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Chang Xu's relation with Liu Fusheng had nothing to do with others.

Originally, Li Jiaren and others were not happy; increasing even one person would decrease the profit of them.

However, Liu Fusheng told them about Chang Xu.

They got to know that Ye Xiaochen has unexpectedly cooperated with Chang xu's restaurant, which also includes Pickled vegetables. It was clear that they could not ignore Chang Xu.

Finally, they chose to compromise and agreed to let Chang Xu participate in the project.

However, they have now agreed in advance that absolutely no one could join anymore, otherwise, they will jointly resist.

All of this was done without Ye Xiaochen's knowledge.

Although Ye XiaoChen doesn't care about it, they couldn’t ignore him in no matter what decision they make.

He was the provider of the premium quality vegetables and the key figure in opening the vegetarian restaurant chain.

The group was talking and laughing but they didn’t mention opening chain restaurant and talked about other things.

Soon, they talked about the recent uproar of a group of experts who came to Yang city for inspection.

"Hey, this group of experts is really worthy of their name, I heard that in order to get an opportunity for experts inspection, infighting is going on, everywhere is chaos and mess!"

Chang Xu said.

"I also heard about that, it is not a surprise. Generally, the weight of the expert group is not that high, it is only because of Academician Yang who is a member of the Chinese Academy sciences and a top botanist. The others in the group were also top experts. "

Li Jiaren nodded and said.

"Don't know if this expert group would come to our Jing county?"

Liu Fusheng said.

" The hope is very slim, currently, the competition is too fierce, we have three districts in the Yang city, two counties. In the Sha city, they only went to two districts and the city."

He lei said.

"I heard that the county has sent a special public relation team and also heard that the county head is leading the team?"

Xu Jiao suddenly said.

"Your County has no advantage, there is no special agricultural base. As for our Yang city, there are two large-scale farms."

Chang Xu said.

He was a native of Yang city.

Originally, after he opened the restaurant, he had already contacted the local farm in the Yang city, but due to Liu Fusheng's relationship, he switched to cooperate with Ye Xiaochen.

However, he thought that it was the smartest choice he has ever made.

"Who said we don't have? There is brother Ye's farm, which farm is comparable to it? no matter how much large they are, can they grow the premium quality vegetables?"

Li Jiaren said with wide eyes.

"Yes, with the strength of Ye's farm,  even all the farm in the southern province cannot match with it."

He Lei also responded.

Chang Xu was dumbfounded, he couldn’t say that Ye Xiaochen's farm vegetables were nice, but they have no fame so it was in vain.

However, he can't say that.

After all, Ye Xiaochen was present here.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, he wanted to say that the experts’ group were coming to find this brother.

"Well. let's not talk about it, it is none of our business. Let the government worry about it."

Xu Jiao smiled and said.

"Look, master Lin has finished preparing the dishes."

Sure enough, the door was pushed open, master Lin and other chefs came in.

The dishes were made with the joint effort of them.

They have created the vegetarian dishes.

The room was full of delicious food aroma, and everyone’s mouth was watering.

The aroma of the dish was too rich and has unique original vegetables smell.

They were all made with the Xianquan vegetables.

In a large table, people sat, they began to drink wine, eat vegetables and were chatting.

There was an endless stream of praises.

They couldn’t' help it. It was too delicious.

Chang Xu also ate the dish, he evaluated his own chefs with master Lin, he released a heavy sigh in his heart, the master Lin was too strong.

Soon, the plate of pickled vegetables was served.

"So delicious!"

Although it was not the first time, they still thought that pickled vegetables were the most delicious food in the world.

"These pickled vegetables are amazing."

"Brother Ye, I really admire you, the planted vegetables is so good and now even pickled vegetable is top class craft!"

"It is also Brother Y who is so godly that we such blessings in our mouth!"

Even Master Lin and others were admiring unceasingly, in front of the pickled vegetables, their cooking skill was really nothing.

Listening to other peoples praise, Ye Xiaochen blushed.

They do not know that the craft of making pickled vegetables was depended on the use of pickled vegetable jar!

After having food and wine, they finally got down to business.

Ye XIaochen found a situation, among these people, Li Jiaren seems to have become the leader.

Even Xu Jiao, He Lei and Liu Fusheng don't seem to have a problem with it.

He couldn't help but think of a  thing once Liu Fusheng had mentioned, it was that the Li Jiaren had connections with the deputy head of the county government.

This deputy head was recently elevated to the position and holds real power.

There was someone to help from the government.

Liu Fusheng and others were able to run the large scale industries, if there was no government support, it would be very difficult and would encounter lots of trouble.

His Cousin Chen hao just relying on his father-in-law being the health bureau deputy director was able to rise up, let alone a deputy head of county with real power. The status and power were certainly higher.

"Brother Ye, this time we made a plan, check it and say what needs to be modified."

Li Jiaren took out a file and directly gave it to Ye Xiaochen.

Obviously, they have been already prepared.

They have discussed things in private.

Currently this party, in fact, was a negotiation between them and Ye Xiaochen on the division of interests.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and took out a stack of paper from the files.

The rules and regulations were clearly defined.

Ye Xiaochen got a clear picture at a glance.

This was not something an average person can must need a lot of hard work.

In this plan, all participant in the name of shareholders to participate in the establishment of the chain restaurant.

The distribution of fund varies.

This thing reflects the strength; the strong background, strong connections, strong capital gets more shares.

Among them, Li Jiaren was undoubtedly the most dominant.

Ye Xiaochen was concerned about the distribution of his rights.

However, after looking, Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

Opposite to Ye Xiaochen, Li Jiaren was observing Ye Xiaochen carefully.

In this plan, Ye Xiaochen takes 35% stake in the restaurant chain by providing a stake in his farm.

Master Lin and several other chefs get 15% for their cooking.

As for Li Jiaren and other people, with the funds, they became a shareholder and hold the remaining 50% shares.

Among them, Li Jiaren had the most share, he got 20% share for contributing 10 million yuan.

Liu Fusheng contributed 4 million yuan, got  8% share, Chang Xu contributed 5 million accounting for 10%, Xu Jiao contributed 3 million yuan account for 6%, He Lei contributed 3 million accounting for 6 %.

Undoubtedly the division of ownership seems reasonable and was extremely advantageous to Ye Xiaochen who holds the most share.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not satisfied with the farm being included in shares, which was equivalent to a whole farm having incorporated into the company.

Ye Xiaochen cannot tolerate this.

His farm doesn't only have ordinary premium quality vegetables, but also has Xian Quan vegetables and also had Immortal land!

Once the far was included in share, even Li Jiaren has the right to intervene in the farm management

The farm was his foundation and absolutely couldn't be touched.

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