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South province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.
After the period of reorganization, the company was stabilized.
The woman surnamed Ling who was originally sent from the Head office had been officially appointed as the general manager of the company.
The previous general manager He Haomin was sent to another branch as Deputy general manager, with no power.
As for Zhao Hui, he was transferred back to head office, for other reasons.
After Ling Jinxu held the position of General manager, she carried out drastic reforms, readjusted the various department’s post. She made swift and decisive action.
The huge company has gradually turned into a part of her,
At this moment, in the conference room, many executives were gathered to discuss the countermeasures.
Since Academician Yang and many other top botanists have come to Shashi city, Lin Jinxiu saw it as an opportunity and used all her relations in hoping to invite Academician Yang others in their company for inspection.
This was a good advertising opportunity, especially after the previous seed credibility crisis, the company seems to be getting further and further away from going public.
Ling Jinxiu has an amazing ability, as she was able to calm down the seed credibility crisis.
And because of this, Ling Jinxiu was able to lay the foundation that controlled the company's authority thoroughly.
She thought that Academician Yang and other experts would stay in Shashi city for a little longer time.
But they left Shashi city and also formed a group of experts to go to prefecture-level cities to carry out inspection.
This made Ling Jinxiu and other people very anxious.
Unfortunately, they missed the expert group.
However, Ling JinXiu did not give up.
As long as the experts’ group didn't leave the prefecture, there was still hope.
So, Ling Jinxiu sent the public relations team to follow the route of the experts. They tried every means to get in touch with them
But so far, there was no result.
As they had no contact with the experts’ group.
Besides, even if they contacted them, she was afraid that the experts would ignore them.
Although the South province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd was relatively a large agricultural company, it was still considered ordinary in the country.
If it was the head office, perhaps the expert group might have paid a little attention to them. After all, the head office was linked to the central enterprise.
"Now that the expert group has arrived in Yang city, judging from the route of experts group, if they fail now, the chances in future will be very slim."
Said the newly appointed executive.
"I know, that's why I have invited an expert from the head office who is now coming here. He used to be Academician Yang's favorite student. Maybe he can help us."
Ling Jinxiu suddenly said.
The people present on the scene were very surprised, they had never thought the Ling Jinxiu who was quiet, unexpectedly made such a move.
Since the expert has a teacher-student relationship with Academician Yang, it was natural that he would have a better chance of success if he tries to speak with him.
"No matter whether the company succeeds or not, during this period of time, we must maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere. I do not want the previous event to affect the mood of everyone. So, I have set a small goal, that is to make sure that the company goes public next year."
Ling Jinxiu was beautiful, but her face was slightly cold. When she speaks, it has a strong aura.
The people present on the scene looked at each other with astonishment.
They almost gave up the idea of the company going public for a few years. But did not expect Ling to mention it again and the time has given was very short.
Was it possible?
However, in the face of Ling's momentum, they nodded immediately.
"Mr.Li, did your research department found out how the principle of salt solution works?"
Li Jinxiu looked at Li Quan who was sitting beside her.
In the major reform of company, Li Quan did not get impacted instead he received greater attention.
Li Quan was ashamed and said, "Manager Ling, I still haven’t' figured it out."
"Well, in that case, contact Ye Xiaochen again."
Li Jinxiu didn't say much after that.
"Miss Ling, maybe it’s not necessary. I think that Ye Xiaochen might have found it by accident. Otherwise, how could he withstand such a huge temptation at his age?"
One of the executives hesitated for a moment and said.
"I know, but I will have to give it a try. If we are not clear with the principle of salt solution, won't it become a joke?"
Ling Jinxiu said.
She was naturally aware of this, she had already investigated Ye Xiaochen's past, he did his undergraduate in an Agricultural University, and didn't even do the graduation. If he was self-taught, then it would be more strange.
The more advanced knowledge, it’s hard to cope up with only self-study, there must be a mentor to guide.
She doesn't believe that Ye Xiaochen has the capability to find the principle of solution.
She was more convinced that Ye Xiaochen found it by accident.
However, one thing was certain that Ye Xiaochen's method played a decisive role in resolving the company's crisis.
Otherwise, it would not be easy for her to resolve this crisis.
Because of this, she was willing to try again, even though knowing Ye Xiaochen might have unintentionally discovered it.

The dinner party was in Lin's Private Kitchen.
Today Lin's private kitchen was closed for business.
Only Ye Xiaochen and others were allowed.
Master Lin was still personally cooking.
When Ye Xaicohen reached, there were already many people who arrived. In addition to Liu Fusheng, Li Jianren, Xu Jia, He Lei there were several older chefs invited by Master Lin.
All of them have amazing cooking skills, and they have opened private restaurants in Yang city.
The old cooks were surprised to see how young Ye Xiaochen was.
They have all used the premium quality vegetables provided by Ye Xiaochen and naturally know that such vegetables couldn't be grown in the ordinary farm.
Especially in the recent batch of vegetables, they didn't detect any composition of pesticide.
Ye Xiaochen greeted them.
"Brother Ye, there is one more person whom you know is coming. You won't have any objection right?"
Liu Fusheng suddenly smiled.
"Brother Fu is joking since it is cooperation, what need of opinion? now it is in the discussion stage."
Ye Xiaochen laughed.
He has always been grateful to Liu Fusheng, if it was not for his words, right now he might have been facing a different situation.
If I hadn't sent the vegetables to Chang Xu's restaurant, he might not have been able to save Xubao on that day and meet Wang Shuisheng. As for Wang Xinyi, he would certainly not know about her.
Without this matter, he would not know Zhang Keqin nor would he get to treat the bonsai tree, nor would he get the chance to go to Shashi city and cure that Fusang tree.
Sometimes life is very wonderful, an unintentional move could change so many people’s lives.
There was no doubt that this period of Ye Xiaochen's life experience was closely related to Liu Fusheng's help at the start.
When the person Liu Fusheng told came, Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, it was Chang Xu.
"Brother Ye, you didn’t expect I would come, right? How can I not join this party"
Chang Xu smiled and said.
He was well informed that Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng wanted to work together to set up a chain of vegetarian restaurant.
He was little affected.
He was already relying on Ye Xiaochen to provide the quality vegetables and now more on the pickled vegetable.
There were so many people who have a good relationship with Ye Xiaochen.
If such an opportunity was missed, he would absolutely regret it.

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