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Chapter 7- The change

Indeed, the immortal carrot germinated.

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised. It has been only a day since he planted it.

‘Under normal circumstances, should it not take about three or four days?’ he thought.

Is it because of the Immortal field or because it is an immortal plant?

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen thought of the character information displayed in the Shen Nong panel. In the talents section, it showed “acceleration: +1”, which can accelerate the rate at which the plant grows.

Now, it seems, it is related to the faster germination of seeds.

Psychic: you can communicate with the plant’s consciousness.

Yield: it represents the increase in production.

Quality: it represents the increase in quality.

Pest resistance: it increases the resistance towards diseases and pests.

Mutation: which means his plants have a higher probability of variation, and this variation is not dangerous.

Strengthened: it represent the increase in special effects such as nutrition ,and property aspects.

As for anti poisonous physique+1, it refers himself, it can let him have the resistance towards external toxins(poison).Like when tasting various Shen Nong herbs, if there is no anti poisonous physique,eating toxic herbs, he can get easily poisoned and be killed.


His phone rang. His mother called him for lunch.

In the afternoon, he also needs to pick out a number of vegetables, in order to supply Qingtian Supermarket tomorrow.


Li Liang is one of the town’s residents, he went to the market to buy some daily necessities, fruits, and vegetables.

At the fair, the price is lower than usual.

After retirement, he now helps in bringing up his grandson.

His grandson is three years old and very mischievous.

Seeing his grandfather return, he ran over and proceeded to eat candies.

“Yuan, be a good boy. Eating too much candy will decay your teeth. Here, grandpa bought you a cucumber.”

Li Liang ruffled through his grandson’s hair.

“No, Yuan wants to eat sugar.”

Li Liang washed the cucumber , peeled off it’s skin, cut it into two pieces and said,”Round, if you eat this section of the cucumber, grandpa will reward you with candy, ok?”

He usually coaxes his grandson this was.

“Yuan eat cucumber. Give more candy.”

Yuan  immediately became happy.

Li Laing took the cucumber and began to eat. Dry and crisp, it tasted really good, he was very much surprised, ‘How come this cucumber is so tasty?’ He wondered.

Yuan also ate with relish.

“Yuan, isn’t this cucumber really good?”

Li Liang knew his grandson hated cucumbers, always eating very little and not wanting more.

Yuan’s mouth was stuffed and he said,

“It delicious cucumber, really delicious….”

Yuan ate his half of the cucumber. He actually wanted to eat more.

Li Liang finished his half of the cucumber.It did not satisfy his desire. So he immediately washed one more, and ate with his grandson.

“You two, how can you eat cucumber? Wait a while.You will have to eat dinner too”

Li Liang’s wife picked up the spinach bought from Qingtian Supermarket.

“Old woman,the cucumber is really delicious! I will wash one for you to eat.”

Li Liang said hastily.

“It is just a cucumber, what so special about it?”

Li liang’s wife, after she took a bite, couldn’t stop.


“This cucumber is really nice. Where did u get it from?”

Li liang’s wife wife asked amazed.

“In Qingtian supermarket.This time I bought five, if I had known their taste earlier, I would have bought more.”

Li Liang wanted to buy more “I’ll go and see if I can buy more.You see, Yuan also likes to eat these”

Immediately, he got on his motorcycle, and went straight to the Qingtiansupermarket.When he came back, he was empty handed. Qingtian supermarket has sold out all their cucumbers.

During the meal, Li Liang found out that the spinach is also delicious.Usually, while eating meals, he needs to feed his grandson. But today he’s eating very quickly, and loves his food.

Moreover, the green pepper fried meat tastes good. Especially the green pepper, it is having a very unique flavor.

“Hey, when did you learn to cook so well?”

Li Liang thought it was his wife’s cooking skill that made the food so tasty.

“What? I cooked in the same old way, but, how come that today, the dishes taste so delicious?”

Li Liang’s wife wondered.

Usually Li Liang is dissatisfied with her cooking and complaints frequently.

“Is it because of these vegetables?”

Li Liang thought.

First it was the cucumber,then, spinach, and now even the green pepper, Li Laing thought this should something to do with the vegetables.Otherwise, his wife’s cooking can only be considered as average.

Such a situation not only occurred in Li Liang’s household, but also in different families who bought from Qingtian Supermarket. They discovered that today’s vegetables are very delicious.

Of course, only a part of people think it is because of Qingtian Supermarket vegetables, most people are not concerned about it, for them the vegetables is delicious and nothing more.

Even then, many people went to Qingtian Supermarket in the afternoon, to purchase more vegetables.

Unfortunately, the vegetables of Qingtian supermarket had been sold out.Manypeople were disappointed.

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen picked the vegetables which were supplied to the Qingtian supermarket.

Ye Xiaochen has not given up finding other sales ideas,as long as he time, will run around the town.

But, he was in vain.

On the cousin’s side also there is no news, he thought that there is no hope.

The immortal carrot seed, after germination, is growing much faster than the normal growth rate, it is growing very well. In this case, Ye Xiaochen estimates that it will take about one month time for the carrots to mature.

Normal growth cycle of carrot is 3-4 months.

Ye Xiaochen has discovered a strange phenomenon.Other farm vegetables have undergone some changes too. Such as cucumbers now taste delicious, and other vegetables’ dishes have become exceptionally delicious.

At first, he thought it was a problem with his taste buds, then he asked his mom and dad they also felt the same way.

Moreover, the growth rate of these vegetables have changed. The newly formed cucumbers are growing in a very short time. It can grow to the point where you can pick at least two to three times more than the normal growth rate.


Under normal circumstances, each time a cucumber is picked, it’s bud becomes thinner, but, now it looks more and more, each cucumber vine is full of flowers,forming many small cucumbers.

The quality is much better than before. After repeated picking, the quality has not reduced.

All these odd changes, Ye Xiaochen was curious and surprised.

After analyzing the observations repeatedly, this situation should have the relations with his own Shen Nong talent.It’s effects are seen not only in immortal plants but also in ordinary plants as well.

Maybe the reason behind the taste of the vegetables is due to the immortal land after all.

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