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The hoe penetrated through the glass in a single straight line, leaving a thin trail of broken glass where it passed.

Wang Shishuneg, who desperately was smashing the car’s glass with a fire axe stopped and stared.

The middle aged man, Chang Xu was also shocked.

All the onlookers were stunned.

The fire axe was unable to put even a small scratch on the glass.

Is that not messed up?

However, this also relieved many people.The child can now be saved.

Ye Xiachen forced the hoe out and dug in, and suddenly, the entire glass broke apart.

“THANK GOD!  The child can now be saved.”


“The glass broke”

“It’s a very good news”

“Originally, I thought the child cannot be saved, but neither have I expected a miracle”

“A hoe could break the bullet proof glass which even fire axe couldn’t?”

“It’s one tough hoe.”


Before the rescue operation, many people’s hearts were racing, worrying for the child’s life.

Wang Shuisheng could not wait to say thank you.He rushed up, quickly went near the broken window, took the baby out quickly, and went under a shady area. Just then, from a nearby hospital, a doctor hurriedly rushed over to the kid to do an emergency examination.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing everyone’s attention was diverted, quietly left left the crowd, and went back to where he left his tricycle.

After the emergency rescue, the child was finally out of danger. He was in a stable condition and can be admitted to hospital for further treatment.


The doctor said to Wang Shuisheng, “Fortunately, he was rescued in just time. If it had happened after few minutes later, His brain would have been affected and so would multiple parts of his body due to lack of oxygen.”

Wang Shusheng sighed heavily.He was almost scare to death, his son is fine now.

Suddenly, he remembered about the young man with hoe who broke the bullet proof glass, but he couldn’t find him at the scene.

“Mr.chang did you see that young fellow?”

Wang Shuisheng asked hastily.

“Didn’t see.  I will enquire”

Chang Xu’s was also was relieved. If Wang Shusiheng’s son had an accident here, although he did not have any responsibility, his new restaurant would not have a good reputation.

After asking around, someone said that the young man had left riding the tricycle.


Wang Shusheng was slightly surprised.The young man used a hoe to break the glass.He was very grateful and would like to say thanks personally.

“Mr.Chang, you must help me to find this boy. please.”

Wang Shusheng requested Chang Xu while getting in the ambulance.

“Wang, I assure you that as long as he is in Yang Shi city, I will help you find him.”

Chang Xu replied.

Chang Xu waited for the ambulance to leave and went in to check the surveillance cameras.


Chang Xu was astonished.

After inquiring the logistic department, he got to know that the man riding tricycle was Ye Xiaochen, the man who came to his restaurant to deliver vegetables,”

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t come to deliver vegetables to his hotel,  Wang’s child couldn’t be rescued.

Thinking of it, he quickly gave a phone call to Liu Fusheng,asked about the situation of Ye Xiaochen.


At that moment, Ye Xiaochen left the Yang Shi city, riding his tricycle.

He did not want any person to have an idea about the immortal hoe. That’s why he did not leave a name behind after doing good deed and hastily left.

He did not go directly to home, he went to Dragon king town.

By the time he found his mom and dad, they have sold nearly all the vegetables.

“Business is very good, as long as they taste the cucumber, they will buy it. Right, little Chen, what happened to your business matter?”

With a towel, he wiped his face,and smiled.

Now he doesn’t have to worry too much about the sale of vegetables.

Even if there’s no way, by only relying on selling on different markets, he will not be in loss.

“It went well.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile  “it’s too hot, only few vegetables are left. let’s go back early.”

“Em, next time we need to bring some more.”

His mom said after drinking some water.

Today, they have sold the vegetables fast which didn’t give her full satisfaction.

Tidying up the booth, the three began to return with two tricycles.

The moment Ye went home, switched on the fan and was about to rest, Liu Fusheng called him up.

Why is Liu Fusheng looking for me?

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He is very grateful to Liu Fusheng , he was a very huge help for him.

“Has brother Ye saved a little boy near the entrance of the restaurant?” Liu Fusheng asked.


“Such a thing has happened Mr.liu, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen was stupefied. How did Liu fusheng go to know?

He did not know Liu Fusheng’s intention.

“Brother Ye, you see your luck, you saved our Yang Shi city’s richest man Wang Shishueng’s son. Chang told me Wang wanted to thank his saviour very much and personally wants to meet you to show his gratitude, ha-ha, brother ye, if you seize this opportunity later it would be very great!”

Liu Fusheng may be a rich guy in the town, but he is not so rich compared to the rich people in the city.Wang,however,is the richest man in the city.

Now Ye Xiaochen has become Wang Shuisheng’s son’s savior.This a very big favor.

He can only lament the good luck of Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen was a little ignorant.

He saved Yang Shi city’s richest man Wang’s son?

He just saved the person. He didn’t had any other ideas. He purely wanted to save a life.

Ye had heard a little bit about Wang. He is the chairman of Jingyan Jingyang group. It involves lots of fields, such as real estate, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery etc.

Real estate, agricultural engineering machine of Jingyang group is well know in the province.

Then he shook his head, he just saved a person.He is not prepared to cling on with a relationship with the richest man.

He was very satisfied with the status quo, the sales are not much of a problem anymore.

He can now start thinking about the the mysterious Shennong system.

The immortal carrot seedlings are growing very fast.The carrots are about half a foot high. It is estimated that the carrot root-stock was about to take shape.

Ye was very curious regarding the changes these carrots could bring, both in his life, by quickly getting sold, and to the immortal land.

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