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Chapter 74

After younger sister Ye Ying returned, Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetable consumption speed increased, but at the same time, he also got an effective helper.

Ye Ying was a good worker.

In the past, when she was at home, she was able to transplant rice seedlings, harvest rice, and dig vegetables.

She was very diligent, and she doesn’t need to be told by Ye Xiaochen to do anything.

Pulling weeds, loosening soil, picking vegetables, watering and so on, Ye Xiaochen’s work suddenly became easier.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen gave a special order to her to not look after the two fields in the greenhouse, where immortal land was located.

With the help of his sister, Ye Xiaochen became more relaxed and had more time to do other things.

For example, to see Wang Xinyi.

The relation between two people increased quickly, but still, they did not break the last layer, they have a tacit understanding between them.

No one spoke.

There were concerns in Wang Xinyi’s heart. After all, she has a disability, she was deaf and mute.

So, Ye Xiaochen hoped to cure Wang Xinyi first.

He knew that Wang Xinyi was very concerned about her physical disability and only by curing would he be able to remove her psychological inferiority.

He did not want his feelings for her to become alternate kind of pity for Wang Xinyi.

Ye Xiaochen was always taking care of Wang Xinyi’s sensitive mind.

It may have been that Ye XIaochen has been too many times in and out of Wang Villa, so Ye Xiaochen felt there was some subtle change in Wang Shuisheng’s attitude towards him.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether this was good or bad.

Today, when Ye Xiaochen went for delivering vegetables, he also brought his sister Ye Ying with him.

He was going to take her to the mall and buy some new clothes for her.

After all, Ye Ying’s college was about to start. All the clothes

she was wearing was old and the colors and had been washed out.Ye Ying rarely buys any new clothes.

Ye Ying never says anything. She also sent the money earned from her summer vacation job.

For this sensible sister, Ye Xiaochen loved her from his heart.

Tian Hong Shopping mall.

It was a famous department store in Yang Shi city, there were supermarkets, cloth stores etc.

However, the price here was not cheap.

“Elder brother, Why did we come here? I heard there is an underground commercial pedestrian street in Yang Shi city. The clothes there are cheap and even can also bargain.”

The younger sister pulled Ye Xiaochen and said.

She rarely comes to this kind of place, she had once accompanied her classmates and had come here, when she saw the prices on the clothes, she was shocked. There were very few clothes which were below one thousand yuan, even if it was underwear, it was few hundreds of yuan.

In her opinion, instead of spending that much money here it was better to go to an ordinary clothing store and spend the same money, which could buy several sets of clothes, the style would be not bad and it was beautiful also.

Even so, she was reluctant to buy.

This times summer job, she was a guide in shopping mall, the women clothes there were very fashionable, they were around one or two hundred yuan.

She was interested in a summer dress, but it was more than 300 hundred yuan, so she didn’t buy it.

As a shopping guide, she could buy it at cost price and could save 80 or 90 yuan, but she still did n’t buy it.

“Little Ying, it’s alright. Today, your brother is going to buy some pretty clothes for you.”

Ye Xiaochen walked in with her.

“But it’s expensive.”

Ye Ying said in a low voice.

“Expensive is good, and moreover it is not much expensive. You don’t

don’t try to save your brother’s money, do you know how much your brother makes in one month”

Ye Xiaochen chuckled.

“How much is it? Could it be around ten thousand yuan?”

Ye Ying curiously asked.

She often listened to the mother that brother’s farm condition was good and was getting very good income.

In her eyes, the monthly income of ten thousand yuan was already an incredible sum.

In the past, mother and father worked hard for a  year, did small labor in farming and was able to earn 20-30 thousand yuan. They supplied the money for a study of brother and sister, so they could not save much.

In recent months, mother and father hadn’t gone for small jobs and instead, were helping the elder brother with his farm.

The last time she came, father had white hair and lots of wrinkles on his face, mother was always nagging.

However, when this time she returned, she saw that her parents seemed to have become young, their mental state was very good and always had warm smiles on their face.

The changes in the family were very big.

She also heard from the mother that this year they were going to build a new house.

That would cost lots of money.

It seems that her elder brother was really making lots of money from the farm.

She was genuinely happy for her brother.

“Oh, Little Ying, what’s this monthly ten thousand? Now Your elder brother has at least this much number in every month.”

Ye Xiaochen showed five fingers.

He still said a small part, now alone form the sales of vegetables he was earning 60,000-70,000 and from pickled vegetables, he could earn easily thirty to forty thousand.

In other words, it was easy to earn 100,000 yuan.

“So much?”

Ye Ying’s face was full of surprise.

Was it too much?

In a month to be able to earn 50,000 yuan was too big, no wonder there were so many big

many big changes in the family, to make so much money and there was no change, then it would be strange.

The mother this time didn’t take the summer job’s money and said to take it herself and use it when the college starts.

“So now, brother can buy you some pretty clothes, I can afford them. When we have the money, we shouldn’t save too much, we should buy things, wear little better. I hope you to wear pretty dresses.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Even after Ye Xiaochen said, Ye Ying’s money-saving character didn’t change, every time when she sees favorite clothes, she would get scared off by seeing the price.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it. He packed the clothes and directly swiped the card.

Ye Ying’s face revealed a tangled expression.

Even if she was distressed about dress costing so much, she was still little happy buying her favorite dress.

“Let’s go and buy shoes.”

When they passed by a shoe store, Ye Xiaochen stopped there.

“Brother, forget it. I already have shoes to wear.”

Ye Ying Hurriedly said.

The two people were carrying bags of clothes in their hands.

The money spent on the clothes was more than five to six thousand yuan.

There were summer, autumn, and even winter clothes.

It was needed to know that she had worked for more than a month during summer and was able to earn less than three thousand yuan.

“If you don’t buy shoes, then when you wear new clothes, how can you match with them?”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.

He glanced at cheap sandal at the foot of his sister and shook his head.

Now, it was beginning of autumn, although the weather was still hot, it won’t take time for it cool down, sandal could not be worn for a long time.

When the two came out of shoe store, there were an additional three bags in their hand; a their hand; a pair of sandals, a pair of sports shoes and a pair of boots.

It cost around two thousand yuan.

Ye Ying in her was silently calculating the cost, which was more than seven thousand yuan.

When they finally came out of the store, they were not able to not hold any more bags.

Hats, scarves, backpack, purses and so on, he even bought an apple phone and laptop for Ye Ying.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen went to old and middle-aged sections store to buy his father and mother some clothes.

As a result, it cost YE Xiaochen more than 30,000 yuan in total.

“How nice.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt that spending so much money wantonly was fun.

No wonder so many people liked to go shopping.

Currently, his monthly income was around 100,000 yuan, so, he could bear spending this much money.

Ye Xiaochen looked at his sister’s tangled expression and couldn’t help but laugh,  “We came here to shop, why are you upset?”

“Elder brother, we have spent so much money, the mother will scold us to death.”

Ye Ying said while pouting.


Ye Xiaochen also felt it was right, if the mother gets to know that they had spent so much money to buy clothes, then it was estimated that for a short time, she would not stop her nagging.

“Sister, then later we will cut off all the price tag on the clothes, and we will say that these clothes we bought only for one hundred or two hundred Yuan. Mother doesn’t know the real price, so she will not say anything.”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes and quickly thought of the idea.

“What if the mother gets to know? She will kill us!”

Ye Ying couldn’t help but laugh.

“Heaven knows, you know and I know. As long as we don’t say, how can mother know?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Immediately, the sibling in vehicle dealt with price tags and drove towards the home.

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