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In this Dinner party, the discussion didn't come to an end.

Ye Xiaochen did not agree to put the farm as an investment and was only willing to use technology for the shares.

Li Jiaren and others had difficulty in understanding.

In their view, by putting the farm in shares, they could use funds to expand the scale of the farm.

With the current farm's scale, it would be difficult to meet the demand of a chain restaurant in the future.

Their main concern was that without the farm being included in the share, the chain restaurant would become unstable.

Without the farm as the foundation, could this flagship vegetarian restaurant live up to its name?

If suddenly Ye Xiaochen quits and stops providing the vegetables, then the restaurant would get closed in minutes.

What will they do then?

Naturally, now the situation has reached a deadlock.

The atmosphere was friendly and there was no contradiction.

There was no hurry to cooperate for the business.

In a tea house.

Li Jiaren, Xu Jiao, He Lei, Liu Fusheng were gathered.

"Old Li, what to do now? If Ye Xiaochen doesn't agree nothing can be done."

He Lei said while frowning.

"I didn't expect Ye Xiaochen to have such huge reaction. It seems that we have underestimated him."

Li Jiaren shook his head and said.

"Otherwise, should we go according to YE Xaicohen’s idea?"

Liu Fusheng hesitated and said.

"No, we can't be passive."

Li Jiaren shook his head.

"We cannot force him."

Liu Fusheng said.

"Certainly, we can't force him. We will cooperate in the future and we should always try to gain greater profit when we do business. Anyway, let's not be in a hurry, and take things slowly."

Li Jiaren's eyes flashed.

In his opinion, the only way for Ye Xiaochen's premium vegetables plan to realize was to rely on vegetarian chain restaurant. Otherwise, if he depends on other channels, it would be very slow and might not be successful.

He believes that Ye Xiaochen will be in a hurry, as everyday postponing was equivalent to losing a large sum of money.

The others didn't say anything.

One may prosper or perish.

Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm.

He was not in a hurry to start the vegetarian chain restaurant since there was still time left until the vegetable sales agreement expires.

Even if he doesn’t renew the contract, he could make a small fortune by selling the pickled vegetables.

For him, the most important things were plants in the immortal land.

He was very clear about this.

There was enough money.

He took the immortal beehive from the storage space, his thought moved and using the Spiritual talent he could sense the pollination bee larvae very clearly.

The golden line was very close to the head.

It won't take long for the larvae to become a pupa.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath. He was looking forward to the day when the pollination bee would fully mature.

He put the immortal beehive back and walked into the immortal land.

The wind immortal grass had been soaked for more than 12 hours and was ready for sowing.

Ye Xiaochen looked carefully at the seed, there were some changes in the appearance, it became shinier. It looked like a black gem.

There seems to be a strange light glowing inside the seed.

The consciousness of the seed has been thoroughly awakened, showing a strong fluctuation of rooting and germinating.

After soaking the seeds, the consciousness has become perfect, the growth would be fast and would have a great impact on the future Yield and quality.

Immediately, he put the seed into an already dug hole.

It was filled with the green manure.

A miraculous scene happened.

When the seed was just put into the immortal soil, the skin of the seed split open and a green thing bloomed, it was a tender bud and along with it the jade-like white roots also stretched out.

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.

Wasn't this change too big?

The previously planted immortal radish and immortal carrots didn't have this big change!

Although the seeds after soaking became more lustrous, they did not immediately germinate after entering into the immortal soil.

"It is really a spirit transformation plant, very magical."

Ye Xiaochen quickly understood the reason and was deeply surprised.

Spirit transformation plants seed has really extraordinary characteristics. They could quickly absorb the immortal qi of the immortal soil and turn it into the seeds natural qi. This spirit transformation plant could quickly catalyze the development of the plant and thus forming this magical phenomenon of rapid rooting and germination.

The Non-spirit transformation immortal plants don't have such a phenomenon.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen carefully sprinkled the finely shredded immortal soil on the top wind immortal grass seedling.

He poured some immortal spring water.

He attached more importance to this plant than any other immortal plant.

Only the Fusang tree could match its value.

Currently, the Fusang tree also changed a lot, the bud has become bigger and when you get close it, a heat wave could be felt.

"After this batch of immortal beans gets matures, I will sell it and buy another immortal land, then put it into the separate shed and transplant the Fusang tree along with immortal red beans."

Ye Xiaochen slightly thought and had a new idea.

Now there was only a bud in Fusang tree, but after a long time, this fire wave would become more and more serious, it would definitely raise the temperature of the whole greenhouse and would certainly impact on the growth of other immortal plants.

He looked at the seeds which he planted yesterday, they have already started sprouting.

The immortal red bean was special, its bud was bright red like blood.

This immortal red beans fire like properties was already visible from the bud.

Seeing all the immortal seeds germinate smoothly, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied.

After the soaking of immortal seeds, the germination efficiency has become higher.

The buds were more superior.

There has been such remarkable improvement from the seedlings that it was believable once they grow up and mature, the progress would certainly increase.

He went towards the immortal yellow bean.

There were twenty-six in total.

It was full of golden bean pods, it looks like after a day or two it would be ready for harvest.

These immortal beans were divided into two groups, among which 14 immortal seedlings were tall and extremely lush and have many immortal bean pods on it. At least one plant contains 70 to 80 bean pods, which was more than the previous one.

The other twelve looks shorter, their color was also not that bright, the number of bean pods was also less, the color was yellow and did not have the golden color feeling.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he released a sigh. The second generation seeds he produced was far inferior to the first generation seeds produced by the store.

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