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A+ A- Chapter 71

Chen Hao returned to his home.

He was in a good mood today, as a big problem has finally been solved.

It turned out that storefront floor of his supermarket was Li Jiaren’s property.

This year the contract was going to expire.

Li Jiaren gave him an early notice to make him ready for moving the supermarket.

This made him worry.

Currently, the position of the supermarket was good and business was also going well. Once, he moves out, then he has to find a new place.

First, not to talk about trouble, there would be also a serious effect on his business. It should be known that after many years of operation he has already formed a large number of old customers. Once he moves and if the distance was far, it would be equivalent to starting from scratch.

The location might not necessarily be good.

In order to rent this place, he has spent on a lot of relations and even used in father-in-law’s contact.

However, this time Li Jiaren was unwilling to not rent again and insisted that he should move his supermarket.

Even the father-in-law’s relation was useless.

Actually, he knows the reason, it was father-in-law being retired.

As the saying goes official field in person to walk the cold tea.(Tn: It is confusing, but the meaning here is after you retire you lose the power.)

When a person is in the seat, many people would fawn over him and when he was not there nobody would care even if bird shits unless that person is of high level.

His father-in-law was just an only a deputy director of health bureau, nothing more than a section level official.

“How did it go? Did Li Jiaren accept?”

Li Yan saw her husband come back and immediately asked him.

Although his father had some connections, he has retired, he has lost the power.

From Li Jiaren’s change of mind to not renew the contract it could be seen.

“It’s done.”

Chen Hao showed a relaxed smile, “Wife, you have no idea whom I met today?”

“Really? Very good. I already said, even though my father has retired he still has some respect.”

Li Yan was so surprised that she couldn’t help but laugh.

She thought it was her father’s credit.

Chen Hao’s face froze, he shook his head and said, “Wife, today this matter was successful only due to Xiaochen.”

“What? Xiaochen?”

Li Yan couldn’t respond.

“I met cousin at logistic center, he unexpectedly met with Li Jiaren, and it seems that their relationship was good, Li Jiaren saw that I and Xiaochen were cousins. So, he immediately agreed.”

“You mean it was due to Ye Xiaochen? It’s impossible.How can he help you? How can he know Li Jiaren?”

Li Yan cried and revealed an incredible color on her face.

In her eyes, Ye Xiaochen was a poor boy and couldn’t enter her eyes.

How could such a despised poor relative help her family so much?

Impossible, absolutely impossible, this Li Jiaren should have agreed only due to father’s sake.

Yes, it should be.

As a proud woman, Li Yan was incredibly stubborn, once she decided the thing, it was difficult to change her mind.

It was impossible her to believe that Ye Xiaochen, the poor cousin, she despised has helped them.

Chen Hao sighed in his heart, he knew his wife’s character and didn’t say anything further.

He thought something.

He read a novel, the protagonist of the novel was looked down by many people and he said a resounding powerful line:30 Year Hedong,30 Year Hexi, do not bully the young poor.

(Tn:”30 Years Hedong,30 Years Hexi”, it is a folk saying. The metaphor is a change of ups and down of a person is fickle, and

sometimes it changes to the opposite. It is difficult to predict.)

Perhaps, now Ye Xiaochen was the portrayal of the protagonist.


Ye XIaochen did not know that because of a chance encounter with Li Jiaren, he had indirectly helped Chen Hao solve a big problem. If he knew then he would be speechless.

He was looking for the tools that could be helpful for the bee colony.

He went to a nearby bamboo drove and chopped off a long bamboo with a wood knife.

It was tender, then next he cut open the bamboo and torn down a big white thin layer from the bamboo tube.

After it was done, Ye Xiaochen rode off on his motorbike.

In the motorcycle, he attached a conical bamboo hat.

There were very fewer flowers that would bloom in this season, so it was much harder to find the bees than during spring and summer.

This was too difficult for Ye Xiaochen.

He came to the foot of a mountain, there were quite a wide fields, now, the rice was ripe, golden and beautiful.

In distance a large mountain could be seen, even exposed rocks, where it used to be an open stone field.

On the other side, there was a site of the small coal mine

There were rows of houses at the foot of the mountain.

Ye Xiaochen knew there were people here who plant osmanthus tree, and it was this tree’s flowering period.

He stopped the motorcycle and sure enough, he smelled the sweet scent of osmanthus.

The osmanthus flowers were white on the outside and yellow inside, it was mixed with green leaves of the tree and appeared like stars.

Osmanthus flower might not be the best beautiful flower, but this flower’s aroma is most fragrant and rich, it gives a relaxed and refreshing feeling.

There were a lot of bees on it.

Ye Xiaochen went towards a small sweet-scented osmanthus tree with a few bees on it.

He tore a piece of the rectangular bamboo layer, tied it with a thin silk thread and formed a ring.

Waiting for some moment, a bee flew up to him.

Ye Xiaochen gently stroked the osmanthus tree and used his spirit ability to communicate with osmanthus tree consciousness.

At this moment, his whole body seems to have become one with osmanthus tree.

He was tree and tree was him.

The bee flew in front of him and seems to unaware of it.

Suddenly, the little bee flew towards his arms.


Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned, but he was still using spirit ability, he even sensed the small bee’s consciousness.

Compare to osmanthus tree the small bees’ consciousness was definitely more lively.

From the consciousness of bees, Ye Xiaochen got some simple information, it was not like plant’s consciousness, small bee’s consciousness was much clear.

Now, for example, the small bee’s consciousness was full of joy as it had great harvest today.

It had found the flower of osmanthus tree and was able to collect pollen which could be taken back to the beehive.

Ye Xiaochen lamented in his heart that his spirit ability was not strong enough, otherwise, he could directly communicate with small bee’s consciousness and directly ask it the direction of the beehive.

With the communication of consciousness, the small bee was little less dangerous to him and gave a sense of intimacy.

Ye Xiaochen took the opportunity to gently tie the thread ring around small bee’s waist.

After finishing it, Ye Xiaochen passed on the consciousness of small bee to return to its hive.

This kind of information transmission method was like general hypnotism.The small bee accepted it and flew directly up.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took the tools and followed it.

The small bee did not fly fast, after flying at a distance, it would fly back to Ye Xiaochen, circle him and then fly out.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen very relaxedly followed the small bee.

In his heat, Ye XIaochen sighed, this spirit talent was really powerful!

If this talent was little stronger, he would be able to directly control bee’s consciousness.

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