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A+ A- Chapter 72

Ye Xiaochen used his Spirit talent to follow the direction of the small bee and headed up towards the mountain.

Fortunately, the small bee would return from time to time, otherwise, it would be not easy to track down the small bee.

This was also the difficulty of searching bees.

Even the most experience Bee hunter would often return empty-handed.

Bee hunters would usually place a trap in a certain location and lure colonies of the bee to settle in.

Ye Xiaochen has Spirit talent, but if this field was not troublesome, then the bee hunting would have become easier.

Looking at the surrounding scenery, all the way he followed the small bee. After 10 minutes later, at a distance not far from stone mine, the small bee suddenly hovered in the air.

Ye Xiaochen knew that the hive was nearby.

After flying in circles, the small bee suddenly advanced towards the right side of massive piles of stone beside a tree and flew.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly followed it and saw that the small bee landed on a dead branch and then crawled along the branches into the gap exposed between roots and small stone crack.

“Damn, why is it in this kind of place?”

Ye Xiaochen was little annoyed.

To get to the place where bee colony was, it would be very troublesome.

Stones, tree roots were the obstacles!

To really dig, it would be a huge work.

“Yes, I have the Immortal hoe. When there is the Immortal hoe, what were roots and stone?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the artifact he had in his hand.

Immediately, he took out the Immortal hoe from the storage space and began to dig.

In order to not hurt the beehive, he was digging very carefully and began clean the things from the side.

Again the strong stone, in front of the Immortal hoe, it was much not harder than tofu and the root wasn’t a problem at all.

Pieces of stones were dug out, and roots were cleared away.

It took him more than half an hour.

Finally, the beehive appeared in front Ye Xiaochen’s vision.

If it wasn’t for the Immortal hoe was too heavy, it wouldn’t take this long time.

Ye Xiaochen prepared the conical bamboo hat and hanged in just above the beehive and then used the withered dog tails grass to gently drive away the swarm of bees.


Many bees flew up and assembled inside the conical bamboo hat.

The number of bees in the conical hat was increasing more and more, and the bees in the hive were slowly decreasing

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen noticed a bee much larger than the normal bees.

Queen Bee!

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up and immediately reached out his hand.

At the same time, he used his Spirit talent.

Usually to catch a Queen with hands was a skilled job, it was easy to get attacked by the swarm of bees.

He has the Spirit talent that could reduce the hostility of the bees.

When his hands touched the Queen Bee, he immediately sensed the consciousness of the queen bee.

When gently took the Queen Bee and put it in his palm, the queen bee did not struggle.

When the queen was put in an artificially made hive, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He took the conical bamboo hat and shook the bees into the artificial beehive.

Ye Xiaochen covered lid, opened the nest and from the original hive dispersed the remaining bees from the original beehive.

Instead of going back to the original hive, the bees followed the scent of the queen bee and entered the artificial hive.

By the time all the bees were dispersed, the hive was completely exposed to the Ye Xiaochen.

There was plenty honey in it.

After all, it was beginning of the autumn, the honey bees must prepare food for the winter.

Using the fruit knife, he cut off the piece

s of the nest and put them in a clean plastic bag.

By the time he reached home, it was already four’ o’clock in the afternoon.

He first dealt with the spleen of the nest and cut off the parts with honey.

As the for the rest, it will be used as a nest and would be placed in the beehive.

Due to necessary of very pure honey, he adopted this static method, the honey from the spleen would automatically flow down and settle.

This would ensure that honey does not have too many impurities.

With this static method, Ye Xiaochen wanted the bee colony to settle down in it.

His farm had so many vegetables that would need colonies of bees, and these were all quality vegetables, the nectar that would be collected from these vegetables would be certainly remarkable.

This would continue to provide the honey for the pollination bees.

The honey obtained from the static method would still need to purify and the pure honey that was obtained would be not much.

He prepared time to collect more bees.

For several days, Ye Xiaochen spent a lot of time looking for the colonies of bees.

Good harvest.

He got five bees colony.

During these time, he also dealt with several orders from his online shop.

It might be that the word of pickled vegetables was spreading from the mouth of those old customers.So, now the business of online store was getting better and better, every day there would few orders.

The orders were less, but the prices were expensive.

One order was more than 400 yuan, one day’s shop income was one thousand or two thousand yuan.

This was pure profit, there was not much cost after all the raw material was his own, and the production of pickled vegetables does not cost any effort.

In this way, it was no problem to earn more than 40,000 yuan a month on the income of pickled vegetables.

The farm.

The five bee hives were lined up in a shed.

From time to time, bees would fly by, they were very busy.

The honey obtained was roughly three jin(1 jin=500g).

Now, in the tin house.

Ye Xiaochen was refining honey.

Under normal circumstances, honey could not be purified at all, at most some impurities could be reduced.

For Ye Xiaochen, it was not a big difficulty.

In the boiler, it was filled with light yellow honey, it looked extremely clear and there was faint scent was emitting out from it.

Below, the stove has been lit, and the blue flame was making the above patterns lit up.

Honey was becoming warm.

Honey should not be heated more than 50-degree Celsius, otherwise, all its nutrients would be destroyed.

Ye Xiaochen controlled the temperature of the honey and kept it warm.

He took out a glass bottle, poured the powder and weighted it to the precision of milligrams.

He poured the white powder in the honey and stirred it up with a soon.

With the speed of the naked eye, the honey color became much lighter, and a white milky dense dense liquid started appearing at the bottom.

After a while, the color of the honey completely disappeared leaving behind a kind of light yellow water.

There was no sticky feeling of honey in it.

Instead, on the spoon, there was milky liquid, like gelatinous, and even if ti was pulled into along threads it did not break.

Ye Xiaochen seeing this finally revealed a smile.

Soon, he separated the milky liquid from the yellow liquid water.

The milky liquid soon turned into crystal, like a rock sugar.

Ye Xioachen took the white crystals and measured the weight, it was not more than 140 grams.

“It’s not easy.”

Ye Xiaochen seeing so little purified honey, he sighed.

It was not easy to feed the pollination bee egg.

The other materials were also ready.

He cleaned the boiler and began to prepare.

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