secret techniques.

“Coincidence! It’s definitely a coincidence!”

Yuan Qingtian roared in his heart. He just couldn’t believe it. He thought that since he could kill Chong Ye, he’d definitely be able to kill Chen Chen as well.

On the other hand, using the system, Chen Chen managed to gain a general understanding of Yuan Qingtian’s trajectory of movement.

At this point, the system gave an answer that did not match the trajectory.

“Twenty meters above your head, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen felt amused. ‘Does this guy think that the Heavenly Thunder won’t strike him just because he’s above my head?’

Without any hesitation, Chen Chen took a deep breath and his palm was once again dazzled with lightning!

In the next second, he suddenly raised his arm high as a violent bolt of lightning shot upward from his hand.

Simultaneously, the same heavenly lightning shot down from the sky, and the two thunderbolts instantly clashed!

The spot of the collision was directly on top of Yuan Qingtian!


With a loud explosion, Yuan Qingtian was blown up from head to toe. He then landed headfirst a few meters in front of Chen Chen, engulfed in smoke.

“Kid, are you still going to go into stealth mode?”

When Chen Chen noticed the miserable state that Yuan Qingtian was in, he sneered. At the same time, he took out the Dragon-Slaying Sword from his storage ring. He had to admit that Yuan Qingtian was indeed rather strong as Chen Chen had to resort to using his Dragon-Slaying Sword to kill him.

“Damn it… How did you find me? It doesn’t make sense!”

Yuan Qingtian stretched out his finger with difficulty and pointed at Chen Chen, his eyes full of disbelief.

“I won’t tell you.” Chen Chen said, intending to kill Yuan Qingtian.

However, at that moment, the situation suddenly changed!

The fingernail on the finger that Yuan Qingtian extended suddenly shot out as quick as lightning.

In a flash, it arrived in front of Chen Chen, breaking through Chen Chen’s protective ethereality.

Chen Chen hurriedly tried to dodge but still had his arm cut by the nail.

Looking at his golden silk robe that had been slit, Chen Chen’s face turned extremely sullen.

‘This is indeed an inferior good.’

On the other hand, Yuan Qingtian laughed again.

“Haha, like I said, just because I lost the Soul Devouring Dagger, it doesn’t mean I’m harmless. Come on, come kill me. You will then die of poison, and we will all die together. I don’t care how you found me.”

Hearing this, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched as he thought, ‘This guy is really scheming. In the beginning, he said that he had lost the Soul Devouring Dagger in order to mislead me and make me let my guard down.’

‘This trick may work on Chong Ye, but it won’t work on me!’

“Yuan Qingtian, I’ll let you understand something today. Fake elites die at the slightest touch but real elites are invincible. Even your Mortal’s Wrath would be useless!”

As Chen Chen spoke, his storage ring lit up with a dazzling ray of light and moments later, hundreds of various antidote heavenly treasures scattered all over the ground.

“System, which item nearby can cure the poison in my body?” Chen Chen asked.

When Yuan Qingtian smelled the strange fragrance, his eyeballs nearly dropped out of their sockets as he saw the professional antidote heavenly treasures on the ground.

“10,000-year-old Clear Spirit Herb… 50,000-year-old Divine Lotus… and Soul Cleansing Fruit, 100,000-year-old Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite… Chen Chen! Screw you!”

After hollering indignantly, Yuan Qingtian rolled his eyes and fainted.

Before losing consciousness, there was only one thought in his mind.

‘This Heavenly Dao is really unfair…’

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