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Chapter 76
Chapter 76- Win-Win


Hearing Chang Xu’s idea, Ye Xiachen thought for a while and then asked him, “Bother Chang, may I ask you whether are you going to use pickled vegetables as free service or paid?”

This was very important.

After all the production of pickled vegetables was not large.

“Of course, it is for free. In each restaurant, the pickled vegetable is just for an appetizer and are provided free of charge. If my restaurants pickled vegetable is more delicious than other restaurants then it can give diners a better impression and attraction.”

Chang Xu replied.

Generally, a restaurant could attract diners through the main course and specialties.

If there was no special dish there would be no competitive power and for diners, if there was no special dish, then why would they eat here and why they would not go to another store?”

It was hard to cultivate customer loyalty of special dishes.

There was no doubt that the pickled vegetable, an appetizer, could not become a specialty that could enhance customers loyalty.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetable was unordinary. After eating them, he became obsessed with it and would always miss its incredible flavor.

It was impossible to eat any other pickled vegetable.

He believes that as long as Food Cube could give such appetizer, then he would be able to get huge loyal diners.

The main course and special dish were not good as competitor’s one, but the pickled vegetable was enough to rival it.

“Brother Chang, then can I ask, what

is the normal price of dishes in one table?”

Ye Xiaocen asked another question.

“Few less than 200-300 yuan, often there can be thousand yuan.”

Chang Xu doesn’t know why Xiaochen was asking these question, does it have any relation with pickled vegetable being for free?

However, even if the pickled vegetable was expensive, it couldn’t be too much, right?”

Unfortunately, he took things for granted.

“That is to say, at one table to reach thousand is a rare case. If the normal table cost is between 300- 500 yuan, then I am afraid the pickled vegetable as an appetizer will not work.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.


Chang Xu asked as he was little puzzled.

“Brother Chang, I will show you something.”

Ye Xiaochen took his phone and opened Taobao and pointed at his online store and handed it to Chang Xu.

Chang Xu with doubts took the cell phone and curiously saw it. He wanted to know what was on the phone.

Waiting until he read, his face first showed shocked and then dumbfounded expression. Finally, with an astonished expression, he looked at Ye Xiaochen, for a very long time he was unable to say anything.

“ Why, how can it be so expensive?”

Chang Xu bitterly asked.

“Brother Chang, you have also tasted the pickled vegetable, the reason it is expensive is not only due to its taste but the most important thing was due to raw material, production process, and the time requirement, so that’s why the output is not high and

and because of this on the online store I have limited each user to be able to buy only three package per month.”

Ye Xiaochen continued, “If this pickled vegetable is used as an appetizer for customers, then in a plate of pickled vegetable, the amount cannot be kept less,at least it would need half pack, one package is 188 yuan, so one plate of pickled vegetable can cost more than one hundred yuan.”

“I see.”

Chang Xu thought for a moment and understood.

If this delicious pickled vegetable was easy to make then he would be surprised.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was providing vegetables to his restaurant, his vegetables could be said as high-quality vegetables, the taste was very great.

Even when his restaurant’s chef skill was weaker than other, he was able to compete through the quality of vegetables.

However, the restaurant’s main specialty was mostly meat.

Which caused an awkward situation for the Food Cube.

“Brother Ye, currently, I am really in a difficult situation. How do you  think if I buy the pickled vegetable at the highest price given in shop, 288 yuan and you do not put any limit on the purchase?”

Chang Xu gritting his teeth made the decision and immediately said.

This price was undoubtedly very expensive.

However, the production of this pickled vegetable was limited and even on the online shop, there was a limited quantity. If he gives a low price and asks for unlimited supply, then Ye Xiaochen would fall into an embarrassing situation.

He just offered the

offered the highest price.

In this way, if Ye Xiaochen provides him with pickled vegetable then Ye Xiaochen would earn more than online store that the first package was free, the second package was 188 yuan, his offer would make Ye Xiaochen earn more than hundred.

The reason he gave such a high price because he was helpless.

Moreover, he was confident that the pickled vegetable would become his game changer.

After hearing Chang Xu offering such a high price, Ye Xiaochen was shocked and immediately decided to sell. Why wouldn’t he sell?

Selling to Chang Xu would be more stable and it would increase its popularity easily.

Immediately, he promised.

He would supply Food Cube at price of 258 yuan and without any limitation.

The reason he decreased 30 yuan because this price was really affordable.

On the internet, Ye Xiaochen planned to cancel the free package, and set price as the first package 188 yuan, the second package as 288 yuan and third package as 588 yuan.

In the future, he would raise the price again according to the condition.

The price of 258 yuan was really not much expensive.

Of course, the so-called unlimited would be decided upon seeing the restaurant ordering situation.

For example, if there were ten pickled vegetables sold today, then he would provide ten- fifteen pickled vegetable.

In a word, there would not be an oversupply.

The production of pickled vegetable of magical pickle jar was limited and it was also impossible for YE XIaochen to give up on the online store the online store sales.

However, an increase in the supply of his pickled vegetable was enough to boost Ye Xiaochen’s income in a short period of time.

It was a win-win situation.

Whether it was Ye Xiaochen or Chang Xy, they believe that this pickled vegetable would become the stabilizing force of Food Cube.

As Ye Xiaochen needed to go to other places for delivery and settlement, he didn’t stay for a much longer time. He gave ten packs of pickled vegetable Chang Xu and drove away.

Chang Xu also didn’t stay idle, he immediately called several chefs from the kitchen.

The head chef of the Food Cube was Kang Sifu, he was fat and had a loud voice.

“What? You are saying you want to add pickled vegetable in the menu, how can it be done? The pickled vegetable is just an appetizer. How could it qualify to enter the ranks of the main course? No, absolutely not.”

When he heard Chang Xu’s proposal, he immediately shook his head.

Pickled vegetable on the main menu?

Was it a joke?

If it was known by other chefs, won’t they will laugh at him?

The menu was not only the face of the restaurant but also was the face of the chef.

He couldn’t afford to lose it.

“Old Kang, you first better taste this pickled vegetables.”

Chang Xu knew it would be impossible to persuade the Stubborn chef.

Although he was the boss, he knows that in that the kitchen he has to rely on the chef.

He seldom interferes.

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