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“Pretentious. I guess he can’t even read them.”

Li Tingting saw Ye Xiaochen’s action and muttered in her heart.

“Director Li, before I can cure it, there are some things you must arrange.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly handed the laptop back to Zhang Keqin, then looked at Li Yang and said.

He had given a lot of thought just now. In the present situation, only Li yang could carry out his request.

This Fusang tree was unordinary and in this Special Plant Research Institute which was a government research organization, there were things which he couldn’t be able to do.

“What is the matter? You say it, I will certainly try to comply with it.”

Li Yang asked hastily.

Currently, from Ye Xiaochen’s body he felt a very unique temperament, and unexpectedly this temperament gave him a certain kind of confidence.

Perhaps, Ye Xiaochen really has the way.

“Prepare some oil, oil that can be burned, but it should not have high volatility.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“What will you do with the oil?”

Li Yang was surprised.

“It will be useful.”

Ye Xiaochen said lightly.

“Well, I’ll bring it now.”

In Li Yang’s heart there were more doubts, but he just nodded and hurriedly went out.

“What are you going to do with the oil?”

Li Tinting thought that Ye Xiaochen after looking at the data would pretend to study and say something like he couldn’t be able to cure it and then would find some excuses to leave.

However, currently, this Ye Xiaochen was asking for oil?

Was he going to treat the Fusang tree with oil?

He must be kidding.

Li Tingting was wondering what Ye Xiaochen will do with the oil.

Outside, Jiang Ping heard Li Yang needs oil and also was going to take it inside the glass house, so, he couldn’t help but interfere.

“This is not good, Director Li, this is too dangerous. If something happens to Fusang tree, then I can’t afford to take such responsibility.”

Jiang Ping hurriedly said.

“President Jiang, if an accident happens, I will take all the responsibility.”

Li Yang said seriously.

“Well, all right.”

Jiang Ping saw Li Yang’s serious appearance, he was helpless and agreed with him. If he doesn’t give him face, then he would seem too selfish.

Soon a bucket of unopened cooking oil was carried into the glass house by Li Yang.

“What is happening?”

“Director Li, why did you bring cooking oil inside?”

Asked an old man who was wearing a Chinese tunic suit, holding a walking stick in his one hand and was limping.

The old man was tall, bald with little grey hair and had some disability in his leg.

“Haha, Academician Yang, this is my invited plant expert Mr. Ye Xiaochen, he said he needs to use oil for the process of treating the Fusang tree.”

This Academician Yang’s identity was not simple, he was the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and also was the vice president of Chinese Agricultural science Academy, his main field was botany and he could be considered the most respected in the field of botany inside the country.

There was also some legends about this man, during middle-aged years, in order to find the endangered plants, he often would alone go into dangerous primitive forests.

His leg was bitten by a Siberian tiger, however, he had a good luck, as at that time he was rescued by a hunter, otherwise, there would be no Academician Yang.

This time for the matter of Fusang tree, he was also got invited.


Academician Yang took a glance at Ye Xiaochen, he did not have any impression of him, he could not think when in the country such a young plant expert appeared?

However, his manners were steady, he did not take advantage of his own seniority and surprisingly asked: ”Mr.Ye I would like to consult you, how are you going to use the oil?”

“Originally, it is Academician Yang, I don’t dare to consult. In fact, this oil is mainly going to be used for warming the Fusang tree.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Just now, Zhang Keqin gave him the name of more than 20 experts present here in low voice, all were the super experts in the field of botany.

He was just a nobody and naturally did not show any contempt.

“Warming up?”

Academician Yang was stunned.

When others listened, they were also dumbfounded,

Immediately someone laughed, warming the Fusang tree with oil.

Was it due to the temperature of tree declining? It is a tree, not a human!

Moreover, currently it was winter season and the temperature in the glasshouse was very suitable.

Besides, even if you want to warm up, there was no need to use oil, it could be done by adjusting the temperature control system in the glass house.

Immediately, they directly considered Ye Xiaochen as a swindler who did not know anything.

A few foreign experts didn’t understand Mandarin,but there were translators for them, so when they heard the oil was going to be used for warming the tree they were stunned.


Li Tingting couldn’t control her laughter.

She suddenly felt that this Ye Xiaochen had come to perform a farce.

Using oil to warming the wood? It might happen only in skits.

She was absolutely sure that this Ye Xiaochen didn’t know anything.

A swindler.

Li Yang was also dumbfounded?


Was he going to ignite the oil?

He couldn’t help but look at Zhang Keqin, he wanted to ask whether Ye Xiaochen really had the ability?

You didn’t find a swindler, did you?

That would make him lose his face.

Zhang Keqin was also stunned, but he quickly responded and did not diminish his trust in Ye Xiaochen.

The previous time, Ye Xiaochen cured the white wax bonsai tree, and with his plant promoting growth agent and the uniques idea in the field of botany led him to have a blind trust on Ye Xiaochen.

He gave Li Yang immediately a determined look.

Li Yang did not have any confidence, but he knows no matter what, he has to preserve.

Maybe this young man could create miracles.

He refused to abandon hope.

“Mr. Ye, what should  do I next?”

Li Yang coughed and asked in a positive tone.

Ye Xiaochen saw surrounding people commenting on him, but he did not care about them. However, he was surprised by Li Yang’s actions.

The other side should obviously question him, but currently, he was believing in him.


Li Tingting pulled Li Yang’s arm.

Li Yang knew what his granddaughter was implying, but he shook his head and told her not to speak.

Li Tingting couldn’t help but pout, she didn’t how his grandfather was believing on this Swindler Ye Xiaochen.

“Give me a basin.”

Ye Xiaochen saw the actions between Li Yang and Li Tingting and sighed in his heart, it seems that this beauty also considers him a swindler.

However, he didn’t care much about it, otherwise, he would be wasting his breath.

Quickly a basin was delivered.

Ye Xiaochen under lots of questioning eyes opened the oil bucket and poured about two liters of oil into the basin.

The oil was golden yellow and gave off a special fragrance.

Ye Xiaochen brought a small bottle filled with a black liquid which he had made and poured around 100ml into the oil.

The liquid gave off an irritating smell

Many people on the scene could not bear it, even when they were wearing the oxygen mask.

They were very curious about the black liquid.

What was that thing?

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