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Ye Xiaochen met Li Yang and his granddaughter Li Tingting at the entrance of Special Plant Research Institute.

Ye Xiaochen took one more look at Li Tingting, this girl was really very beautiful and the black-framed glasses had added an intellectual temperament on her.

All of a sudden his face changed, and there was a happiness in his eyes which was hard to conceal.

Because he found that a red light gas was continuously flowing out from his trousers pocket and was heading towards Li Tingting's direction.

Fortunately, the reddish gas was very inconspicuous and added with the presence of sunlight, no one could perceive it.

After possessing the Shennong system and awakening the Shennong talent, Ye Xiaochen's five senses had become extremely sensitive, because of which his eyes could see the light red immortal qi.

The Plume of red gas eventually converged towards Li Tingting's slender white neck.

There was a dull yellow wooden pendant on her neck, it looked very old and was not shiny, probably it was some kind of talisman.

Ye Xiaochen's eyes couldn’t help but stare at the wooden pendant, his heart was in ecstasy, there should be spiritual substance in the wooden pendant, otherwise, it was impossible to attract the immortal red qi.

Li Tingting was uncomfortable with Ye Xiaochen staring at her. She frowned and felt that Ye Xiaochen was a little impolite.

However, she was a good person, so she didn't say anything.

Ye Xiaochen also knew that staring at a beautiful like that was very impolite and hurriedly withdrew his gaze.

However, he kept thinking about the wooden pendant. He didn’t know how to get it?

Should I try buying it?

According to his guess, it was a bit difficult. This wooden pendant doesn't look precious and beautiful. However, since the girl was wearing it, then there must be some symbolic meaning to it.

For a while, Ye Xiaochen's heart was swaying with possible consideration of gains and losses.

Li Yang was observing Ye Xiaochen.

Although he knew that Ye Xiaochen was very young, he was still surprised after seeing him.

He was not just young but was simply too young.

Perhaps in the past months due to breathing the immortal qi of the farm and eating farm vegetables, Ye Xiaochen's body’s spiritual temperament has become much better.

Even if he dresses ordinarily, it still gives people a bright feeling.

When Li Yang saw Ye Xiaochen staring at his granddaughter, he couldn't help laughing. He was really a young man.

"Mr.YE, it must be really troublesome to come here."

Li Yang shook Ye Xiaochen's hand politely.

Though Ye Xiaochen was young, he did not have any contempt.

He also introduced his granddaughter.

Because of the first impression, Li Tingting gave a cold response.

Ye Xiaochen was young and also rudely stared at her? she was wondering if Ye Xiaochen was a swindler?

So many top experts and professors couldn't cure Ancient Fusang Tree, so, how can this Ye Xiaochen be able to save it.

And, she considered the Ye Xiaochen's surprise eyes when he discovered the spiritual substance as lecherous eyes on her.

If Ye Xiaochen knew, he would vomit blood.

"It is not a trouble, Director Li, can you take me to see the Fusang tree?"

Ye Xiaochen said.


Li Yang nodded and immediately took Ye Xiaochen inside the Special Plant Research Institute.

"Well, I' will like to see what you are capable of."

Li Tingting looked Ye Xiaochen back with a frowned expression.

Once you have a bad impression, you would always dislike that person.

The Special Plant Research Institute looks inconspicuous from outside, but from inside it was different, the place was filled with greenery

Finally, the three people reached a large courtyard and in front of them was a large glass house.

The whole glass building looked different.

It was completely enclosed, a variety of pipelines were installed, from a look it could be said there should be artificial environment inside, where only some plants could grow.

Through the glass, Ye Xiaochen could clearly see that there was a strange tree, whose trunk was curved like snakes, it stood in the center and around it were a dozen of people were standing and seemed to be discussing something.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the strange tree, his eyes flashed, from the appearance the ancient Fusang tree seems to have died completely.

"President Jiang, this is Mr.Ye Xiaochen, I will be taking him to see the tree."

Li Yang and YEeXiaochen walked towards the two storey building near the glass house and met a middle-aged man.

Jiang Ping, the president of the Special Plant Research Institute.

The director Jiang from appearance looked affable and clean just like a scholar.

"Professor Li, first you go  to the isolation room and put on your protective clothing."

Jiang Ping looked at Ye Xiaochen with a smile on his face, but in his eyes, he felt a sense of distrust.

Obviously, he didn't take Ye Xiaochen seriously.

So many well-known experts in the country and abroad couldn't do anything, he does not believe that such a young man could do anything.

He was the director of the Special Plant Research Institute but was not from botany background. His main work was administrative management, naturally, he was tactful and did not reveal his feelings.

The trio changed to white protective suits and also had oxygen cylinders with them.

The protective clothing was mainly designed to prevent people from bringing foreign elements such as bacterias.

Oxygen cylinders were used to supply oxygen to the people who will be entering the glass house, as this glass house simulated the closed air of the tomb

Because of this, they were able to try to preserve the vitality of the Fusang tree, otherwise, if natural air was used then the Fusang tree would have died completely.

Three of them entered the glass house.

The people inside saw Ye Xiaochen and other two coming in, but they didn’t pay much attention to them and continued discussing something.

Zhang Keqin was also inside, when he saw Ye Xiaochen coming in, he rushed to greet him.

"Brother Ye, you have come."

Zhang Keqin said with a smile.

"Professor Zhang."

Ye Xiaochen nodded in response and went straight towards the Fusang tree.

The Fusang tree gave a sense of vicissitudes of history.

YE Xiaochen gently touched the trunk of the Fusang tree, unexpectedly it gave a warm feeling.

"This Fusang tree is very strange and very warm, but its temperature has decreased more than two-degree Celsius than it was in the tomb and its temperature keeps continuously falling."

Zhang Keqin saw Ye Xiaochen creating a different face and hurriedly said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, but did not speak, he was channeling his spirit to communicate with the consciousness of the tree.

Li Tingting from the side was seeing at Ye Xiaochen's actions. In her heart, she felt that Ye Xiaochen does not have the ability.

He did not even look at Fusang data, and was directly touching, what could be found with touching?

After a while, Ye Xiaochen took back his hand and took a deep breath.

Fusang tree's consciousness was so weak and messy and seemed that it could disappear completely at any moment.

If this goes on, then Fusang tree won't even last three days.

"Professor Zhang, can I look at the monitoring data of Fusang tree?"

Ye Xiaochen asked professor Zhang.


Professor Zhang immediately gave a laptop to Ye Xiaochen.

On the laptop, all the details of the data recorded during this short period of observation were there.

After Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at it, he pondered for a long time, Zhang Keqin seemed nervous, does Ye Xiaochen also not have any method?

In his opinion, if even Ye Xiaochen didn't have any solution, then there was no way to save the Fusang tree.

So far, the well-known experts from the country and abroad have discussed many methods, but they were of no use.

They have started giving up on it.

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