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Ye Xiaochen cleverly chose the branch belonging to the main trunk which was about half a foot long.

The vitality of the branches growing near the trunk was stronger than the branches that were far from it.

If he cuts from the main trunk, then the chances of survival would be higher.

Yes, the main reason Ye Xiaochen wants to get a branch of Fusang tree was to do plant propagation by cutting.

He couldn't get this Fusang tree, so he could only go for the branches.

As long as it could be cut alive, it was completely possible for him to grow the Fusang tree into the original Fusang tree, surpassing the parent of the Fusang tree.

He has Shennong talent, he has immortal land and has the immortal spring water. He has much better-cultivating environment than this Special Plant Research Institute.

Of course, the premise was he could cut the branch alive. Otherwise, everything would be empty words.

Ye Xiaochen the used brush to smear the strong primary root cultivating liquid on the branch he selected. Using this medicine the branch's vitality would be locked and would not lose its vitality quickly.

At the time of cutting the branch, he used his spirit talent to communicate with the Fusang tree consciousness, so the loss of branch would not cause too much damage to the consciousness.

Most importantly, he must preserve a sense of the tree's consciousness in the branch at the time of cutting.

After the branch was broken, the reason why it was difficult to keep the branch alive because the consciousness contained in the branch would not be enough to take a shape.

Like a body without a soul, even if the body was strong, it would die.

Some plants in the botanical world could exploit the process of cutting because of their particularity in the consciousness, which could preserve a silk of formed consciousness in the cutting part.

The Consciousness of Fusang tree was extraordinary, it was inseparable, once forced to break, it was basically difficult to do Cutting.

Ye Xiaochen used his spirit talent, so it became possible to do the cutting.

Soon, a branch was quickly separated from the main trunk of the Fusang tree by Ye Xiaochen.

He immediately used the strong primary root cultivating liquid on the broken part of the branch, to seal its vitality.

He was able to sense a trace of consciousness in the branch, and under the guidance of his spirit, it gradually took shape and began to play a leading role in absorption and repair of the branches, it was slowly absorbing the liquid and was repairing itself

As long as there was this strong primary root cultivating liquid, this branch would not die.

After Ye Xiaochen cut the branch, he carefully wrapped it.

Some people were silently remembering Ye Xiaochen's method of taking the branch.

After leaving the glass house, Ye Xiaochen talked a few words with Academician Yang, Li Yang, and others.

He hoped to keep the low key profile about the treatment of Fusang tree. It was better to say Academician Yang cured the Fusang tree.

He was afraid of trouble.

He wanted to conceal himself.

After Academician Yang and others listened, they became silent for a moment and shook their heads to refuse.

What kinds of characters were they? Almost all of the people were standing at the peak in the field of botany, they have their own pride and would never take others credits.

This was a matter of principle.

They couldn’t' cure Fusang tree, it was not a problem as their ability was limited.

It was absolutely impossible to take some else credit as their own.

Even if Ye Xiaochen request's them, they would never agree.

They were sighing in their hearts, such a big credit, Ye Xiaochen said he doesn't want, if it was changed to other people, they would be hoping to widely publicize to greatly increase their reputation.

Their favorable impression on Ye Xiaochen increased more.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen was helpless, he retreated and asked that they would not say who cure the tree, just say a mysterious expert came and cured the Fusang tree.

Academician Yang directly agreed.

Then Ye Xiaochen said he would be going back and deal with the branch.

He left the special plant research institute.

Although Academician Yang and others wanted to strongly retain him, to talk and exchange about knowledge of botany, however, the matter with the branch of the Fusang tree has been delayed, the possibility of survival would be reduced. So Ye Xiaochen did not talk much with them.

When he was leaving, President Jiang Ping took out a paper envelope and gave it to him, saying it was the result of hard work he had done to cure the Fusang tree.

Ye Xiaochen received it without any hesitation, he knew that he deserved it.

Li Yang and Li Tingting also followed him

"Mr.Ye, thank you very much."

Li Yang looked at YE Xiaochen in the vehicle and said.

"Director Li, I am obligated to save the country's treasure."

Ye Xiaochen solemnly said.

Suddenly, he looked at Li Tingting, he hesitated and asked, "Li Tingting, can I add your Wechat?"

He couldn't directly ask Li Tingting about the pendant.

This matter was important and it must be taken slowly.

After adding Li Tinting's WeChat, he would slowly chat and become familiar, then he could ask about the pendant.

However, in the eyes of Li Yang and Li Tingting, it had a different meaning.

Li Tingting's cheeks blushed.

Ye Xiaochen showed amazing botanical attainments in the Special Plant Research Institute, which impressed many top botanists and made Li Tingting admire him.

Now, Ye Xiaochen was asking for her WeChat, and in the previous meeting, Ye Xiaochen stared at her. Did he fall in love with her at first sight?

She lowered her head, nodded slightly and said, "Okay my WeChat is…."

She told Ye Xiaochen her  WeChat ID.

Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting's shy appearance, in his heart, he didn't feel good, he felt dizzy, I do not have this idea!

However, he does not know what to say, he quickly added Li Tingting's  WeChat id.

As for other things, he would talk about it later.

Li Yang looked from the side, he couldn’t help but reveal a smile, Male and female love is human nature, he was a very sensible person.

Moreover, he really appreciated Ye Xiaochen.

At such a young age, he has such amazing achievement in the field of botany, and in the coming time, he will surely make a place in the field of international botany.

If there was some development between Ye Xiaochen and his granddaughter, it could be considered good.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen added Li Tingting's  WeChat ID and then left two people, driving his truck back home.

Halfway through the road, he opened the paper envelope and looked inside it. There was a lot of cash in it.

Two hundred thousand!

He has to say, Jiang Ping was a quite interesting person.

After returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen immediately took out the branch of Fusang tree and directly placed it into the special boiler, he injected some immortal spring water and then transferred some of the strong primary root cultivating liquid.

He still has some liquid in his hand.

He also communicated with his spirit and felt that the branch's consciousness has stabilized and its vitality was also gradually enhanced, so he could not help but take a sigh of relief.

There should not be any problem on Fusang tree's branch surviving.

It seems that the branch has not absorbed any true spirit for a long time and has become extremely thirsty for the liquid. At the speed visible to the naked eye, the color of the Fusang tree branch has undergone significant changes.

It even began to molt and started to expose a dark golden color.

The most peculiar thing was from the end of the branch, red golden color roots began to grow.

In less than two days, the not only root was formed but even a green golden bud was born.

By this time, its growth rate has started to slow down.

Ye Xiaochen has realized that previously the Fusang branch was too empty.

Now it has absorbed enough medicinal power of the liquid and spirit of the immortal spring water, making functions of the branch perfect.

The Fusang tree branch would grow smoothly.

"Now I can finally plant it."

Ye Xiaochen thought he would need to do the cutting process, but now this branch has a root and bud, which already has satisfied the conditions for planting.

However, where should I plant it?

Immortal land?

Planting the Fusang tree in immortal land was not a small matter. He was afraid the nutrient and the immortal air absorption it requires could not be compared with the general immortal plant.

At least half piece of immortal land must require to be able to satisfy the growth of Fusang tree.

"Well, fortunately on the third immortal land I acquired previous time, I planted only twenty-six immortal beans, there is still half a land is free."

Ye Xiaochen quickly made up his mind.

First, plant the Fusang tree in the immortal land.

Later, when he has more immortal land, he could assign one whole piece of immortal land as an independent growth place for Fusang tree.

The roots of Fusang tree were strong and covers a wide range.

If other immortal plants were planted near it, it would have an impact on yield and quality.moreover, the Fusang tree belongs to the fire department, the impact would be even greater.

There were exceptions to it, if Ye Xiaochen plants fire department plants near the Fusang tree, then it would have benefits instead of damage.

The immortal beans that Ye Xiaochen chose were only yellow immortal beans contains soil property. Now that he has Fusang tree, he could plant red immortal bean containing fire property.

Unfortunately, he does not have enough immortal yuan and could only wait for time being.

immediately, Ye Xiaochen transferred the perfect Fusang tree to the immortal land.

Currently, the Fusang tree was an only half foot high, its whole body was a dark golden color and looked unique.

After transplanting, Ye Xiaochen communicated with the Fusang tree consciousness using his spirit. He felt that the consciousness became very active and seemed to grow well in the immortal land, there was a feeling of joy in it.

"Sure enough, Fusang tree is a kind of immortal plant.only when it grows on immortal soil, it’s worth will come out. "

Ye Xaiochen's heart was silent.

With the Fusang tree, he could grow the red immortal beans.

He couldn’t help but look at other two fields where immortal carrots and immortal radish was about to mature.

Soon, he would have lots of immortal yuan.

He was looking forward to it with great anticipation.

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