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Shashi district, Mount Yuelu.

In a unique courtyard.

In addition to old YE and Master Peng, there was also an old man with a fat body. His hair was messy and seemed like it hasn't been washed for a long time.

Beside the old man, there was tall girl with black rimmed glasses and had an intellectual temperament.

"Old Li, your Tingting should be almost 25, did you find a husband for her?"

Old Ye smiled and looked at the girl beside the old fat man.

"You don't need to pay attention to my granddaughter.  The virtue of your family kid is not suitable for my Tingting."

The old fat man smilingly said.

He was a traditional person and doesn't like that kind of abstract superfluous things.


Old Ye shook his head and said, "Ah, unexpectedly, my Ye family's five-generation sole line of descendant raised such a bastard."

"Haha actually, little Ye Jin  is also good, didn't you see how famous he is."

Suddenly, Master Peng said while laughing.

"What’s good in being a star, even a small businessman is better than being a star!"

Old Ye angrily said.

That boy's temper and with his moral character being stubborn and determined, even ten cattle would not be able to bring him back.

"Grandpa Ye, now the times are different. There's nothing wrong about being a star, I have a lot of friends who are Jin brother's fan."

The girl with black framed eyes, Li Tingting suddenly said.

"Then are you also a fan of my little Jin, what is your impression of him?"

Old Ye with shining eyes hurriedly asked her.

He still hadn't given up on the idea of making her his granddaughter-in-law.

This girl was not only polite but her cultural accomplishment was also good, that kind of gentle and intellectual temperament, it was an absolute best choice to make her Ye family's daughter-in-law.

"I always regard Jin brother as only a brother."

Li Tingting lightly smiled and said.

Old Ye was choked and couldn't say the following words.

"All right, old Ye, don't have ideas on my Tingting. I heard that your white wax bonsai tree has been cured?"

The old fat man asked suddenly.

"Why are you asking that?"

Old Ye became vigilant.

For a long time, old Li's attention has been on his white wax bonsai tree

"Are you worried that I might steal your White wax bonsai tree?hmph, now even if you throw that at me I won't care. Can white wax bonsai be compared with the precious thousand years old ancient Fusang tree?"

Li Yang scoffed.

" Fusang? I heard that many domestic and abroad experts are at their wit's end. It is estimated that it will die in a short time."

Old Ye laughed.

Of course, he knows about the Ancient Fusang's matter.

"I heard that at the beginning no one was able to cure your white wax bonsai tree, then who cured it?"

Li Yang hurriedly asked.

"Why, do you think that person can revitalize thousand-year-old Fusang tree, don't think too much."

Old Ye said with a laugh.

Although Ye Xiaochen's level was good, this matter was entirely a different thing, the difference between white wax bonsai tree and ancient Fusang tree was too much, the Fusang tree being alive was already a miracle, and to revitalize it, was it nor comparable to bringing the dead back?

"Always need to try best."

Li Yang said with a wry smile.

"Ok, I'll tell you his phone number, and you can call him."

Old Ye nodded.

Soon he told him Zhang Keqin's number.

As he doesn't have Ye Xiaochen's number, he could only give Zhang Keqinq's contact number.

"Great, then I'll take my leave."

Li Yang said.

"Well, didn’t you say that you wanted to play a game of chess with me?"

Old Ye hurriedly asked.

"Did I? Next time."

Li Yang doesn't want to play chess with old Ye, this old man's chess was too bad.

When old Ye saw Li Yang and his granddaughter leave, his face turned green. He said to Peng, "old Peng, play with me"

"You should take your medicine."

Master Peng indifferently said.

Old Ye lost his temper.

The meal has been finished a long time ago, still, they haven't left.

Ye Xioachen's parent had already left the table.

Ye Xiaochen and several other sitting on the table were drinking wine and chatting.

As for the large tables of dishes, it was already finished.

"Brother Ye, there is need to tell you something!"

Li Jianren suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Other people also sat upright and looked serious.

"What' the matter?"

Ye Xiaochen had already noticed something, whether it was Li Jiaren, master Lin or others, they hadn't come together for just a simple meal.

There should some other purpose.

"Brother Ye, I think it is too wasteful to sell your vegetables at such a low price, so we discussed and thought of a plan, do you think it is ok?"

Li Jianren smilingly said.

"What plan?"

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

Li Jiaren runs a furniture factory, Xu Jiao runs a jewelry store, He Lei deals with coal mines and Liu Fusheng has a supermarket.

As for Master Lin, he was a cook.

"We thought of running a chain of vegetarian restaurants that specializes in selling the dishes made from the quality vegetables that are grown on your farm."

Under Ye Xiaochen's curious eyes, Li Jiaren finally said his main purpose.

"Does master Lin also thinks it is feasible?"

Ye Xiaochen did not reply directly but looked at master Lin.

He was no longer the former Ye Xiaochen and has matured a lot, in this world there doesn't exist any reason for love and for revenge, there exist only benefits.

Just like last time when Liu Fusheng took him to dinner and introduced him to Li Jianren and others.

It was mainly because of his relationship with Wang Shuisheng.

Last time, Li Jianren gave him a favor, he was afraid there was some bigger picture.

Now, Ye Xiaochen finally knows.

It seems not only Li Jianren and others, but master Lin was also involved in it.

However, when he thought about it, it was hard to open chain restaurant without a top chef like LIn.

"Yes, only in this way can your quality vegetables become famous and can hope to become a real brand."

Master Lin nodded and said.

The reason why he agreed to cooperate with Li Jiaren was not to pursue benefits, but he was too curious about Ye Xiaochen's immortal spring vegetables.

If he could cook with such vegetables, he could definitely improve his cooking.

"Brother Ye, you have quality vegetables, we have money, master Lin has cooking skills, together it is absolutely a perfect match."

Li Jiaren said with burning eyes.

Although he runs a furniture factory, who told he couldn’t enter the food industry?

This was a good opportunity.

His ambition was very big, naturally, he also has the grasp of the situation.

"If you really want to open a  chain restaurant, I think master Lin is not enough by himself?"

"This you don’t have to worry, I have contacted with several my old mates, their cooking level is same as mine, you should know that they admire your quality vegetables and would definitely take part in."

Master Lin said.

Ye XIaochen sighed in his heart, they really came with preparation!

However, Li Jiaren's plans also made him a bit excited.

If we could make this chain restaurant to work, we could make a lot of money.

But, how the distribution of benefits would be divided?

"Brother Ye, although we have planned well, the final decision is in your hands. If you do not cooperate, then even if we have a comprehensive plan, there is no meaning. This time we just wanted to say to you. If you consider it a good plan, let’s' discuss together in detail, ok?"

Li Jiaren was tactful and didn't immediately let Ye Xiaochen made a decision.

This was not a small matter.

There were many things that need to be decided, especially division of interest, which was the most important thing.

If it was not decided before, then there would be many conflicts in the future.

As the saying goes, partnership in business is not reliable.

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