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Chapter 1254: 1254
Chapter 1254 I Will Never Leave You Again A few burly men in bulletproof vests, helmets, and night-vision goggles got out of a black truck with a couple of tough dobermans . They came in groups of three, guns in one hand, dogs in the other, and back-to-back, they looked around cautiously .

If there was any sign of trouble, they wouldn’t hesitate to shoot .

Compared to the previous gunmen, these people were more experienced and more accurate .

They led the Dobermans and kept patrolling around the gas station .

They first went to the jeep and sniffed for a while . After familiarizing themselves with the smell, they let the Dobermans, who were good at tracking, chase after the four people who had escaped .

“Third brother, why don’t we get the things of those two people from the Huaxia Empire and let the Dobermans smell them? ” A gunman asked in confusion . “The other two KGB agents aren’t our target!”

“Do you think we don’t want to? But we don’t have time! We don’t have time to get the clothes of those two people . ” Another gunman shrugged . “Otherwise, would we have used group A, B, and C to deal with them?”

The gunman called third brother fell silent for a while, then said, “In fact, this mission is so difficult and last-minute that we didn’t have time to make proper preparations . I don’t understand why we have to accept this mission . ”

” … Do you even need to ask? The price the other party offered is high enough! It’s not like we haven’t accepted last-minute missions before! Only those who can afford it can make us, the elites of our Tomahawk Gang work, for them!”

“No matter how high the price is, how can it be higher than a person’s life? I don’t want to have to risk my life for money I might not be alive to spend… ” The gunmen muttered but didn’t dare openly object .

Early May . It was still very cold in Siberia in the middle of the night .

Fortunately, these dobermans were well-trained . They could track the scent of the four people in the gas station even though the smell was mixed .

They circled around the front of the jeep a few times, then ran toward the Birch forest north of the gas station .

The gunmen felt energized, and they ran wildly behind it .

Vladimir and the driver, who were hiding behind the convenience store, were a little nervous when they saw this scene .

They didn’t expect the gang members to be so well-equipped this time!

Not only were there drones, but there were also police dogs!

There was no need to mention the various gunmen and snipers . Each of them was more accurate than the last, and each of them was more ruthless than the last!

” … Aren’t Cereus and him hiding in the Birch forest across the road?” The driver asked Vladimir uneasily .

Vladimir nodded . “Yeah, Haha, Major General Huo’s plan backfired on him, didn’t it? Serves him right for leaving us behind… ”

He said so nonchalantly, but he still crawled out of his hiding place quietly . He found a big rock on the ground and threw it toward the west direction .

The Dobermans who were about to run to the Birch forest across the street immediately heard the sound of the rock . Without thinking, they turned around and ran in the direction where the rock fell .

Vladimir proudly returned to the place where he and the driver were hiding . With a smug expression, he curled the corners of his mouth and said, “Oh, I forgot to take a photo of the stone just now and post it to my Wechat moments… ”

The driver: ” … ”

He stuck his head out and observed for a while . The night was dark, so he couldn’t see where the dogs and the gunmen were .

However, he could hear the occasional barking of dogs in the night sky . They seemed to be heading north again .

Gu Nianzhi and the others were hiding in the Birch forest to the north…

The driver clenched his fists and suddenly jumped out of his hiding place . He ran towards the East direction for dear life!

He was already big, so he deliberately slowed down when he ran . The ground seemed to shake as he ran!

The dobermans sensed such a big movement again .

They turned their heads at the same time, looked to the east, then suddenly increased their speed and sped towards the east!

Their explosive power was so strong that the gunmen were caught off guard . They tripped and fell to the ground, and got dragged along .

They quickly released the ropes .

The dobermans were no longer bound and ran even faster .

In shock, Vladimir watched as the driver suddenly ran off into the distance, and quickly chased after him .

“What are you running for?! The more you run, the more these dogs chase after you!” Vladimir ran as fast as a windmill .

“That’s right! I have to lure these dogs away! Otherwise, they’ll find Cereus sooner or later!” The driver said without even turning his head .

“Holy Shit! You really are obsessed with her! How much did she bribe you to make you risk your life?!” Vladimir was suddenly jealous of Gu Nianzhi .

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Why didn’t he have such good luck…

The middle-aged driver pretended to be deaf and played dumb as he sprinted all the way to the side of a tributary near the Volga River . With a whoosh, he quickly climbed up the tree .

His sturdy and robust body was as agile as a King Kong gorilla .

When the Dobermans caught up with him, without hesitation, he fired a few shots from the tree, hitting the Dobermans’ legs .

Once the legs of the police dogs used for tracking were broken, they were basically useless .

Upon hearing the gunshot, the gangster gunmen who were chasing the dogs dared not come over .

They knew that their targets for this mission were from the Huaxia Empire, not the two KGB officials from their own country .

Although they weren’t afraid of the KGB, once their organization was counterattacked, the consequences would be too terrifying . Therefore, they wouldn’t provoke them if they could avoid it .

The person running in front of them didn’t look like the two people from the Huaxia Empire .

Moreover, he was so impressive that he could run faster than dogs, and could even shoot and break the legs of police dogs . They guessed that he must be one of the two KGB . .

After the gunmen used walkie-talkies to communicate, they abandoned the few dogs whose legs had been broken and left in a hurry to carry out plan C .

The driver squatted in the tree for a while and afraid that those people were hiding in the dark and ready to snipe him, he dared not move .

It wasn’t until he lowered his head and saw his boss’s hairy, bearded face under the tree that he beamed with joy and said, “Boss! It’s so good that you’re here!”

It was the first time Vladimir had seen his stupid subordinate show genuine joy . His heart was filled with joy, but the next second . .


The middle-aged driver jumped down from the tree and landed right on Vladimir .

Vladimir’s vision went dark, and he fell backward . The middle-aged driver almost knocked him out .

He could hear the intermittent barking of the dogs at the gas station across the street . Sometimes west, sometimes east, sometimes north .

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Gu Nianzhi felt a little uneasy .

Telling her to calm down, Huo Shaoheng “shushed” her .

Gu Nianzhi nodded and quietly hid behind the haystack in the Birch forest motionlessly . As if she were holding onto two life-saving straws, she clung to her and Huo Shaoheng’s two suitcases .

Huo Shaoheng maintained his alert posture and looked around . Finally, he reached out to Gu Nianzhi . “Follow me up the tree . ”

The tree should be safer than the ground .

Gu Nianzhi looked up at the tall birch tree in the Birch forest . She suddenly remembered the time when she had been on the run alone in the Alps . She had been so scared by a bear that she had climbed up the tree and spent the night on top of it . .

At the same time, she remembered the little black bear that had turned into a spirit . She didn’t know how it was doing now .

Gu Nianzhi’s mood lightened up . She smiled and held Huo Shaoheng’s hand, then climbed up the tree with him with a gun .

The view from the tree was wider, so they could prepare for battle in advance .

Huo Shaoheng didn’t have binoculars, but the far infrared night vision scope that was slightly lowered could be used as a telescope for the time being .

In the dark night sky, he could see the Dobermans jumping around the gas station . They almost crossed the road and ran over to their side several times .

However, there was always a sound coming from the convenience store across the street .

First, someone threw a rock . Then, someone ran out towards the east .

Huo Shaoheng’s cross-hairs caught a glimpse of the burly figure . He was slightly taken aback .

Was that Ivan? The driver?

Wasn’t he hiding? Why was he running all of a sudden?

“What’s wrong ” Gu Nianzhi quickly asked when she saw Huo Shaoheng’s stunned expression .

Huo Shaoheng showed her the scope . “Take a look for yourself . ”

Gu Nianzhi looked out of the scope .

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In the cross-shaped field of vision, she saw the back of a man running . He was broad, thick, and stocky like a bear .

“It’s the chauffeur?!” Gu Nianzhi was shocked . She looked up at Huo Shaoheng . “Why is he running? Does he have a dog phobia?”

Huo Shaoheng: ” … ”

” … Even if he had a dog phobia, it would’ve had to be cured for him to get into the KGB . ” Huo Shaoheng patted Gu Nianzhi’s head lightly . “Think again . ”

Gu Nianzhi rolled her eyes and asked tentatively, “Could it be that he’s trying to lure the police dogs away?”

She immediately felt that it was a good idea and nodded vigorously . “That’s right, that’s right, I think that’s it! Oh my, how kind of the driver to help us out! I must give him a red packet immediately!”

Gu Nianzhi turned on her phone and realized that she could still surf the Internet . She immediately unbuttoned her phone and pulled Vladimir and the driver into a message group called the KGB trio . She then sent the driver a designated red packet with the name “888 . 88” .

Huo Shaoheng: ” … ”

It seemed that he had really underestimated the friendship built on red packets .

They waited on the tree for a while longer and realized that the gunmen and police dogs were gone for good

However, Huo Shaoheng dare not be careless .

He jumped down from the tree and used the grass on the haystack to hide the two suitcases before climbing up the tree again .

On the tree, Gu Nianzhi held a pistol in her hand and acted like she was on guard .

Seeing that he had climbed up, with the gun, she snuggled into his arms .

Huo Shaoheng put the pistol back into its holster for her and hung it on her arm . He lowered his head and kissed her . “I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you tonight . I’m afraid we’ll have to spend the night in the tree . ”

“What’s wrong with it if I’m with you?” Gu Nianzhi hugged his neck, then smiled and said, “When I was in the Alps, I was chased up the tree by a bear and spent the night in the tree . Not only the trees, but also the grass by the river, the caves on the mountains . Where have I not slept in the wilderness? And I was the only one!”

That time Gu Nianzhi fell into danger in the Alps was the most painful memory of Huo Shaoheng’s life .

He hugged her tightly, ” … It’s all in the past . I will never leave you alone again . ”

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