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"I know that you don't believe me, but it doesn't matter, you can just rub your fingers on the surface of the Fusang tree, and check it. By the way, don't wear gloves, just use your naked hands."

Ye Xiaochen saw the expression of the experts present on the scene and smilingly said.

It was not surprising that they don't believe in what he has said, as it totally goes against the logic of plant science.

There is a theory that in an absolutely sealed vacuum, which is free from any external interference, matter can in a state of immortal.

If the sealing process in glasshouse was done well, even if it was a common tree, it would not be a problem for it to stay same like that for hundred or two hundred years.

Unfortunately, that's only for the common tree.

Was this Fusang tree common?

Not at all.

What makes this strange tree extraordinary was that there were strange phenomena that could overturn the existing view of science.

It was a miracle that this strange tree was able to survive in a closed tomb for thousands of years, if it was replaced by a common tree, it would have decayed long ago.

"Then I will try."

Naturally, Academician Yang does not believe in Ye Xiaochen, he was a botanist and has the most solid view of science, according to him everything could be explained by science.

Immediately, he walked near the Fusang tree, took off his gloves and touched the trunk of the tree with his hands.

The surface was delicate and warm just like a precious jade.

After touching, he withdrew his finger and suddenly found there was some grayish color on his fingers.

He clearly remembered that when he touched the Fusang tree without the gloves, there was nothing on his fingers, it was very clean.

He quickly touched the tree with his other hand with gloves and took it back, it was very clean.

"What is this?"

There was a hint of horror on the face of Academician YAng.

It was very weird, why hand wearing gloves did not get the gray color?

"How is this possible?"

"Very Strange!"

"How is the difference so big?"

"What is this grayish thing? It feels a bit like ash.."

"It is really ash."

Everyone on the scene was very surprised when they tried it themselves.

The result was the same as Academician Yang.

"Mr. Ye Xiaochen, do you know the reason?"

Academician Yang was very surprised, he looked ta Ye Xiaochen and asked.

Everyone else also was looking at Ye Xiaochen.

Currently, they were very confused.

Li Tingting also tried, she carefully observes the grayish substance, she was almost certain this substance was ash which remains behind after burning.


Without burning the Fusang tree, how can ash form on the surface of it?

"Yes. The grayish substance you have seen on your fingers are the ashes left by the burning wood. Why there is Ash? Actually, it is very simple, it is caused due to the temperature difference. The temperature of the human body is above 36 degree Celsius, but the Fusang tree's temperature has dropped below 30 degrees, contacting with the human body on the surface created a temperature difference, if the temperature of the Fusang tree was higher than the human body, it would not have been problematic, however, currently, its temperature is lower than the human body temperature, contacting with it has increased the decay rate and forming an ash on your fingers. Once its temperature decrease to a certain point, the entire tree will decay and turn into ash."

Ye Xiaochen spoke.

Everyone on the scene were stunned.

What Ye Xiaochen said was very shocking.

Does there exist such a magical tree in the world?

"Do you mean that if we decrease the temperature in the glasshouse it will stop decay?"

Someone asked.

Unconsciously, these people have been captured with Ye Xiaochen's words and have begun to think in accordance with Ye Xaioche's thought process.

"In theory, it works.The problem is that the outside temperature is lowered, the temperature decrease of Fusang tree cannot be saved, because the Fusang tree has no ability to preserve the temperature, and temperature flows from high to low. And when the Fusang tree temperature drops to a critical value, the decay process is unstoppable"

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

"What if the room temperature is kept the same as the temperature of the wood?"

Zhang Keqin hurriedly asked.

"It cannot happen, the dissipation of temperature of Fusang tree is irreversible. If it is decreased, it will never increase again, so temperature balance is impossible to form."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

The temperature of the Fusang tree was not as simple as just warming up. Unless you can warm it up and at the same time stabilize its lost source vitality. Otherwise, the temperature of the Fusang tree would continue to decrease. In the process of decreasing temperature, the temperature difference with the outside world is formed and the decay process will happen.

"So how will you warm up the Fusang tree? By using this mixture of black liquid and cooking oil?"

Academician Yang thoughtfully looked at the liquid mixture and asked.

Perhaps,the cooking oil after mixing with the black liquid will have special effects and when applied it will raise the temperature of the Fusang tree.

It wasn’t just him, but others also were thinking in the same direction.

"Of Course, this is the only method. Is there any objection from Academician YAng?"

Ye Xiaochen nodded and asked.

"All right, all though we do not know what you are saying is true or not, but we have just verified some things, there is some truth in it. Instead of letting the Fusang tree die and decay, it will be better to try it."

Academician Yang sighed and finally said.

After Academician Yang said this, naturally no one opened their mouth.

Jiang Ping took a sigh of relief after he heard Academician agreeing. If there was a problem, he will not be alone.

Li Tingting's eyes were different.

She had almost been conquered by the strange theory of Ye Xiaochen.

As for the bad impression, she has already forgotten about it.

She had only one thought now, how Ye Xiaochen would cure Fusang tree.

She was really looking forward to it.

"Thanks, Academician Yang for understanding."

Ye Xiaochen took a deep sigh of relief and nodded. Without hesitation, he picked up the brush and started to brush the tree with oil.

The oil, after adding the black liquid became dense and when applied on the tree it formed a thick liquid.

Quickly from bottom to till his height, he smeared the tree.

Ye Xiaochen also asked for a ladder and then meticulously started brushing the branches of Fusang tree with oil.

It took more than an hour, and the entire tree was covered with oil. There was the only a small amount of oil was left in the basin.

Ye Xiaochen directly poured the oil around the bottom of the Fusang tree and eventually, the soft soil was also fully soaked.

There was a strange smell in the air.

Those present on the scene were becoming more and more curious.

When the last drop of the oil from the basin was poured off, Ye Xiaochen put the basin in a side and took a deep breath.

It was a delicate job.

Seeing the whole Fusang tree covered in oil, he couldn't help but nod with satisfaction, then he said to Li Yang: "Director Li, do you have a lighter?"

"Ah, what?"

Li Yang felt that he heard wrong and asked again hurriedly.

"Lighter, lighter for smoking"

Ye Xiaochen saw Li YAng’s expression, he shrugged his shoulders and repeated again.

" A Lighter?"

Li Yang was dumbfounded.

Academician Yang was stunned.

Li Tingting's eyes were glaring at him

Everyone in the room was shocked.

Pouring oil?

A lighter?

If both linked together …

Was he?

This was crazy.

This Fusang tree, was he going to burn it?

It is not made of metal but of solid wood.

Once lit, won't it burn to ashes?


Those who had previously thought Ye Xiaochen was a mysterious and very talented person, had only one thought at the moment.


Setting the wood on the fire, only Madman could think of it!

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