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Did Academician Yang come for him? Ye Xiaochen didn’t care that much, so he hung up after complete talking with Fang Yuan.

At this moment, he was in the Immortal Land.

That Fusang tree was already turned into a little tree.

Although the whole body was a dark golden color, there was a golden green bud on the top, which was full of vitality.

Ye Xiaochen was every day communicating with the Fusang tree consciousness using his Spiritual talent.

Compared with other immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen’s care for Fusang tree was much more.

But what made the Fusang tree more important than the other immortal plants?

Fire system characteristics could provide the necessary conditions for Ye Xiaochen to grow the immortal red beans.

It was a kind of Immortal tree in itself, which has a straightforward relationship with the local Fusang tree in Shenmu.

Close to Fusang tree, you can feel a subtle sense of warmth, one or two degrees higher than the temperature in other places.

It was not visible yet, mainly because it has just survived and was in the seedling stage.

Once it grows up, the characteristics of this fire system would become more and more obvious.

At that time, he was afraid that the Fusang tree must be transplanted elsewhere. Otherwise, this heat would have a significant impact on other immortal plants.

“The Immortal carrots and the Immortal white radishes have matured and should be excavated!"

Ye Xiaochen went to the Immortal Land N°1.

All the plants there were Immortal radishes.

The emerald green radishes seedlings were dense and flourishing.

“Hha, it seems that the quality of this time should be outstanding.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face showed satisfaction.

The more prosperous the seedlings are, the plumper the rhizomes in the soil are, and usually the fuller the body is.

He took out the Immortal Hoe and dug it up.

In recent months, he ate the farm vegetables and breathed the farm air every day. Although he did not deliberately exercise, his body became stronger and stronger.

He felt more than a third stronger than before he got the Shen Nong system.

This was extremely amazing.

He also found that his height has also increased. It was less than one meter and seventy, but now it is a solid 1.7 meters.

Although one meter seventy was still short for people in modern society, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied.

He believed that he would grow up in the future.

Holding the Immortal Hoe, Ye Xiaochen wielded several a few times and dug out a radish intact.

He didn’t stop, and he dug out three more rows in straight. Only then did he feel that his arms were weak and exhausted, so he stopped to rest.

If it was before, he dug a radish, and he had to rest.

This is progress!

It took Ye Xiaochen several hours to dig out all the Immortals carrots and Daikon (white radishes).

Looking at the bright red and snow-white radishes, Ye Xiaochen was full of achievements and satisfaction.

This was a lot of Immortal Yuan!

He was able to spend a little more.

One hundred immortal white radishes.

One hundred immortal carrots.

Ye Xiaochen carefully measured all the radishes and immediately showed his satisfaction.

These carrots were generally bigger than last time, and the sellout looks better.

Especially, most of the immortal carrots were extremely obvious.

When he dug, he marked it precisely according to the difference fertilizer applied to the plantation.

The best of this selling was to spare the green manure.

He didn’t want to think about it. He directly cut the biggest immortal carrot with the dagger.

Ye Xiaochen's eyes were immediately stunned, what the freak, there were a full five wheel patterns.

Three more rounds were added than the last time.

This progress was not generally obvious!

Ye Xiaochen immediately opened his eyes and laughed.

That’s great!

So he went and cut another immortal radish. The same a full five wheel patterns, which instantly satisfied him.

He knows that besides the gradual improvement of his Shen Nong talent, there was another main reason why there are five wheel patterns, he was afraid that it has something to do with green manure.

Now he understands the importance of immortal fertilizer!

If he has a real batch of immortal fertilizer on his hand, then there would be no difficulty in planting seven or eight rounds of Immortal plants.

“I don’t know how effective this green manure is?”

In Ye Xiaochen’s mind, he cut an immortal carrot, which had not been put in any fertilizer.

There were only three wheels patterns.

However, the three-wheel patterns were very clear.

He gritted his teeth and cut an immortal carrot that only had chemical fertilizer, it still had three wheel patterns, and nothing changed.

He was basically certain.

Ordinary fertilizer for Immortal plants may be able to supplement some nutrients, but it has no effect on Immortal plants.

Looking at the three immortal carrots and the immortal radish that has been cut, his heart felt a very sharp pain, these vegetables were worth eight or nine immortal Yuan!

It was really a waste.

“I don’t know if the Goddess of Moon wants them?”

Ye Xiaochen felt that he was wasting too much.

The last few wasted carrots have been well placed in storage space, and have not been handled.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen quickly contacted the Goddess of Moon through his friend list.

This time, he was not ready to consignment the radishes in the store.

Direct trading to the Goddess of Moon should make him more money.

This time, the Goddess of Moon didn’t let him wait for too long, and soon answered the message.

"There are immortal white radishes?"

The Goddess sent a surprised expression.

“Yes, carrots and white radishes are available, do you want them?”

Ye Xiaochen quickly replied.

“Of course, I want as much as you have. Also, Ye Xiaochen, next time there’s an immortal black bean, I’d like to buy them for a price of five Yuan.” Goddess of Moon answered.

“Immortal black bean?” Ye Xiaochen was very surprised.

This was a water property of the Immortal bean. He has no way to plant it for the time being. He can provide special attribute energy for the immortal black bean unless he has a treasure like a Fusang tree or purchases attribute immortal fertilizer.

Five Immortals Yuan!

Ye Xiaochen almost salivated.

His last immortal bean (yellow), through the auction, was sold only at three and a half immortal Yuan, and that was the highest price.

This was enough to gain him a lot of immortal Yuan!

“Goddess of Moon, do you want Immortal Red Bean?”

Ye Xiaochen asked quickly.

“Immortal Red Bean, this is a fire property, and it doesn’t match my attributes. You can ask other Goddess who practice the fire system.”

The Goddess of Moon sent him this message.

Ye Xiaochen did not ask any more questions, he directly traded with the Goddess of Moon.

Not only those good radishes have been sold, but even those few cut-off ones, the Goddess of Moon took them and said nothing.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen got 404 Immortal Yuan.

For the first time, Ye Xiaochen has such a large amount of Immortal Yuan.

He felt wealthy and fluttering.

What should he buy?

Immortal Land was for sure.

Immortal spring?

Now, an Immortal spring can be satisfied for a while, and it is a bit troublesome to put a second one.

'What else should I buy?'

Ye Xiaochen has thought about that repeatedly for a long time.

He did not hesitate to buy two immortal fields, which cost him 200 immortal Yuan.

It took him another thirty immortal Yuan to buy immortal hive in the store, which was especially used to hold the insects such as immortal pollinating bees.

With these immortal bees, he doesn’t need to use that very ordinary glass bottle to hold pollinating bee larvae.

He bought a bottle of immortal medicinal liquid for sowing.

Fifty Yuan.

He bought thirty more seeds of immortal Red Beans and spent thirty immortal Yuan.

Two packs of Immortal carrot seeds, two packs of Immortal white radish seeds, thirty seeds of Immortal Yellow Bean. And spent seventy Yuan.

In this way, 380 immortal Yuan were spent.

At once, the amount of the Immortal Yuan on his account has shrunk by more than 90%, leaving only 24 immortal Yuan.

This time, he did not spend the last amount of his immortal Yuan, these were ready to use for a rainy day.

Just like this time, he planted Fusang tree, which could have planted the immortal red been at the same time, but because there was no Immortal Yuan, it could only be delayed for a few days.

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