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Li Jiaren and others have left.

Ye Xiaochen also returned to his farm, but he was full of worries and was hesitant about the cooperation.

He knows that in a matter related to business the partnership is very difficult to last for a long time.

In the end, it would result in a split or it even could turn into enemies.

Really a struggle!

Ye Xiaochen looked at pollination bee larvae, it was motionless in the honey water, it has become several times larger than the time it was born, it looked white and chubby.

Good, Ye Xiaochen placed the glass bowl back in the storage space.

He once again took a round of the farm; in the immortal land with the potential guidance method, he communicated with the immortal plants.

When his spirit was tired, then he stopped.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the three immortal lands, seeing the immortal plants growing, on his face he could not help revealing the color of satisfaction.

This was the capital he was depending on.

Breathing the fresh air, he looked at the empty greenhouse, touching his chin, he pondered if it could be reused.

The gas in the immortal greenhouse was obviously much richer than the outside.

If he could grow some common flowers and vegetables in this greenhouse, then even if it was not as good as immortal spring vegetables, it would be much better than the other farm vegetables.

Really waste!

Ye XIaochen thought, if he could make a shelf in the big shed and form a multi-story platform, then he could plant flowers in the flower pots.

Just as he was thinking, his phone rang.

He took it out and looked at it, he found that it was professor Zhang.

For quite some time, they haven't contacted with each other.

After all it was the start of new term, professor Zhang was a lecturer in the Nanjing University, naturally, he would be busy.

"Professor Zhang, was the pickle I sent last time taste good?"

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer button and said while laughing.

"Well, these days I have been busy, so didn't have time to eat the pickles."

Zhang Keqin seemed little stunned before he replied.

Some time ago, Ye Xiaochen suddenly had sent him pickled saying it was very delicious. He received the pickles, but as he bought he forgot about it.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn't mentioned today, then he would have completely forgotten that Ye Xiaochen had sent him pickled vegetables to eat.

Of course, he doesn't feel that the pickled vegetable would be too delicious, no matter how delicious it was, it was still a pickled vegetable.

Beside as botanist, he felt that it would be better to eat fewer things like pickled vegetables.

When Ye Xiaochen heard professor Zhang's answer, he was stunned and couldn't help but reveal a wry smile.

"Ye Xiaochen, are you free?"

Zhang Keqin didn't say anything more about pickles and directly asked.

"These days I am little free. Professor Zhang, what is the matter?"

Ye Xiaochen knew from professor Zhang's call that there should be something.

"Mawangdui's newly excavated tomb contains thousands year old ancient tree and it is still alive. Have you heard of it?"

Professor Zhang said.

"Everyday on the news I have been hearing. What happened?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

"This ancient tree is still alive, to be honest, I feel little strange, but after scientific appraisal, it has been proved that it is indeed alive. However, after the opening of the tomb, the vitality is rapidly exhausting, so the government wants to extend its life and drag for a certain period of time, so to have a higher value of research."

Zhang Keqin continued, "Ye Xiaochen, I do not know if the plant promoting growth agent could be used on it? It is just that I haven't been able to study the effect and principle of plant promoting growth, so can you come and see it?"


Ye Xiaochen immediately understood, originally asking himself to cure, ah!

He wanted to ask if there was any payment?"

However, he has thin skin and didn't directly asked.

"Professor Zhang, since this thousand-year-old tree is dying, I am afraid it is difficult to save.afterall it mostly on the verge of death."

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of deliberation.

He was really not sure.

After being in the tomb for thousands of years, it was too difficult to save.

Moreover, he knows that the plant promoting growth agent could delay the aging, however, this effect has a limit.

As the thousand years, old tree was aging, the power of its aging was too strong, and would require a stronger effect than the plant promoting growth agent.

Moreover, it's decaying faster after the thousand years old tree came into contact with the outside air. The death of ancient tree had already begun, the mere vitality was retained due to the special circumstances.

Now that certain conditions have been destroyed, it was hard to preserve its life.

To save the thousand-year-old wood, first, need to retain its only remaining vitality.

This vitality, in the Shennong introduction Guide, was called source vitality.

Just like a person who has been seriously injured, almost to the point of death, but once he was brought back to life, he would be alive and vigorous

That was because his roots were still alive.

Once terminally ill, there would be a loss of source vitality even if Hua Tuo was alive, he wouldn't be able to save that person.

(T/n: Hua Tuo, famous doctor at the end of Han Dynasty)

Plant promoting growth agent could only replenish normal vitality, but not the source vitality.

"Hello, Mr.Ye, I am director Li Yang from Southern provincial institute of cultural archaeology relics, I really hope Mr.Ye can come over here, whether it can be cured, just try. After all this ancient Fusang tree might be the last one in the earth…"

Suddenly, the voice coming out of the phone changed to a different person, there was vicissitudes and sadness of life as if regretting over the old tree.

Li Yang was curious at the moment, the voice of Ye Xiaochen from the phone appeared very young.

After what Zhang Keqin said about Ye Xiaochen, he thought he would some be somewhat old, otherwise, how could he have such profound attainments and developed medicine to slow down the aging of plants?

He was not certain whether Ye Xiaochen could cure the ancient Fusang, but Zhang KeQin admires that person, so he had to try.

Zhang Keqin himself was a famous botanist.

This time it was invited all the famous botanist in the world, there were also some who were standing at the top of botany field.

Li Yang was undoubtedly a cautious person, as long as there was a slight glimmer of hope, he could not miss.

"So, it was director Li, may I ask how long this ancient wood could survive?"

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment. He didn't want to go, but Li yang's words had touched him.

This ancient tree, which was closed in a tomb for thousands of years was indeed precious!

In particular when Li Yang mentioned Fusang.

He couldn't but recall there was a record on Fusang tree in the Shennong introduction guide.

If what Li yang call this Fusang tree was the same as mentioned in the Shennong introduction Guide, then the value of tree would be very important.

Soon, he made his decision.

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