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Chapter 1253
Chapter 1253 Can Not Stop The sounds of the bullets was just like the sound of a dull blower, which were hided in the rustling of the Birch forest . Seven or eight gunmen of gangster who had rushed over were knocked down, and soon there were only six or seven people left .

They were obviously stunned for a moment, since it seemed there was more than one person shooting from the opposite side .

The sounds came from three places at the same time .

In other words, there were three people shooting at the same time while four people in total from the other side, which meant that at least one of the two KGB members had participated in the battle .

The gunmen nervously communicated with each other, reluctant to have a head-on collision with the KGB .

When they was still in a daze, Huo Shaoheng took advantage to calmly drew the micro-gun and aimed at the gang gunmen in the cross-shaped field of vision in the infrared night vision scope .

After a few gunshots, the rest six or seven gunmen also fell to the ground as well .

The driver was so amused that he couldn’t stop giving him a thumb up . Sometimes he gestured at Huo Shaoheng and sometime at Vladimir .

Vladimir couldn’t stand it anymore . He grabbed his thumb and pulled it down with all his might!

The middle-aged driver fought back the scream that almost sliping off his mouth . He struggled to push Vladimir away and comfort his thumb at the corner, which had almost been broken .

Huo Shaoheng motioned to them and disappeared into the darkness .

Vladimir nodded . Instead of follow Huo Shaoheng, he pushed the middle-aged driver and said, “We need to find a place to spend the night . The action team probably won’t be here until tomorrow . ”

Actually, Vladimir did not plan to stay with Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzh for the time being .

Huo Shaoheng was always on the guard against him, and Vladimir had not completely trusted Huo Shaoheng .

Perhaps only Cereus and Ivan trusted each other . Vladimir thought to himself bitterly .

Relying on his accurate memory and sense of direction, Huo Shaoheng quickly returned to the Gu Nianzhi’s hiding place in the birch forest north of the gas station .

His eyes had already adapted to the darkness, and he saw Gu Nianzhi huddled behind two suitcases pressed against each other behind the dark haystack .

She sat on the ground, bent her legs, and buried her head between her knees, like a little ostrich, believing if she buried her head in the sand, no one would be able to see her .

Huo Shaoheng walked over quietly and went down one knee in front of her .

Sensing that someone was coming . Gu Nianzhi suddenly raised her head and found that it was actually Huo Shaoheng!

For an instant, her expression changed from fear to surprise . Without hesitation, she threw herself into Huo Shaoheng’s arms .

Huo Shaoheng caught her with one hand, clasped it to his chest, and lowered his head to kiss her .

Her lips were cold and chilly, but because of the coldness, he could feel her lips more, which were soft and fragrant, and he couldn’t get enough of them .

Men, usually had a surge of adrenaline after a battle . They were full of wildness and aggression .

And men, on the other hand, always filled up with after wildness and aggression after a battle .

Meanwhile, he was facing the woman he loved the most . Holding her in his arms, Huo Shaoheng, who had always been calm and self-controlled, had a reaction and couldn’t wait to have Gu Nianzhi right there .

Gu Nianzhi was completely unaware . She just hugged Huo Shaoheng with all her strength and kissed him hard .

She could not tell him about the nervousness, fear, and worry she had felt in the past ten minutes . All she could do was pour all her emotions into her kiss .

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With cold wind blowing, Huo Shaoheng calmed down from his excitement . He could feel Gu Nianzhi’s extraordinary passion and could understood what she was thinking as well .

His girl must have been scared .

Even though Nian Xi had known Huo Shaoheng’s occupation, it was the first time she had directly experienced the dangers of his daily missions .

He had really earned every credit with his life .

Gu Nianzhi kissed him fiercely, like a little wild beast, tearing and venturing on his lips .

While the movements of Huo Shaoheng was slowing down .

Huo shaoheng’s strong arms were wrapped around her waist, and the other hand, which was not holding a gun, kept touching her back softly . He relaxed his lips to let her bit it, and sometimes he stuck out the tip of his tongue and caught hers . He seemed to comfort her, but inspired her even more .

After a while, his big hand moved behind her neck and fixed her head .  Huo Shaoheng parted his lips from hers, but they were still close enough that they could both feel each other’s blazing nostrils .

Gu Nianzhi was very dissatisfied . She still wanted to kiss her, so how could he refuse?

A hoarse mumble came from her throat as she tried to disengage herself from Shaoheng’s grip that was holding the back of her neck .

Huo Shaoheng touched her forehead with a low laugh . His deep, magnetic voice which came from his chest was bout to hook her heart .

It was really tempting!

Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng in fascination .

The moonlight pierced through the clouds and shone into the Birch forest, bathing it a silver light .

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The smell of smoke still lingered on Huo Shaoheng’s body, marking his presence in the birch forest at night, which was brave and unstoppable!

Under the moonlight, Gu Nianzhi’s bright black pupils emitted a soft light as if through a layer of light gauze . She was pure as a jade, bright as the moon .

” … Still want more? ” Huo Shaoheng moved closer to her lips, touched her lightly, and then moved up to kiss the tip of her delicate nose, the high and straight bridge of her nose, and then moved up to her forehead for a moment .

The clear and shallow kisses continued to peck on her face . They glided across her delicate cheeks like a dragonfly skimming the water . They were light and swift .

Cradled in his arms, Gu Nianzhi could only feel that moment was so quiet and peaceful .

Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes . With Huo Shaoheng’s gentle kiss, she got over her excitement gradually . She panted slightly, holding his arm, and buried her head in his arms .

Hearing his beating heart, Gu Nianzhi curled her lips .

It turned out she’s not the only one who was overcome with emotion . .

She raised her head to kiss Huo Shaoheng’s well-defined jaw .

There were a bit whiskers sprouting from her chin . Gu Nianzhi smiled, steping back, and whispered, ” … So prickly . ”

“So you refused to kiss me just because mustache was prickly? No, I don’t allow that . ” Huo Shaoheng deliberately touched her little tender face with his jaw . When he heard her gurgling, he entirely relaxed .

Gu Nianzhi was trapped in his arms and couldn’t move .

After a short-time tenderness, Huo Shaoheng said, “Let’s find a place to stay . ”

As soon as they got up, they heard the barking of dogs from the gas station opposite them .

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Huo Shaoheng’s expression changed slightly . He raised an arm to Gu Nianzhi to tell her not to move .

Gu Nianzhi immediately keep her body unmoved and gazed at Huo Shaoheng .

She also heard the dog barking .

After the incessant gunshots, the sudden barking didn’t let her heart back to the ground . Instead, she became nervous .

Huo Shaoheng listened attentively .

It wasn’t a normal barking sound, but the sound of a well-trained police dog .

The wind across the Birch forest was howling in the branches with the leaves rustled . The sound from outside seemed to be indistinct .

However, it gradually became clearer, and then it slowly moved away, as if it was heading south .

It was also the place where Huo Shaoheng had just come around to Vladimir and the driver to shoot .

Huo Shaoheng was slightly relieved, but his brows were still furrowed .

So the Russian mafia had a backup plan .

Could it be that the gunmen they had killed just now were only their first try?

Now they’re using police dogs to search the area around the gas station convenience store .

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