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Chapter 75

After returning home, the siblings got off the vehicle with lots of shopping bags.

“Ah, you bought so many things?”

When mother saw so many bags, she couldn’t help but ask, “How much money did you spend?”

“Mom, it’s very cheap. There was a mall which was doing a promotional activity and gave huge discounts, so we bought some things. The quality is good and many people were grabbing the offer.”

“Mother, I bought this leather coat for you. Try it.”

“Now, the weather is too hot, by making me wear this, are you not afraid to heat me to death.?”

Mother looked at the leather coat, it was giving a strong atmosphere, at first glance, she knew that this was of very good quality and she immediately fell in love with it.

“How much did it cost?”

Though she was happy, she still asked the price.

“It’s’ very cheap, only one hundred yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen directly lied to her.

In fact, the leather coat cost him more than two thousand yuan, it was one of the most expensive clothes.

“Well, it feels very comfortable and the quality is also good. Son, when it was this cheap, why didn’t you buy some more?”

Mother liked the coat very much and said.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, he didn’t know what to say. If she gets to know the price of this coat, she would beat him to death, so how could he dare to buy more?

After watching several other clothes, she was satisfied and said, “Son, the clothes you bought is really good. However, you bought so

many things, even if each was hundred, it would add up thousands of yuan, and you also bought such an expensive mobile phone for Ying Ying, she is a student, is there need to buy such good phone?”

Mother started to nag.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but feel glad of his decision. If he had not cut the price and would have kept as it was, then she would certainly wouldn’t stop her tongue lashing for a long time.

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen went to town and sent dozens of couriers, which were yesterday’s and today’s order.

Since a few days ago, the order of the pickled vegetable has risen sharply and his sales have boomed. In a short period of time, he sold more than a hundred orders.

Ye Xiaochen wondered, even if the words spread from mouth to mouth, there should be a limit.

Fortunately, he has been accumulating the pickles for a long time, there would not appear out of stock condition. After sending the courier, he became busy again.

Luckily, his sister was there to help him.


Sheng-Cheng,  a foreign trade company.

Early morning, the company’s boss Hu Haibo was sitting in his office.

One by one, employees came in and almost everyone brought a small package with them.

Waiting until the time of work starts, there were already dozens of packages had been piled up in front of him.

“Haha, this method is really good.”

Hu Haibo opened a package and took out a small plastic pressure bag in which Ye’s super pickled vegetable king was written.

He opened the small package

package and took out a bean with the help of a toothpick.

And ate it.

The rich fragrance spread in his office cabin.

Hu Haibo was enjoying himself.

This was not the first time he had eaten the pickled vegetables, he ate it when the department head of the company secretly gave him two bags.

At that time, he was not satisfied. Was it not just some pickled vegetable?

However, after he took a bite, he wasn’t able to stop himself.

The most exciting thing for him was, his anorexia which he was suffering from a long time seems to have greatly improved by the stimulus of the pickled vegetable.

During meals, he was able to eat full three bowls of rice and didn’t get any disgusting feeling.

These days, he was still pondering on the strange taste of the pickled vegetable.

His anorexia seems to be getting better.

Although from the department head he was able to know the site of pickled vegetables, he could only buy three packages in a month. And unfortunately, he had eaten one single package in a day.

There wasn’t enough to eat!

If there were no pickles then his anorexia will slowly appear again.

Then he had an idea and figured out a way, he made his staff to buy the pickled vegetables.

Although one user could buy only three packages.

However, how many people could he make them buy it?

With hundreds of employees under his command and each person buying three packages, it was enough to satisfy his demands.

Money was not a problem for him, he has tens of millions.

So that’s how today’s’

how today’s’ scene happened.

If Ye Xiaochen gets to know the reason of sudden surge of his pickled vegetables, then he would definitely be stunned.

After eating one packet pickled vegetables, Hu Haibo took a long breath and suddenly felt very hungry.

He quickly ordered food.


The September first.

It was the day of college reopening.

Last two days, the temperature has dropped sharply and everyone wore long sleeve shirts and trousers

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaochen dropped his sister Ye Ying at Jinxian north station, also known as the high-speed rail station

He made early bookings of High-speed Rail tickets.

Even if she travels today, by the high-speed rail she could still easily catch up with registration time.

Ye Xiaochen watched his sister dragging the baggage to the ticket counter and gradually disappearing the crowd. He returned to his vehicle.

Food Cube

Ye Xiaochen and Chang Xu settled the payment of last month and discussed the issue of vegetable prices.

Now that it was autumn, the vegetable prices were starting to rise.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen also must need to adjust his vegetable price.

After the matter was settled, Chang Xu ordered a cup of green tea.

“Brother Ye, I want to talk to you about something.”

Chang Xu suddenly said.

“Brother Chang, what do you want to say?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“You also have seen it, recently opposite of my Food Cube restaurant a high-end restaurant has been constructed. The chef inside is not ordinary and has taken my customers. If it was not for your quality of vegetables is good, then I am afraid I would have to drop my business.”

Chang Xu said business.”

Chang Xu said while lighting a cigarette.

YE Xiaochen nodded, he naturally knew about it and recently the business of the Food Cube was little less, which could be clearly seen from the number of cars in the parking lot of the hotel.

The new restaurant opposite of Food cube is very good, be it in scale or class.

Now, even Chang Xu has said the chef in that restaurant was not ordinary. So, it could be imagined that chef’s craft should be very good.

The restaurant decoration just adds the value, but it’s chef that decides the business of the restaurant.

How tasty the food was, only diners could understand.

If it was tasty, then the business would run well.

Even if it was not in a luxury location, through the word of mouth, the business could still become popular.

Lin’s Private Kitchen was a good example.

“To be honest, on the chef’s side, what I can ask is already the limit and the gap is very hard to make it I can only start with other things.”

Chang Xu Sai, “Brother Ye, I think the pickled vegetable you gave me last time can be a very good appetizer.if my restaurant can give this pickled vegetable, then the business will not reduce but it will become more popular, so…”

“I hope brother Ye can cooperate on this matter, and provide me the pickled vegetables. I will certainly not let you suffer in terms of price.”

Chang Xu’s eyes sparkled.

He felt that only through pickled vegetables would he be able to achieve his victory.

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