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Chapter 1252: 1252
1252 It“s Ok Vladimir didn’t believe that Huo Shaoheng would dare to follow the two KGB officers without bringing anyone with him . .

He didn’t care about the few thieves who were hiding in the Birch forest and shooting . It was not until the other party set up an ambush at the gas station convenience store that Vladimir realized that he had underestimated them .

Did Huo Shaoheng really not bring anyone with him?

Vladimir mumbled to himself as he took out his KGB cell phone and contacted the headquarters in Moscow .

“Comrade Eugene, we’ve run into some trouble . Can you help us check if the gangs we have been monitoring have taken up any business of sniping foreigners recently? Yes, especially the Tomahawk Gang . They’re the most daring . ”

Vladimir didn’t want to cause a big fuss and alert all parties .

This wasn’t the KGB’s modus operandus .

Moreover, Huo Shaoheng didn’t have an ordinary identity . If other people found out that he was in danger in Russia, and that he was in danger with the KGB, then they really wouldn’t be able to clear their names no matter what .

That would be a major scandal that would cause serious international diplomatic disputes .

Therefore, Vladimir chose to secretly investigate the background of the gang that was hunting them down, and then directly look for their boss to deal with the underlings .

This was also an alternative method where they could subjugate the enemy without actually fighting . .

After he finished the phone call, Vladimir sent a text message to the operation team he was leading to set up the mission .

“Activate Emergency Operation A . The location is Novosibirsk . The specific coordinates are as follow . You will need to bring both light and heavy weapons in case of an emergency . ”

Vladimir put away his phone and let out a deep sigh .

He turned around and saw his partner was still craning his neck . He couldn’t help but pat him on the head . “What are you looking at? Be careful, the other party will shoot you!”

“Boss, look over there? I don’t think it’s right… ” The middle-aged driver looked in the direction of the small drones at the gas station in confusion . “They’ve left the gas station and are heading towards the Birch forest across from us . ”

That seemed to be the place where they had agreed to meet up with Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi later on .

Although they really didn’t want to go over at that moment, they couldn’t just stand by and watch as these people find the place where Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi were .

Vladimir snorted and came out of its hiding place, muttering, “So that’s it… ”

Huo Shaoheng was at his wit’s end against these drones?

He didn’t live up to his high expectations for him .

He took out his pistol nonchalantly and aimed it at the drones . Just as he was about to shoot, a muffled gunshot rang out not far from them .


The drone that was about to fly over the gas station not far away from the White Birch forest crashed into the ground . It fell from the sky and shattered into pieces on the empty ground not far from the gas station .

The driver’s eyes widened and he gave Vladimir a thumbs up . “Boss, nice shot! You destroyed a drone with one shot?!”

“I haven’t even fired yet!” Vladimir gritted his teeth and spat out word by word, “This Major General Huo is really cunning!”

Before he could finish his sentence, there were a few more gunshots from their side . They weren’t from the same location as the previous gunshots . They seemed to have moved closer to them .

The middle-aged driver’s head simply followed the gunshots as he laughed and counted, “Two! Another one has fallen!”

“Three! Another one!”

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“Four, five, six, seven! Damn! They’re shooting at a moving target!”

“Eight, nine, ten! All of them are destroyed!”

As the middle-aged driver counted, the gunman circled around them and left them behind .

Vladimir’s expression changed . He pulled the middle-aged driver to the ground and fell to the ground . Then, he rolled over quickly and said, “Get down! They’ve locked in on us!”

It was almost as if he was annotating Vladimir’s words . Bang! Bang! The gunshots rained down on them!

On the other side, the bandits discovered that their drones had been destroyed one by one . The direction of the gunshots came from behind them . They didn’t hesitate to determine that the gunmen, who were the people they were chasing, were hiding behind them!

So without a word, snipers picked up their guns, others picked up their semi-automatic submachine guns!

Fortunately, Vladimir quickly reacted before the other side and rolled on the ground with the driver, then left the small woods where they had been hiding .

Only after they “rolled” out of the small forest did they dare to get up and desperately run away .

The gunshots behind them were sparse . Soon, a few gunshots sounded in the direction across from them . They directly engaged the pursuers behind them!

The driver suddenly understood . He grabbed Vladimir, who was running desperately, and said, “Boss, the one who shot just now was Major General Huo, right? He’s covering our back now . Shouldn’t we go back and support him?”

“Support him? Yeah right! Those criminals were chasing after him with the gunshots! How do you think these gunmen who were shooting at us found our direction?!” Vladimir was extremely exasperated .

“Huh? No Way! ” The driver was shocked . “You mean, Major General Huo came to our side from the other side to shoot down the drones?!”

“What do you think?” Vladimir rolled his eyes .

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He felt that with such a subordinate, his eyelids would age faster .

” … This is indeed… oh, how should I put it? I think it’s qiute understandable . ” The driver stammered for a long time before finally getting to the point .

“What did you say? Understandable? Exactly what is understandable? Explain it to me clearly!” Vladimir couldn’t take it anymore and pointed towards the direction of the gunshots . “Can you not see? ! He wants us dead!”

“But, if he hadn’t come here to shoot the drones and instead stayed in the Birch forest across from us, Cereus would have been exposed… those gangster gunmen are so vicious and evil, so they would’ve scared Cereus . So I think it’s okay that he lured those gangster gunmen over here… ”

The driver was really thinking about Gu Nianzhi’s safety . Even if Huo Shaoheng lured the gangster gunmen to their side, he didn’t think it was that big of a deal .

” … and we are men, so of course we have to protect women . So boss, let us not run anymore . Let’s fight shoulder to shoulder with Major General Huo . ” The middle-aged driver pulled out his pistol and ran back .

“You get back here! Ivan! I order you to come back!” Vladimir was so angry that he had the urge to stomp his feet . “I will leave by myself! Are you coming back or not?!”

However, the middle-aged driver didn’t even look back as he ran forward . He came to a place not far from Huo Shaoheng and found a place to take cover . He then poked his head out and fired four to five shots in a row . Four or five gangster gunmen immediately fell dead to the ground .

Huo Shaoheng looked at them in surprise .

He didn’t expect this guy to have the guts to come back and participate in the gunfight .

He turned back and hid behind the dark tree trunk . The micro-burst equipped with the far infrared night vision scope was even more effective at this time .

The sound of gunshots rang out in the quiet forest .

The bright red fire was the only light in the dark forest . It attracted moths to continuously pounce on it, even if they got burned to ashes .

Although the gangster gunmen also had infrared night-vision goggles, they were completely inferior to Huo Shaoheng in terms of their performance .

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Huo Shaoheng was born in the military . He had been a special forces soldier and had also been a fighter pilot . No matter which army he was in, he was always unrivaled .

Even the two KGB officers didn’t have as good marksmanship as he did .

This was because they weren’t born in the military and hadn’t practiced their marksmanship systematically .

However, the two KGB officers still had decent marksmanship .

Moreover, although the bullets in their pistols were of an older model, and because of the design deviation, the precision of their marksmanship wasn’t great .

However, the special bullets of the KGB had a very special characteristic, which was that the penetration of these bullets was very strong .

Even the bulletproof vests were pierced through when they were facing each other .

When Vladimir returned with a blank expression, the middle-aged driver had already killed three to four gangster gunmen .

“Huh? Didn’t you leave? Why are you back?” Thinking that Vladimir was here to take the credit, the middle-aged driver said so without thinking too much about it . .

“You’re not dead, so how could I leave?” Vladimir rolled his eyes again and kicked him at the same time . “Make way over there, and let me do it . ”

Vladimir took out a very long pistol from his pocket and aimed it at the gangster gunmen who were swarming over .

“Watch carefully . ” Vladimir had a blank expression . He raised his arm horizontally, and as if he was in a shooting range, he shot all the bullets at the gangster in an instant!

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