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Chapter 104: Chapter 104: I Lose And You Die, Shocking Changes

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The successors were all horrified. They never thought this would happen. The ordinary looking Yuan Qingtian, who seemed just like a passerby, had actually slapped Chong Ye in the face!

On top of that, the power of his slap was far beyond all of them!

On the ring, Chong Ye’s pupils constricted and he could no longer seem calm, shock written all over his face.

Yuan Qingtian had started cultivating in the Wuxin Clan ten years ago, but his usual performance was never outstanding. How did he become so powerful?

It was equivalent to a domestic dog that had been raised for ten years suddenly roaring like a tiger. Absolutely ridiculous and amusing!

However, even though he was shocked, he did not panic.

Even if it was a tiger, he wouldn’t be afraid.

To be precise, he did not fear anyone, even if they were incredibly powerful. That was the confidence he had as the best elite of the State of Jin.

The next moment, Chong Ye took a deep breath, and his expression became normal once again.

Immediately afterwards, a terrifying aura erupted from his body. The powerful pressure was several times stronger than before!

Whether he was facing Lin Jin or Ye Wusheng, he hadn’t used all his strength. Now, he was exerting his entire power without restraint.

Regardless of the situation with Yuan Qingtian, there was only one thought in his mind at this moment.

He had to defeat the other party!


There was the sound of a loud explosion!

The coldness in Chong Ye’s palm coalesced, and the terrifying aura erupted. Yuan Qingtian was no match for him, as he was blasted tens of meters away and almost fell out of the ring.

Yuan Qingtian, who had regained his balance soon enough, exclaimed with admiration in his eyes, “Senior Brother Chong, you really live up to your reputation of being the strongest elite in the State of Jin. I’m inferior, but I have a move that I’d like you to give me guidance on.”

After saying that, Yuan Qingtian’s figure gradually faded, finally disappearing without a trace.

“Stealth technique?”

Chen Chen, who was on the high platform, was also shocked when he saw that scene.

It was because he simply could not see where Yuan Qingtian had gone.

‘If he’s so good at stealth, how can people of the same level fight with him?’

Chen Chen even saw infinite bewilderment in the eyes of the Golden Core elder who was the judge. Even the Golden Core elder could not find Yuan Qingtian… Was there such a powerful stealth technique in this world?

Wouldn’t that mean that he could be a peeping Tom without being discovered?

‘Ugh! What am I thinking!?!’

Chen Chen shook his head vigorously, continuing to look at the ring.

While the successors were dumbfounded, Yuan Qingtian suddenly reappeared above Chong Ye and smashed his fist into his skull.

Chong Ye reacted very quickly, not moving much at all. He simply blasted Yuan Qingtian backwards with the spiritual pressure that emanated from his body.

After Yuan Qingtian was sent flying backwards, he disappeared once again.

Seeing this, Chong Ye’s face gradually became gloomy.

He knew that Yuan Qingtian had practiced the wind concealment technique, but how could it be so powerful?

Such a perfect stealth technique was probably far more terrifying than the Supreme Wang Qing Dao!

‘How does Yuan Qingtian know how to do this?’

Chong Ye closed his eyes, not having time to spare thinking about it.

He cultivated the Supreme Wang Qing Dao and could sense the emotions of others. Hence, even if couldn’t see Yuan Qingtian, he could still discover his traces.

“No greed, no anger, no infatuation, no love… Surprisingly, this is another person who doesn’t have any strong emotions.”

Chong Ye’s heart became a little heavy. At that instant, he sensed some feelings of agitation appearing behind him.

After sensing this, Chong Ye turned around and suddenly pushed his palm out, after which an invisible shadow was pushed back dozens of meters, blood splattering in the air.

However, Yuan Qingtian’s figure did not appear.

Seeing the fresh blood, Chong Ye’s gaze flashed and his nose trembled a little.

With the faint odor of blood, he once again found another trace of Yuan Qingtian. He smacked his palm out again, an icy chilliness sweeping out.

This time, Yuan Qingtian was not hit, but blood was constantly being sprinkled out. Soon, it had splattered in all directions.

This way, Chong Ye could no longer rely on the smell of blood to determine Yuan Qingtian’s position.

“What a ruthless person.”

Seeing this scene on the high platform, Chen Chen was shocked.

At the same time, he was also shocked at Chong Ye’s strength. Although he had the system in his body, allowing him to teach Yuan Qingtian a hard lesson within minutes, he would probably be no match for Yuan Qingtian if he didn’t have the system.

After all, that invisibility technique was too incredible.

“Senior Brother Chong, you are really powerful.”

Yuan Qingtian’s ghostly voice echoed over the ring, Chong Ye subconsciously raising his head to look above his head.

However, at this moment, the earth suddenly burst, cracking. An invisible shadow then sprang out from the ground.

Chong Ye’s expression suddenly stiffened as he sensed a wave of extreme excitement at this moment.

Without hesitation, Chong Ye quickly took a step backwards while the aura on his body erupted with full force. He then slammed his hand into the void in front of him!


With an explosive sound, Yuan Qingtian’s figure emerged from the void, and his entire body shot out like a cannonball, ruthlessly crashing into the high platform for the clan in first place.

The platform collapsed and Yuan Qingtian fell to the ground, his body covered in blood.

“Chong Ye of the Wuxin Clan wins this battle!” The Golden Core elder hurriedly announced, feeling a great relief at the same time.

He knew that he might not be able to track Yuan Qingtian at all, but the successor could do it. Hence, he really took his hat off to him.

“Hehe… Hahaha!”

However, just as he spoke, there was some laughter from the wrecked platform.

The laughter became louder and louder, and more and more hysterical. In the end, everyone in the arena could not help but shudder when they heard it.

With a sullen expression, Chong Ye took a step forward, coldly asking, “Yuan Qingtian, who are you?”

No matter how foolish he was, he knew that there was something wrong with Yuan Qingtian. Since he had hidden his powerful strength for so many years, he must be coveting something huge!

Hearing his question, the laughter abruptly stopped, replaced by a sinister answer.

“I’m Yuan Qingtian, master of the second division of the State of Zhou Demon Clan.”

The successors all looked at each other, their jaws dropping in astonishment.

The second division of the Demon clan was known as the Darkness Division, responsible for assassination. They didn’t expect the young master of the second division to lurk in the State of Jin. Additionally, he seemed to have been there for a long time.

At this moment, Chen Chen came to a sudden realization.

He learned a lot about the demon clan from the master.

Rumor had it that the second division of the demon clan had an incredible stealth technique that no one had learned in hundreds of years.

It was because the requirements needed to practice that technique were extremely peculiar.

It required a mortal whose strength was mediocre and who would be forgotten when he blended in with the crowd.

Rumor had it that at the highest level of cultivation of that technique, even the heavens would forget that person.

Invisibility was just a trivial effect. When cultivated to a profound level, the Thunder Tribulation would not appear during the cultivator’s breakthrough.

‘So it’s the long lost divine concealment technique… No wonder it is so powerful. It’s such a shame that someone as handsome as me is not destined to have a chance to practice this impressive technique.’

As Chen Chen pondered over this, Chong Ye’s body suddenly stumbled, engulfed in a black gas as Yuan Qingtian chuckled.

“Chong Ye, you just had your skin slit by my Darkness Division Soul Devouring Dagger, which contains the thousand-year poison of the sixth division, the witchcraft curse of the eighth division, and the 10,000-year-old corpse fury of the 12th division!

“Haha, this is the ultimate trinity of poison, which I call the Wrath of Mortals! It’s designed to kill elites like you! I may have lost this battle, but you, the number one elite of the State of Jin, will die! Hahaha! I didn’t lurk in the State of Jin for 12 in vain after all!”

Those arrogant words spread throughout the arena, causing chaos to break out immediately.

At the same time, several terrifying and formidable auras suddenly appeared, descending above the ring.

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