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Hello everyone!! It’s RSensei. I found that this novel has been dropped for so many months, i actually liked it so i picked it up from the last chap they translated. i will .publish the previous 90 chapters later with the name of the translator and I may edit them a little bit. I hope you enjoy this novel as well.

In Sha Shi, the Institute specialized in plants.

 Although Ye Xiaochen saved Fusang tree, the top botanical experts at home and abroad did not leave.

 The living Fusang tree was more attractive to them.

 Especially this Fusang tree was fireproof, which has a significant impact on the world outlook of plant experts.

 “Unfortunately, Mr. Ye is not here. Otherwise, we can ask him about it.”

 After a lengthy study, even if the wisdom of many top botanists was gathered, it was difficult to solve the mystery of this Fusang tree.

 They tried to cut off a branch from the Fusang tree. All the procedures were following Ye Xiaochen’s steps. There was no mistake, and the branch was turned into fly ash in a short period.

 Even if they spread out the strong primary root cultivating liquid, that won't help.

 They also carried out in-depth research on Fusang tree from other aspects, but they never got the gist, as if the Fusang tree itself contained a mysterious door that blocked all secrets.

 They knew that the key to open that gate might have been in Ye Xiaochen’s hands.

 And this liquid solution, they tried everything they could, but It was impossible to analyze the ingredients.

 All of this made the idea of going and talked with Ye Xiaochen was getting stronger and stronger.

 Someone suddenly suggested: “Mr. Yang, why don’t we go to Mr. Ye together?"

 “Yeah, can we go to his home for advice?”   

 “Yes, we are here blindly researching, but it have no essentials, if we ask Mr. Ye, maybe we can make a great breakthrough in the field of botany.”

 “Many people had come and asked for our help, and now, we want to go to his house and ask for his help.”

 “Mr. Yang, you must take the lead.”

 The others were also talking about this, even those foreign plant experts were extremely interested and reluctant to leave.

 Mr. Li Yang thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Okay, let’s go to Mr. Ye’s hometown and visit him in person."

 His thirst for knowledge was not less than those other presents.

 When this group of people made the decision, they immediately set off.

 Zhang Keqin was also lucky to be involved because he had the most contact with Ye Xiaochen.

 After Jiang Ping knew that, he hurriedly arranged a trip for them.

 Li Yang did not want to invigorate the masses. He hoped that Jiang Ping could keep a low profile. Jiang Ping naturally agreed.

 Li Yang alone traveling to the following counties and cities would get him high-spec reception, even the main leaders of the provinces and municipalities should be received him With profound respect.

 It's not how powerful Li Yang is, it was a kind of respect for a certain professional field.

 A botanist at this rank, such as Li Yang, was regarded as a national treasure, and even the leaders of those countries would be very polite to receive him.

 Any industry has reached the top, even if not high-ranking officials, also has a fantastic influence.

 What’s more, this time, plus Li Yang there are more than twenty top botanists. Whose status was worse than Academician Yang.

 In particular, there were two foreign botanists, Dr. James, from England, not only a well-known professor of Cambridge University, the Queen of England has personally awarded him the title of nobility.

 The other from India, called Gandhi Tony, was a national master of botany.

 However, the itinerary was the most secretive, how can it be hidden from many eyes?

 The gathering of so many top experts in the field of botany in Shashi City was extremely eye-catching in itself.

 In the meantime, it wasn't known how many people are going on this trip.

 Among them were the agricultural sector staff of the cities of the southern provinces, some staff of schools and research institutes that were related to plant agriculture, and the purpose was naturally to invite these top plant experts to visit their corporate school departments or the farms below.

 Even if it is a walk, it has amazing benefits.

 Think about it, a certain academician who has inspected this school, leaving photos of the inspection, hanging on the wall, which is a real resume, and advertising.

 For this, it can make a man break his head.

 It is a pity that experts such as Li Yang and other experts have been eating and living in the Institute of Specialty Plants since then, and these people can not meet at all.

 Now, Academician Yang and others come out of the door of the Special Plant Research Institute, those who have been waiting for a long time, were like a swarm of fishes smelling food.

 Academician Yang and others were directly stunned.

 Although they were old seniors and had seen many crazy scenes, now this was the first time that they have seen such a view.

 No way! They knew that there was no way for them to go to Jingxian in a low profile and meet Ye Xiaochen.

 Finally, when everyone talked about it. They got it and went down in the name of the expedition.

 The first stop was Tan City, then Township City, and then Yang Shi City. These winning prefecture-level cities, nature was exciting unceasingly, spelled the name of publicity, high-spec reception, and they were afraid that the world would not know.

 The expert inspection team has not yet arrived. Welcome banners have been hung all over the counties, towns, main roads and city streets below.

 Governments at all levels have begun to clean up the whole city and pay close attention to public security traffic.

 Overall, it was necessary to give the expert inspection team the best impression, so that the experts stay for a while longer.

 During this period, the schools and farms in these counties and cities were working hard, hoping that these experts would travel on their own territory on a once-in-lifetime.

 Yang Shi City, the Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension station, belongs to an important department of the Municipal Agricultural Bureau.

 Although it was a station, it was indeed a deputy department, and its real power was not small.

 Since the expert inspection team was coming to Yang Shi City, Yang Shi City has been in a tight position. The promotion station, as an agricultural department, was naturally the department mainly responsible for the reception. The municipal government has also sent a standing vice mayor to take charge of the reception.

 During this time, the door of the station was almost broken and didn't know how many people want to go, hoping to be able to get the visit quota of the expert team.

 “Oh, what do you say about these experts? If they come down, is it necessary to be so motivated? But I’m tired enough! My brother, I am thin, and now I am lighter than Chi-Chi."

 Fang Yuan was calling with Ye Xiaochen, and he said that he was suffering.

 Because of his great achievements last time, his position in the station was rising, coupled with the operation of the home, has now been transferred to the stationmaster’s office, the solid Deputy Section cadre.

 This time, naturally, he has to work hard, so busy that he didn't even have time to breathe.

 “Do you say that Li Yang of the Academy of Sciences, as well as some of the top botanists at home and abroad, formed a team to visit Yang Shi?”

 Ye Xiaochen listened to Fang Yuan’s words and felt very strange. Do these experts seem to be coming towards him?

 With the economy of the sheep market in Yang Shi, it ranked very low in Southern Province, and it was not a big agricultural city. It was reasonable to say that this grand prize cannot be won.

 “Yes, I told you, these people are the top powers in the field of botany. Anyone of them is a national treasure. It is said that the Fusang tree was cured by them. So tell you what, if such a group of experts stops at your farm and even without doing anything, just saying one or two good words. Huh, your farm vegetables immediately will be worth soaring and incredibly become popular!"

 Fang Yuan said with a smile, “But it’s a dream. How can they go to your small farm? Let me tell you, just now, The owner of the Tianheng Agricultural Department has a great farm in Yang Shi City, visited our stationmaster personally. His Tianheng farm is at least a hundred times bigger than your farm. There are hundreds of workers. He has a lot of relationships and can’t get this opportunity!”


Ye Xiaochen sighed and immediately shook his head. If Fang Yuan knew that not long ago, he was standing in front of this group of experts and the respect that they were forced to show it. No one knows what kind of expression will he has.

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