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"Ye Xiaochen, what is this liquid?"

Zhang Keqin was near him, he looked at the dark liquid and was trying to suppress the pungent smell.

"This is one of the solutions I prepared. It is called Strong primary root cultivating liquid, mainly used for stabilizing the source vitality of the Fusang tree."

Ye Xiaocen said.

Zhang Keqin's eyes brightened, he had seen the magical effect of the plant promoting growth agent.

So, his curiosity about the dark black liquid grew stronger.


Li Tinting scoffed, that black liquid must be something messy thing.

The name was really good.

However, just don't know Strong primary root cultivating liquid would have any effect?

Academician Yang and other famous botanists from the country and abroad were watching with curiosity.

Was that pungent black liquid really that magical?

Quickly, the golden cooking oil in the small pot turned into dark gold color, after putting the Strong primary root cultivating liquid into it.

Ye Xiaochen took a brush, dipped in the oil and was about the put the brush on the trunk of the Fusang tree.

"What are you doing?"

When Academician Yang saw what Ye Xiaochen was going to do, he quickly stepped forward and stopped him.

Was he going to apply the oil to warm the tree?

"Obviously, brushing the tree with oil, otherwise how will I warm it up?"

Ye Xiaochen respected this old expert, so he immediately explained.

"No, how can you do it? This Fusang tree is already exhausted and it can't stand more interferences."

Academician Yang did not understand Ye Xiaochen's method.

With Academician Yang taking the lead, other experts also voiced their disagreement with Ye Xiaochen's method.

"Director Li, we really can't allow this, if Fusang tree because of the human factor completely dies, we won't be able to afford this responsibility!"

The President of the Special Plant Research Institute Jiang Ping also came in, and hurriedly tried to persuade Li Yang

The human factor he was pointing out was brushing Fusang tree with oil.

Perhaps the Fusang tree would really die, but because of the human factor, there will be lots of problems.

He was the president of the institute and won’t' be able to break away from the responsibility.

"Academician Yang, if we don't do this, will Fusang tree survive?"

Li Yang didn’t know he could fully believe Ye Xiaochen, but if he stops him now, then Fusang Tree would really have no hope.

Academician Yang was dumbfounded.

There was no way!

"Even if Fusang tree dies, at least its body will be safe. Now if oil is applied to it, then it can’t be washed with just water, it will require other things which will definitely damage the body of the tree."

A middle-aged man said.

"Yes, even if the dead, its body is still priceless. If it is destroyed, it will be a loss!"

"It is true that this Fusang tree is the world’s treasure, and should not suffer any damage."

"You can't do it."

Other botanists also raised their voice.

They don’t believe in Ye Xiaochen, it was better to let tree completely die, then let the tree get destroyed.

Nearby Zhang Keqin was anxious.

He absolutely believes in YE Xiaochen.

However, in this case, everyone is more powerful than him, he is just a professor of Southern Province university, his words are of little value here.

Li Yang began to hesitate.

As for Jiang Ping, he was naturally on the side of the majority.

"Do you think if Fusang tree dies you will be able to preserve it?"

Ye Xiaochen looked from the sidelines coldly.

Now the situation has become one-sided and even the previously determined Li Yang was also hesitating.

He sighed in his heart, if it wasn't for this Fusang tree was precious and perhaps was only one in the world, he would rather do nothing and wouldn’t offend so many people.

If once it dies, it would absolutely a great a loss.

He was just a nobody and it wouldn't do any good going against this many experts.

"Does Mr. Ye Xiaochen think that we don't have the ability to preserve the Fusang tree?"

Academician Yang was little displeased by Ye Xaiochen's tone of speech.

They can't save the Fusang tree, but he absolutely doesn't believe that they wouldn't be able to preserve the body of the tree.

"Fusang Tree, rumor is that  it is heaven and earth's strange tree, in myth it is said to be resting place of Divine Golden Crow, naturally is resistant to high temperature, and grows on field of origin fire,this tree has strange characteristic, once temperature decreases, during the moment of death, it would decay rapidly and turn to nothingness and any means of preservation will be useless"

Ye Xiaochen did not care about Academician Yang's displeasure and spoke slowly.

Li Yang's eyes lit up as he listened. He had looked at a lot of data on Fusang tree, in the ancient tomb's record, there was similar mention of things which Ye Xiaochen said.

There was no method of preserving the tree

It was a myth, after all.

"Is it true?"

Li Tinting muttered to herself.

She’s an archaeologist.

She has been exposed to strange things which could not be explained by science.

This Fusang tree survived for close to thousand years in the closed tomb and was still alive.

That itself was a miracle.

This Fusang tree was emitting out the temperature higher than an average tree.

All kinds of incredible things tell the extraordinary of the Fusang tree.

At this moment there was a crack on all the previous doubts on Ye Xiaochen, she became unsure.

She could not help but look at Ye Xiaochen for an explanation.

"Do you mean that once it dies it will turn into dust? Impossible, absolutely impossible."

Academician Yang was stunned and then said with a deep voice.

The decaying of the matter is a long-term process and could never be completed in a short time.

Would the Fusang tree vaporize in a sealed space free of bacteria?

"Yeah, this is impossible."

"I thought he really has a method, but he doesn't even know the fundamental changes of material."

"Even if we burn with fire, it will take a long time before it turns into ashes. "

All the people present in the situation we’re talking about it, they didn’t' believe at him.

In their eyes, any change in the matter has a principle which could be explained by science.

A tree completely decaying and turning into ash. Does it make sense?


Absolutely impossible.

What Ye Xiaochen said was in opposition of science.

To deny science was to deny what they have learned in the past and deny what they know about the world.

This was subverting modern science.

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