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A+ A- Chapter 73

After two hours, a batch of silver white substance was concocted by Ye Xiaochen.

The substance was not crystal solid but was a powder. Gently pinching it would turn into a fine powder.

It was like milk powder, but it was silver and shiny.

It was giving a mellow and rich fragrance of honey and was extremely unique.

“Well, the nutritive value of this immortal spring honey powder, compared to general milk powder is thousand times better.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

It was a pity that it was not edible for mortals. After all, in this immortal spring water was added. After the preparation process and refining, the immortal qi has been integrated into the honey powder.

Unfortunately, the quantity of powder was not much, it was mostly around 300 grams.

He took a clean glass bottle, then poured the immortal spring honey powder in and sealed it.

After storing the glass bottle, Ye Xiaochen took out the special sprinkler.

As the boiler was needed to prepare the honey powder, he put the special liquid that is used for nurturing the pollination bee egg in the special sprinkler.

There was no other method, there were not many instruments that could hold the water of immortal spring, except the special boiler and special sprinkler.

In other containers, it was easy for immortal qi in the liquid to get dispersed, which would affect the nurturing process of pollination bee eggs.

After putting back the cultivated medium liquid and pollination bee egg in the clean boiler, Ye Xiaochen felt satisfied.

Now, the breeding process of pollination bee egg was very normal, the blood veins in the egg were increasing more and more.

This represents that embryo of the egg was gradually forming.

Those blood veins were the channels through which the embryo of the egg would absorb nutrients. The more blood veins, the stronger the nutritional requirement of the embryo.

After the pollination bee was born, these blood veins would gradually dry up.

In the course of embryo forming, if on this blood veins any unusual change happens, then it means there some was a problem in embryo formation of pollination egg.

He kept the boiler in the storage space.Ye Xiaochen lied on a bamboo bed, took out his cell phone and started to process the shop’s orders.

These two days, there were more orders, and due to the preparation of immortal spring honey powder and also the distribution of vegetables, he was so busy that he did not have time to deal with orders.

Now the preparation of the immortal honey powder was finished, so he started processing the orders.

He looked at it, there were 12 orders.

All requesting for three packages.

Of course, there were lots of messages, in the hope that shop owner Ye Xiaochen could allow them to buy few more package.

Ye Xiaochen was a very principled person, he would never give more package.

Though he has lots of pickled vegetables, he won’t break the rule, this was for the long-term plan.

There was a limit to the speed at which magical pickle jar could make pickles. only one jar of pickled vegetable could be made one day and in one jar it could fill up seventy to eighty packets of pickled vegetable.

It also includes dozens of the package of free pickled vegetable. In one pack, there was only one bean, one cucumber, and one chili.

That was to say in one day he wouldn’t be able to sell more than 30 customers.

In fact, this was already quite a lot.If all were sold out he could earn more than 10,000 Yuan.

It was easy to earn more than 300,00 a month.

Now, Ye Xiaochen was more confident in the sales of pickled vegetables.

He hated that he couldn’t make more pickled vegetables.

Although magical pickle jar was available in the Store, its price was not cheap!

At least, he doesn’t have that much free money to buy it now.


The following day, after Ye Xiaochen finished delivering the vegetables, he drove towards Yangshi railway station with his vehicle.

Today, younger sister Ye Ying was coming back from Shashi.

Ye Ying was a sophomore at Southern province university in Shashi, she did not return home during summer vacation and instead, chose to find a job in Shashi city to support the family.

It was not until today that she resigned job. She was going to stay at home for few days, after all, there was not much time before the college would start.

About 10:30, a group of passengers emerged from the exit of the station.

According to the time, younger sister Ye Ying’s trains should have arrived.

His eyes stared at the crowd and soon he saw a youthful figure, with a ponytail, carrying a backpack, a plastic bag in one hand and in another pulling a suitcase.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly went to meet her.

“Little Ying”

“Elder brother.”

Ye Ying when saw Ye Xiaochen, she immediately revealed a happy smile.

Ye Xiaochen helped her to carry her suitcase and backpack.

“Brother, I can carry it, it’s not heavy.”

Ye Ying smiled.

“You should be tired after working in the summer?”

Ye Xiaochen saw that her older sister has lost weight and immediately he felt little heartache.

Ye Ying was not kind of school flower type, but still, her looks were pretty, she was like pretty daughter in a humble family type.

“How can it be? It was relaxing. Brother, l heard from mom that now your farm is in a very good condition?”

Ye Ying started chattering with Ye Xiaochen.

“Oh, it’s not bad, you can see when you return..”

The two sibling walked along and chatted.

In the parking lot.

“Brother, this vehicle you bought is quite new!”

Ye Ying curiously like a baby circled around the truck.

“It is a second-hand vehicle, get inside, just wait for the money then the brother will buy a private car.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“A used vehicle is also a vehicle.I still don’t have my own car.”

But Ye Ying was very happy.

Usually, she would ride on someone’s vehicle to home, but this time it was different.y

Sitting in your own vehicle was different.

By the time they reached home, mother had already cooked a big meal.

“Well, it smells good. I haven’t eaten mother’s food for a long time.”

Ye Ying put the backpack in aside and picked up a chopstick.

“It’s delicious, mother. How did you make so much progress? ”

“I am very happy to eat it.”


Ye Ying while eating talked continuously without stopping.

“Little Ying, eat this pickled vegetable.”

Ye Xiaochen served a plate of pickled vegetables.

When Ye Xiaochen brought the pickled vegetables, her saliva was already flowing out.

As its fragrance was too rich and seductive.

The other dishes on the table were fragrant, but they were covered up by the smell of pickled vegetable.

“What kind of pickled vegetable is this? it smells good?”

Ye Ying sniffed and an intoxication color was exposed on her face.

“Haha, this was made by your brother. After careful development, these super pickled vegetables were ready.”

Ye Xiaochen said ith proud.

“ Then I’ll take a bite.”

Ye Ying immediately took a red pepper.

This girl likes to eat spicy food.

“Wow, it really delicious.”

Ye Ying quickly ate the hot red chili, it was full of aroma, the sour and sweet taste was enough to make any people infatuate.

She had never imagined that a chili would taste this good.

Then, she ate pickled beans, pickled cucumber, pickled radish, pickled carrot and so on.

Every one of the taste was very memorable.

Finally, the plate of pickled vegetables was finished, unexpectedly it was all eaten by Ye Ying.

“Brother, I want to eat more.”

Ye Ying looked at Ye Xiaochen.

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