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Chapter 8 -Market

Today is the last day to supply vegetables to the Qingtian supermarket.

In the morning, Liu Fusheng called Ye Xiaochen, said he wanted to settle accounts later in the afternoon.

Ye Xiaochen, in this period of time, has gone to many places, but has achieved nothing, Now with expiration of agreement with Liu fusheng, farm sales have now become a big problem.

However,he made decision. If he really can’t find a market, he will work hard, and with the three wheeled electric vehicle he has at home, he will put up batches of vegetables at each local market, selling personally.

Although this very hard, but he doesn’t have any other choice.

In the afternoon, Ye xiaochen went to Qingtian supermarket.

After a detailed list, a total of five days, it added up to more than 22,500 dollars.

Liu Fushen was happy to give money. After a moment, he said to Ye Xiaochen “It is not that i don’t want to renew the contract with you, but, there is no way.I already signed a long term contract with the large farm, even if it is to expire, there is more than 6 months of time, so sorry.”

Looked like this supermarket owner is really sensitive to goods, Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables were very good. It is now very popular among customers, no wastage in any vegetable at the sales. People used to come again in hopes to buy bigger amounts of vegetables.

“Mr.Liu, you don’t need to say it, I really thank you.If not for this. the vegetables in my farm would have certainly piled up by now.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He earned more than 20,000 which has reduces a large part of the losses. Ye Xiaochen is very grateful towards Liu Fusheng.

“I have a  business friend. He just opened a restaurant in the Yang Shi district, the scale of his restaurant is very big, so there should be a large demand of vegetables. I see your vegetables are very good, so I will help you get in touch with him, if there is no problem, I’ll call you.”

Liu Fusheng said.

Ye Xiaochen has helped him quickly. Upon dealing with him these days, he felt Ye Xiaochen is very honest and sincere, and has a good impression on him.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up. Since Liu Fusheng said that, certainly the opportunity is not very low. he immediately said,”Mr. Liu, Thank You.”

“There’s no need for it”.

Liu Fusheng laughed.

“No matter what, I have to thank you.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly realised and said, “Mr.Liu, you must be very busy, I’ll leave.”

Liu Fusheng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen is back onto the farm now.

As usual, it is again a hot day and merely standing in that heat makes one feel a little light headed.

Ye Xiaochen picked up a cucumber in greenhouse, rubbed it against his clothes in order to clean it. He then bit into it. Crisp and sweet.

He came to the immortal land, cursed the two dogs who don’t want to walk away from there, except to eat.

Also, it may just be because of the immortal land that the two dogs’ fur became glossy. It feels soft, like silk, which is different from their previous rough hair.

Ye Xiaochen looked at an immortal carrot seedling. Their growth seemed good. It has been less than a week and with this kind of growth speed, his carrots can be ready for harvest in a month.

Next day,at three o’clock in the morning, Ye Xiaochen ,his mother  and father, all three people were busy at work on farm as today, they are going to the town fair to sell vegetables.

Dai ma town is adjacent to Tai ping town. Riding a three wheeler will probably take an hour.

Ye Xiaochen must go early.

Five o’ clock.

it was broad daylight.The three wheeler has been filled with all kind of fresh vegetables, electronic weighing machine,plastic bags, an umbrella, a bucket of water, water sprinkler, vegetable price sign and so on.

After getting everything ready, Ye Xiaochen and his father left the farm.

This is the first time Ye Xiaochen is going to sell vegetables on his own.He is a little excited.

Six o’ clock.

Ye Xiaochen and his father reached Dai ma Town.

It was very lively here, many vendors have begun to occupy a good lot.

They got a fairly good location to set up their shop.

“Dad , I’m going to buy breakfast.”

Ye Xiaochen walked towards a rice noodle shop not far away, ordered two bowls of rice noodles with two poached eggs.He did not buy water as he already had 5L of water with him in his vehicle.

“This is fodder egg. It has good nutrition.”

Ye’s father commented and proceeded to put it into Ye Xiaochen’s bowl.

“Dad, I have one!”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know to laugh or cry.

“Young kid,eating one is not good”

He said seriously.

Ye Xiaochen knows his dad’s personality, he didn’t say anything and ate it.

By  seven 0’ clock the sun rose up,and it started to heat up.

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the umbrella, inserted on tricycle, and dragged boxes of vegetables from tricycle.

People started coming.

Finally a customer comes to him.

“How is this cucumber so expensive?”

Said the old customer, with a child beside him.

Ye Xiaochen’s cucumber price which was written on sign was for 1  jin. It is certainly more expensive than the supermarket.

He referred to other vendors.

Ye Xiaochen washed the cucumber and gave it to old man and said “Gramps, this is a home grown cucumber, it is very tasty, you try it first.”

After saying this, he cut the cucumber into two sections with fruit knife. One, he handed to the old man and other, to the child.

“It is just a cucumber. What is so special about it?.”

Said the old man but still  he took it and ate,then he was  startled.

The child also ate the half cucumber, “grandpa, I want, I want cucumber..”

Ye Xiaochen gave another section of a cucumber to the child, smiled and said to the old man, “Uncle, you see, your grandchild is also fond of eating it.Please buy it.”

“Well the taste of cucumber is indeed very special, i have grown old, but have never eaten such delicious cucumber.”

The old  man nodded his head.

Ye Xiaochen handed the old man a bag.

The old man examined the cucumber.

The cucumber looks good, the color is good. The child had picked up a cucumber and put into a bag.

“My dear grandson, it is enough”

The old man saw the bags were full and quickly said,

“ well, I want more.”

His grandson took a couple more.

“So much? can you eat it?”

The old man shook his head, took a bag, and packed a few cucumber. The cucumber satisfied the old man and so bought few more vegetables. 22 dollars.

Their first business. Ye Xiaochen and his dad were happy.

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