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Yang City, the city government office.

"Director Cai, I really want to request you for this. If the matter can succeed, our Jing County would be really thankful to you for this…."

Jin Bingqiu, the mayor of the Jing county who came with his team to Yang city, was requesting this bald man, he has white skin and was wearing glasses, he seemed to be middle-aged and looked very gentle.

This person was Cai Yang, the director of the municipal government office and current mayors confidants.

In the beginning, Jin Bingqiu and Director Cai studied in the same political school. The relation between them was good. This time main target of their public relation team was this Director Cai.

"The Jing County mayor, it is not that I don't want to help you, but I really can't help you. In truth, the number of places in quota has been decided, and it would be quickly sent to the hands of the experts' group. "

Director Cai smiled bitterly.

During this time, he doesn’t know how many people had come to him.

Although he was mayors confidants and was a powerful official, he didn't have any decision making powers this time.

The number of places was decided by the Municipal standard committee unless they go to the member of the committee directly, it was difficult to change.

Even if they meet, other members of the standing committee were required to give permission, which involves too many compromises, transactions, and power struggles.

"How can this happen?"

The Jing county deputy mayor was dispirited.

He had gone to a higher rank person before, but he couldn't meet him.

"Director Cai, can I ask how many places are there for quota?"

Jing county deputy mayor asked in declining tone.

"Eight, of which five are mandatory and three are the reserve."

Director thought about it a little and said.

"So less?"

The deputy mayor was astonished.

In this huge Yang City, only eight places were there for investigation and among them, three were the reserve, that was to say it was normal for experts not to go.

Previously in Xiang city, the experts’ group didn’t visit several reserve quota and was taken over by the working team of Yang city

After leaving the city government building, Jin Bingqiu called back to the county and said about the situation.

The county leaders were bitter.

However, they still asked Jing county mayor to try everything he could, and see if there was still a chance.

Jin Bingqiu smiled bitterly, now even the inspection quota was fixed, what hope could they still have?

He was not able to even see the faces of the city's major leaders.

He could only find Director Cai, though he was high ranking, it was still useless

What else could he do now?

Currently, in Yang city Jinhuang Hotel.

This was a state-controlled five-star hotel and one of the five-star hotels in Yang City.

Originally, the hotel's duty was to receive government guest.

After the internal reform of the hotel, it has been opened to the public. However, there were some special floors which were not opened to the public and would be used internally.

The group of experts was staying in the Jinhuang hotels top-class suite.

In a conference room.

Li Hu, the executive deputy mayor of Yang city was submitting the list of places for inspection to the experts.

In general, the group would hardly say anything on the arrangement of Yang city's inspection route.

Whether it was in Xiang city or town, Dean Yang of the City would make the arrangement, and they would follow according to the arrangements done.

Of course, they also have made the requirement to keep the number of inspection places less.

Five Regular and three reserve seat.

They would certainly go to the Regular quota places, and for reserve quota, it would depend on their mood and time.

In this regard, the municipal community would naturally not say anything about it.

After all, they were going to places not only for inspection but also to give some advice and hold some meeting.

It would take half a day.

Thus, it would take two-three days for the five regular quota places inspection to get completed, and taking account of reserve quota, it would take longer.

Previously, the Xian City was annoyed by the Yang city's behavior as because of them the expert's group stayed less than the three days.

"Academician Yang, Professor He, Dr. James,… Do you have any suggestion to be made for this list?"

The deputy mayor asked politely.

He knew that the experts' group would normally not revise their arrangements.

The list was decided after the discussion with Standing committee.

On the list, there was not only the name of the inspection place, but also its detailed introduction was written.

"Mayor Li, just forget about this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd"

Academician took the list, looked at it and suddenly said.

There was no place for the Jing County.

What was their purpose? Was it not to find Ye Xiaochen?

Ye Xiaochen was in Jing county if they do not go to Jing County, how could they get the opportunity to see him?

Won't this become a joke?

Mayor Li was slightly surprised, does the experts' group want to revise the list?

He was shocked, this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd was a very powerful company in the city and one of the biggest taxpayer. Moreover, it had a very good relationship with one of the major leaders of the city.

Otherwise, how could this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd get the regular quota?

And now according to Academician Yang, the quota must be removed.

He suddenly felt that the experts were not so easy to fool!

The changing of the spot would cause too much trouble.

"Well, Academician Yang, how about transferring the Xinhong to reserve quota and select one of the reserve quotas as changing it to regular quota?"

"No need, our group has already made the decision, this last regular quota gives it to Jing County."

Academician Yang shook his head and said.

His tone was certain.

Mayor Li was dumbfounded.

Jing County?

Obviously, he knows that Jing County has sent public relation team, but no one has taken it seriously and directly ignored the Jing County.

However, now the experts’ group directly chose Jing County.

Was there any heavenly character that contacted directly to the experts’ group?

How could this happen? As far as he knew, during this period, the experts' group had very little contact with the outside world.

He couldn't figure out what was the situation, he wanted to break his head.

Since the experts’ group has decided, he couldn’t go against them. After all this experts group inspection was a matter of public welfare.

"The Jing County has really good luck!"

Deputy Mayor Li thought to himself.

He decided to go back and investigate.

He always felt that the matter was not so simple.

Everywhere, the Jing County mayor hit the wall, after becoming hopeless, he was ready to let the public relation team go back.

Suddenly Director Cai called him.

"Old Jin, I have great news for you."

Director Cai said in a strange tone.

He was currently wondering how this Jing county quietly made relations with experts’ group and got the regular quota

Even when the quota was already fixed.

When Director Cai heard the news, he was stunned.

So he immediately informed the Jing county mayor and wants to know the details from his mouth.

But, how could the Jing county mayor know about it, he was stunned after hearing.

Did the Jing county win the lottery?

How could this happen? Jing county mayor had only his team, and they did not send anyone. Besides, it was also of no use how many people they sent.

Director Cai wouldn't be joking with him, would he?

Impossible, the people of Director Cai's level won’t say anything out of thin air.

After he thought of it, his face finally showed the look of excitement and hurriedly asked about the situation.

Director Cai heard the tone of Jing county mayor and immediately understood that Jing county mayor also had no idea about it.

Immediately he told about how the experts’ group modified the quota, canceled the qualification of Xinhong company and directly added the Jing county.

Jin Bingqiu was stunned on the spot, was it so easy to get quota?

After the two finished the call, Jin immediately called the county and it created a sensation in the county.

No one had the idea other than the experts’ group.

How did the Jing county win the quota? Was there some unknown person…

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