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chapter 9-rescue


The following business can be described as hot.

As long as they taste the cucumber, they will buy it all.Other vegetables were bought in a more or less fashioned way.

In less than two hours , more than half the vegetables they brought had been sold.

Undoubtedly, cucumbers were the most sold ones in their shop. So many sales infact, they have none left.

Ye Xiaochen felt a little regret for selling all his cucumbers so fast.People would at least try to buy more vegetables from him hoping that they too would be as good as his cucumbers.

The weather showed no signs of cooling down.

Ye Xiaochen’s vest is completely soaked in sweat.

He took his sprinkler and sprinkled some water on his vegetables in order to keep them fresh.

It’s almost noon, some vegetables were left unsold.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to end the sale but his father insisted on waiting for some more time.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s phone vibrated.

He took a look. An unfamiliar number.

“Dad, i am going to attend a call, you take care here.”

He then went to a nearby alley so that he could hear better.

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer key.

“Hello, may I know who this is?”

On the other end of the phone, a magnetic heavy male’s voice came.

“Are you Ye Xiaochen? You were recommended by Mr. Liu. My surname is Chang.I opened a restaurant in Yang Shi city.He said you have a farm, are there fresh vegetables available?”

Ye felt really happy as Mr.Liu recommended him and so he answered quickly.

“Yes, I am Ye Xiaochen.”

“Oh, Liu said your vegetables are very good.Come to me tomorrow with one batch and we can discuss the price when the time comes.”

Mr.Chang said on the phone.

He has not said how much,but, Liu fushen really did tell good things about him, or he would not have called.Moreover, a restaurant requires an extremely fine quality of vegetables.

“All right , Mr.chang”

Ye Xiaochen said hurriedly.

“Wait a minute , I’ll send you the address.”

Mr.Chang hung up the phone after sending.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, ‘it’s a good news!’

He’s very confident in his own vegetables. With shen nong’s talent, growing extraordinary vegetables is easily possible.

Of course, the demand of vegetables in a restaurant is as not large as a supermarket’s.He must still sell vegetables with other means.

As a result, tomorrow he will not be able to go dragon town market as he needs to send vegetables to the restaurant.

Ye Xiaochen talked to his dad about it, and they decided that his father and mother would open the market tomorrow.

The reason he is so assured about the safety of his farm is because it is in a relatively remote place. There will not be people going there and he could use the system  to view his farm live.

The next morning his parents went off to the market, as they planned.

Ye Xiaochen borrowed a tricycle from his in-laws’ place and headed for the restaurant.

Yang shi town is more than 40 kilometers away.It took more than an hour, and by 8.20 , Ye Xiachen arrived at Mr.Chang’s restaurant.

“Food Cube.”

This is the name of the restaurant.

Two floors,unique decoration.Although it is not in the downtown,the area is relatively prosperous. At the crossroads outside, there are all kind of cars parked.

In such a location, with this decoration and hotel area being not small, without a million yen there is no way to open up.

Ye Xiaochen thought, financial power determines the level of person’s social circle.

Liu Wusheng’s worth tens of million and his friend also will not be an ordinary person.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath. His career is just beginning, and with the golden finger, he can sure have positive results.

He stopped his bike,and gave a call to Mr.Chang.

Not long after that, a restaurant staff came out,”You are Ye Xiaochen?Put the vehicle there”.

Ye Xiaochen quickly drove the tricyle.

This is the hotel’s logistic channel, various food enter the hotel’s kitchen through here.

“You wait for a while!”

The staff member said to Ye Xiaochen and went in.

After waiting for a few minutes, a chef came out with the staff member.

The chef came to check the vegetables.

The chef looked a the cucumber, took it, cleaned it with his apron and took a bite.His eyes immediately brightened up“This is extremely tasty,just as it’s appearance suggests.”

While eating the cucumber, he checked the other vegetables.Satisfied, he told “take it to the kitchen, I would like to do test these.”

Ye Xiaochen could not help but be secretly relieved.He was worried about the chef being too picky.

Soon, the pesticide residue test was completed, his vegetables qualified.

“well, your vegetables are good. Our restaurant wants it.Someone will talk to you about it soon.”

The chef said.

Ye Xiaochen, suppressing his excitement, immediately nodded. The stable sales of vegetables should not have any issues now.

Ye Xiaochen did not have to wait for a long time.A person in charge of logistic procurement told Ye about the price at which they are going to purchase the vegetables.

Compared to the supermarket, this restaurant’s demand is smaller but the pay is higher.

For example, the purchase price of cucumber of qingtian supermarket was 22 fen but the Food cube is giving out 35 fen.

Lesser quantity but higher price, plus long term supply to the restaurant.The farm can now earn the orignal spent  and going to market to sell the vegetables, it will be purely profit.

Coming out of the restaurant, Ye Xiaochen felt relaxed.

Ye Xiaochen is very curious about Mr.Chang, but, he had not had a chance to meet Mr.chang.

Driving the borrowed tricycle, Ye Xiaochen noticed a crowd at the parking lot.

Looking back, Ye Xiaochen was stunned. He saw a middle-aged man holding a fire axe, trying to smash the glass window of a car.

A middle-aged woman beside him is crying.

On the driver’s seat, there is a little boy lying.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood what was going on

The owner of the car has forgotten the key in the car, the car windows are closed and no ventilation is taking place. Considering the high temperature outside the car, temperature in the car will not be low.

The child’s face has turned red, it seems to be unconscious.

The child’s situation is very critical now.

However, without the car keys, how can it be opened?

“cannot break it”

The middle-aged man hitting the glass window was out of breath.Yet he still did not stop,leaving only a mark.

Bullet-proof glass.

Even bullets cannot penetrate it.

Nearby, another middle-aged man wearing casual clothes is on the phone, almost shouting”why has your fire brigade not reached? my son is dying!! what? a traffic jam?”

Wang shuisheng began to panic, the child in the vehicle is a blessing to him who was born when Wang was 40 years.

Today. he and his wife took the child out to play.They let the child sleep in the car, and he specifically turned on the the car air conditioning.

They did not think that when he and his wife would come out of the hotel, the air conditioning would stop.

Even more to his surprise, he forgot the keys inside the car and cannot open the car.

This is a bullet proof car. A big problem was created, and he vowed to trouble the car sales company.

He saw the middle-aged man trying to break glass has been out of breath.Hequickly left the phone, rushed up, snathed the axe, and crazily started smashing.

Unfortunately, the bullet-proof car is too strong, leaving only marks but the window didn’t break.

He was almost in despair.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the child in car, his heart pulled up, he thought of something.He hurriedly ran to the side of the tricyle, took out the immortal hoe from the system storage.

It almost looks like an ordinary hoe,but it was forged from unknown metal and was very heavy.

This bullet-proof glass was so strong that even a fire axe cannot break it, but Ye Xiaochen felt that the hoe was worth a try.

The immortal hoe can even dig the immortal soil.

Ye Xiaochen has used the immortal hoe on regular hard stone, it sliced through as if it were tofu.

Holding the hoe, he rushed past,”coming through, excuse me, coming through…….”

He squeezed out from the crowd, arriving at the BMW car, without any thought, he lifted the hoe and brought it down on the glass with all his strength.

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