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Chapter 105: Chapter 105: Great Chaos in the Capital

That terrifying aura originated from three old men.

As soon as they appeared, the three men surrounded Chong Ye and began to check out his condition.

“Chong Ye,” One of the old men whispered, and the aura from his body surged into Chong Ye like a tidal wave.

Another old man took out all kinds of heavenly treasures from his storage ring and fed them to Chong Ye, whose consciousness was gradually blurring. The treasures included top-grade spiritual medicines like 10,000-year ginseng.

The last old man placed his hand on Chong Ye’s wrist, carefully sensing the condition of Chong Ye’s body.

“They’re Nascent Soul realm experts!”

Chen Chen’s pupil constricted, marveling at them in amazement.

At the same time, he was even more surprised by the fact that Yuan Qingtian had managed to cut Chong Ye’s skin while they were being watched by the three Nascent Soul realm experts.

Of course, the main reason was that those Nascent Soul powerhouses had too much confidence in Chong Ye, belittling Yuan Qingtian’s intention to kill.

The Soul Devouring Dagger, Thousand-Year Poison, Witchcraft Curse, and Ten-Thousand-Year Corpse were a combination of the power of the four divisions of the demon clan.

It was overbearing, as expected.

Even under the protection of the three Nascent Soul powerhouses, the black gas on Chong Ye’s body was getting thicker.

In the end, the black gas erupted!


With a muffled sound, Chong Ye’s entire body collapsed, turning into black smoke.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen shivered slightly.

‘This is scary…

‘He’s dead from the poison! He was boasting in front of me this morning, saying that the only experts in the State of Jin were him and I, and now he’s dead. The State of Jin must be unlucky. The new king died shortly after rising to the throne.

‘I told you to brag a little less, but you didn’t want to believe me. Great! See what’s happening now.

‘Ah, Amitabha!’ Chen Chen silently prayed in his heart as a final respect to the best elite of the State of Jin.

The few old men at the side were distracted for a moment when they saw Chong Ye turning into black smoke. After a long time, the elders could not help but but roar into the sky!

“Good! Very good! State of Zhou Demon Clan! I’ll fight you to death!”

This voice was like rolling thunder, shaking Chen Chen’s eardrums to the point of causing him pain. Immediately afterwards, he saw the elder pushing his palm out into the void on the platform.

The strike of his palm made the weather change and the rolling spiritual energy turned into an invincible hand that moved towards Yuan Qingtian.

It seemed to want to turn Yuan Qingtian and the ruins into ashes!


A shocking explosion made the entire area sink downwards by seven or eight meters. However, the elder who pushed his palm out looked into the sky.

At this moment, a figure in a black robe appeared at the spot where he was looking, carrying the injured Yuan Qingtian while laughing in a terrifying manner.

“Ancestor of the Wuxin Clan, how does it feel to see your beloved disciple being poisoned to death with your own eyes?”

“Darkness Demon, how dare you come to the capital of the country? If that’s the case, let your blood be used as a sacrifice to my dead disciple!”

The old ancestor of the Wuxin Clan was exasperated.

The person he called Darkness Demon was the second clan master of the State of Zhou Demon Clan, whose status of cultivation was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm. In terms of strength, he was a notch below the ancestor.

Besides, there were still two Wuxin Clan Supreme Elders around him, so killing the Darkness Demon wouldn’t be difficult at all.

The Darkness Demon laughed maniacally, “Haha! My days are numbered, and I came here prepared not to go back. The people of the demon clan will not die in an immortal clan.”

Hearing these words, Yuan Qingtian let out a low cry.

“Master… You!”

“Qingtian, you’ve killed the new king of the State of Zhou, creating great merit for the demon clan. The clan leader will give you a chance to take an assessment. If you can become the king of the State of Zhou and the young clan master of the demon clan, I will be very happy.”

After saying those words, the Darkness Demon tossed Yuan Qingtian far, far away, a pitch-black longsword suddenly flying out of his body. It surged with the wind and slashed at the three Nascent Soul realm powerhouses on the ring.

Intentional or not, the black sword glided past the high platforms of the 36 clans, which collapsed in a moment, the banners of the 36 clans cut off.

That wasn’t all. The terrifying aura emanating from the demonic sword even affected the successors of the 36 clans and the 18 small clans.

Seven or eight successors who were only at the middle of foundation building were killed immediately, while those who were at the late stage of foundation building were severely wounded.

Even Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot, almost falling to the ground.

“There’s so much blood… It’s such a pity you can’t be spectators!”

Looking at the blood he spat out, Chen Chen felt some heartache as he secretly cursed before leaving.

‘What a joke, the Nascent Soul experts are going to fight here. If I don’t leave, I’m going to die from the tremor.’

“Junior Sister You, this is for you. Hurry and run!”

Seeing that You Lanxin was still vomiting blood, Chen Chen shouted out while tossing a 10,000-year-old red ginseng to her.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Chen!”

“Don’t thank me, save yourself!” Chen Chen shouted, flying away from the arena.

Not long after he left, beacons rose within the capital and people started yelling about the killing.

The ban on flying in the capital was of no use now. Be it the people of the State of Jin or the heretics from the demon clan, everyone was flying in the air.

In an instant, the entire capital had slipped into chaos.

“Something major has happened…”

Seeing the mess, Chen Chen was shocked.

It was obvious that the chaos caused by the demon clan was premeditated, and they must have used a large number of secret forces hidden inside the capital.

Actually, that was justified.

Compared to the Green Dragon Clan, Wuxin Clan, Tianyun Clan, and other clans among the 36 clans of the State of Jin, the Demon clan definitely didn’t want the Wuxin Clan to unify the clans in the State of Jin.

Besides, when he looked at the military squads flying uniformly, it seemed that the Wuxin Clan had long prepared for the battle.

But what was the point?

The new king had already been killed. Who would have expected Yuan Qingtian to have infiltrated the Wuxin Clan and cultivated for more than a decade?

“This city is too dangerous now.”

Chen Chen witnessed several people in civilian clothing spreading the source of poison by casually discarding some black foul-smelling bags, causing his eyelids to twitch.

‘This demon clan has really resorted to everything.’

Chen Chen had no time to continue thinking, simply taking out his communication token.

“Elder Zhao, hurry up and take Tiangang and Zhang Ji out of the city. Let’s meet up in the woods outside the city.”

After sending that message, Chen Chen flew outside the city without saying another word.

At this moment, the Wuxin Clan cultivators of the capital and the guards were all dealing with the chaos caused by the Demon clan. No one paid any attention to him at all.

Hence, it didn’t take long for Chen Chen to fly out of the capital.


At that moment, the startling sound of an explosion came from the capital. When he turned to look, he saw that the entire arena, where he had been earlier, had flown into the sky!

“The might of the Nascent Soul realm experts is terrifying!” Chen Chen marveled, continuing to fly towards the woods after an exclamation of awe.

Outside the capital, there were many cultivators fleeing for their lives, so no one noticed when he blended in with them.

However, the moment he entered the woods, Chen Chen suddenly felt a violent fluctuation from behind.

Before he could think any longer, Chen Chen suddenly turned around and slapped someone.


With a loud explosion and a collision of ethereality, a familiar figure appeared within his sight.

“Yuan Qingtian, what do you mean by that? Killing Chong Ye is not enough, huh? You want to kill me too?”

Looking at the figure, Chen Chen cursed angrily.

That figure was naturally Yuan Qingtian.

While he was escaping, he had eaten some heavenly treasures. At this point, his serious injuries had almost healed, but his face was slightly pale.

“Hah! Successor of the Tianyun Clan and second among the elites of the State of Jin. I heard you killed three successors, including Qi Bufan, last night. I’m aware of their abilities.

“I have to kill an excellent and talented elite like you. Otherwise, you will ultimately become a huge enemy of the Demon clan!”

After saying that, Yuan Qingtian smacked his palm towards Chen Chen mercilessly, resulting in an explosion of the large, surrounding trees!

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