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"One week at most or maybe less than that."

Li Yang quickly said.

Since the other side was asking this then he might do something.

"Well, I will need to prepare somethings. So, I will come in three days."

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of deliberation.

"Mr.Ye, I request you."

Li Yang's tone was very low

"I'll do my best."

Ye Xiaochen said.

After hanging off the phone, he rubbed his eyebrows, he had used the potential guidance technique, the consumption of spirit was too big and after taking the phone call, he felt his head heavy.

He went towards the bamboo bed and sat down on the bed.

He took out Shennong System Introduction Guide and began to read it.

Finally, he saw the page where the ancient Fusang tree was mentioned.

Fuang Shenmu, level 9 fire grade earth immortal plant, three-legged golden crow bird's habitat, its whole body is considered a treasure….

There was a very simple introduction.

Of course, the appearance of Fusang was also there in the introduction.

He had looked online about the thousand-year-old tree found in the tomb, although it was bare and there were no leaves, it was similar to the description given by the Shennong System Introduction Guide, especially the curved shapes.

"It seems that even if the thousand year Fusang tree was not true Fusang tree, there should be some connection to it."

Ye Xiaochen softly said to himself.

This is the land where there doesn't exist any qi, so certainly there could not exist such a heavenly immortal plant.

"How should I save the tree?"

Ye Xiaochen began to worry.

If you say yes, then you must do your best.

Moreover, if the tree was really related to the true Fusang tree, then its value would be incomparable.

Anyway, he needs to try his best.

"The first thing I need to do is to stabilize the source vitality of the tree. As long as it is stable, then other methods can be used."

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a long time and finally came up with a way.

However, he felt too tired, and immediately rubbed his eyebrows, without thinking anything further he went to sleep.

It was almost four 'o’clock in the afternoon when he woke up.

When he thought he had only three days, he had to hurry.

Third night.

Ye Xiaochen was nervously watching the situation in the boiler.

In order to collect enough medicine, he spent a lot of effort and even used his connections these three days.

Of course, he also spent money.

It was more expensive than the plant growth agent which he made last time.

He felt that he would suffer too much if he did not ask for the treatment fee this time.

Minutes were passing by.

The night was silent.

Ye Xiaochen did not dare to relax.

If it fails, then these three days of hard work would be lost.

Suddenly, a faint fragrance was coming out of the boiler.

Ye Xiaochen had a keen nose and after smelling it there a fine mist on his eyes.

The strange fragrance became clearer with the passing time.

Currently, inside the boiler, a pot of dark purple liquid was boiling

"If that Fusang tree has really some connections with the original Fusang, then this medicine should work."

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Fusang Shenmu was very important earth grade immortal plant and it could not be compared with Yellow grades immortal plants like immortal carrots and radish.

In fact, in the Shennong introduction system, there was another division of immortal plant.

Every plant on the earth is a common mortal plant.

Spiritual plants such as yellow grade, black grade were classified into the ranks of spiritual plants.

Only the earth grade, heaven grade plants could be considered as true immortal plants.

As the time passed, the liquid in the boiler completely turned black, there was not even a hint of purple.

And the strange fragrance also reached its peak, then suddenly it disappeared and was replaced with a pungent odor.

Ye Xiaochen immediately turned off the gas.

Yawning, he took out his cell phone and looked at the time, it was four o’clock in the morning.

These days he has worn himself out.

He had to deliver goods, take care of the farm and also needed to find the ingredients to make the medicine.

He has slept not more three hours a day.

Fortunately, sleeping in the immortal land could quickly restore his physical strength, otherwise, he would really tire himself out.

He left the boiler and quickly went to the immortal field to sleep.

When the alarm rang, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes.

It was seven o’clock in the morning.

He hurriedly went back to the tin shed and opened the lid of the boiler.

The liquid inside the boiler had already cooled down.

The black liquid emitted a strange odor, not like before

It was more pungent.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, “It seems that my concocting ability is good"

He took out a glass bottle and poured the liquid into it.

"If this medicine can't cure the Fusang tree, then there is no other method."

Ye Xiaochen murmured.

Of course, it wasn't that this liquid could absolutely cure the Fusang tree.

The Fusang tree must have the ability to absorb this liquid.

If it loses its ability to absorb, then it won't matter even if you give it more liquid.

It was like a person who is hungry, but has lost the digestion function in the stomach, and couldn't digest the food.

This requires someone to activate the absorption capacity of the Fusang tree.

Also, it was related to the consciousness of the Fusang tree.

Generally speaking, the source vitality of Fusang tree was lost, which means that the tree's consciousness was almost dispersed.

It would not be an easy task to awaken the tree's consciousness.

Of course, this specific situation still could wait unit Ye Xiachens sees the scene.

He looked at the clock. It was still early morning.

After delivering the vegetables, Ye Xiaochen drove towards Shashi city

Before he went, he had made a phone call to Zhang Keqin.

Shashi City, Special Pant Research Institute.

It was placed which mainly studies all kind of endangered plants, many of which are rare, that could hardly be seen in the outside world.

Soon after the discovery of the Fusang tree, it was quickly transplanted into the area, with the highest standard of the treatment.

Currently, the country and even the world's famous botanist were here.

Zhang Keqin was also here.

At his level and fame, he was definitely at the bottom.

When he received the call from Ye Xiaochen, he immediately informed Li Yang.

Although he was in the special plant research institute, he could not bring anyone casually.

Li Yang was not at the special plant research institute, but his identity was extraordinary, as he was the first to discover the Fusang tree.

Therefore, only Li Yang could bring Ye Xiaochen in.

"What?, Mr. Ye is here. Well, I'll go and bring him myself"

Li Yang still paid great attention to Ye Xiaochen and immediately put down his research work.

Although he was an archaeologist, among the things from the excavated tomb, what he was most interested was in the ancient Fusang tree.

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