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Chapter 6 -Germination

Ye Xiaochen gulped and answered the call.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Young man, I’m Liu Fusheng, Where is your farm?”, a slightly hoarse voice came.

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit was in shock, it’s really great.Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he quickly told him the location of his farm.

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen, like the wind, quickly ran out of his tin house and hurried home.

Pantintg, he reached home. When his mother saw this strange scene, she asked, “Xiaochen, why are you in such a hurry?”

“Of course I am. Something good happened!!”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Although Liu Fusheng had not said that he will certainly purchase his vegetables, since he called and is coming personally, the matter was considered to be an almost successful one.

Although Qingtian Supermarket will buy his vegetables, it is only for a short period of time. After all, Qingtian Supermarket has it’s own specialized supplier.

However, the purchase quantity of Qingtian Supermarket is very large. It will be enough for him to support himself for a period of time, reducing his loses. And when times comes, he can try to find different solutions again.

He quickly rode his motorcycle, went through the rough, jagged roads and went to the cemented road. Here, the state of road is too complex, he must guide Liu Fusheng’s car to come in.

Within five minutes, a black Audi arrived in between the intersection of cement road and the jagged road,

Liu Fusheng peered out from his window,“Young man, you can lead the road in front”

Ye Xiaochen can see Liu Fusheng in the car. And with him, there are two more people, but it’s very dark so he can’t see their faces.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen directly lead Liu Fusheng to his farm.

The roads leading to farm are even worse compared to the jaggy road near the cement road.

“Young man,your farm road is not good, it will be difficult for big vehicles to come in”

Liu Fusheng got off from the car and glanced around

From the car, a man and a woman got down. The man was carrying a large sky blue color toolbox.

The sky had turned dark.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly lit all the sheds, the dark farm suddenly lit up.

“Well, the size is not small!”

Liu Fusheng sized up then laughed afterwards

They have come here to test Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables.

If the pesticide standard doesn’t satisfy, or if the quality if too poor, they will certainly reject it.

Naturally, in farm vegetables, pesticides are used. They is used more than once. It is important to prevent diseases and control the pests. If pesticides is not sprayed, the impact on agricultural products will be very large.

Ye Xiaochen is very confident about this, he did this his undergraduate in the agricultural university and is knowledgeable

Liu Fusheng and those people randomly picked all types of vegetables and then started the test.
Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables look pretty good.

“Well, the appearance is pretty good”

Liu Fusheng nodded. In his view, although the farm cannot be compared to professional vegetable farm, it is good. After all, a large farm undergoes through a scientific management and control test and so, the requirement of physical appearance is very high.

Next, they tested for pesticide standard, each one they did more than once, from this you can see Liu Fusheng is very strict on safety of vegetables, he absolutely does not allow even small mistakes.

Finally, Liu Fusheng washed the cucumber and began to eat.

“Well, the taste is also very good!”

Liu Fusheng’s eyes flashed a color, the cucumber tasted crisp and refreshing, it has a unique flavor. In this hot weather, eating this is making him exceptionally happy, he felt cool and comfortable.

After eating the cucumber, he felt like wanting more.

“You two also eat, how do you feel?”

Liu Fusheng said to the man and the woman who came with him.

The these two are his daugher and son in law Liu Tingting and QI hai.

Liu Tingting washed for a minute then ate. She has never eaten the cheap cucumbers, but the taste is really good, she wasn’t able to stop her mouth from eating.

Seeing Liu Fusheng, and all the three people eating with delighted appearance, Ye Xiaochen wondered if the cucumber really that delicious?

He doesn’t know how many he ate these everyday and has become sick of eating it.

“Young man, I’m going to purchase your farm vegetables, but I have to give you a reminder, this is just a short-term cooperation, about a week or so, when the time is up, I would unilaterally stop, I hope we are clear about this.”

Liu Fusheng said.

“I know this.”

No matter whether it is short-term or long-term partnership, he needs to sell first, so that he can buy some time.

Liu Fusheng’s work is very reliable.He took out a simple agreement, in which was written the cooperation time, the interests of both parties, and so on, it was very detailed.

In addition, the agreement also contained purchasing price for a list of vegetables.

“Young man, this is our, Qingtian Supermarket foreign procurement lists, you carefully look at it”

Liu Fusheng said

The purchase price of vegetables are not high, it is much lower than supermarkets’ sales price, which after all involves the transport charges, inspection, manual handling and loss.

For example, the cucumber, now the price in supermarket generally is one jin(0.5kg) six-seven jiao, but the purchase price is actually two jiao for 21 jin.

(TN; jiao-1/10th of Yuan)

Ye Xiaochen had already done some investigation. Liu Fusheng’s prices are all quite reasonable.

Most importantly, Liu Fuahsneg’s purchase quantity is very large.

The next moment, Ye Xiaochen directly signed the agreement.

Next was picking vegetables, after all tomorrow, it needed to be on supermarket shelves, and he needs to work overtime to finish.

Liu fusheng left with his people. He will send the van in the early hours.

Ye Xiaochen was brimming with excitement, hurriedly gave a call to mom and dad, he also called sister in law Lin, aunt and few other people, after all, for so much picking, there must be enough manpower for the job.

Not long after that, his sister in law Lin, aunt, mom, dad and few other people arrived.

“Xiaochen, what is the matter?”

Mom started nagging

Ye Xiaochen also knows he cannot hide the truth for long. After he said the matter, his mom and dad would get depressed.Although, currently, Qingtian supermarket has purchased, it is only for a short period of time. He still does not have a stable sale, at end of the day they will be sad.

“Father, mother, everything is alright. Don’t you see the purchasing order of Qingtian supermarket? Maybe if Qingtian supermarket is satisfied with our vegetables they will continue to purchase it”

Ye Xiaochen laughed

He only said to comfort but everyone knows it is unlikely to happen.

Soon, several people went inside the greenhouse and started working together.

“Xiaochen, your spinach is really good”

His sister-in-law Lin picked a handful of spinach. The leaves were green and fresh, the quality was very good.

Ye Xiaochen had a smile on his face. This credit is due to his good care.Only a farmer can tell how much of it has gone into it.

They have been busy till 1:00 am and were finally able to pick various vegetables which were required.

Ye Xiaochen sent his sister-in-law Lin and his aunt back first, those two have worked late hours of night. Ye Xiaochen felt very sorry.

Two o’clock in the morning, the Qingtian Supermarket van came, apart from the driver, Liu Fusheng’s son in law Qi hai also came, he is doing the supervision, after all,picking vegetables,package weighing, requires personal supervision.

Everyone was busy up until five o’clock in the morning. Everything was then packaged and loaded.

Altogether 750 jin of cucumber, water spinach 330 jin, green bean 300 jin, indian rorippa 250 jin, long beans 380 jin, eggplant 350 jin, snake gourd more than 300 jin and green pepper 300 jin.

According to the purchase price, the total price of this batch of vegetables about 4000-5000 Yuan, deducting various costs, Ye Xiaochen profited around 3000 yuan.

It does not look much and  vegetables have long growth cycle,and when we check for quality the number of picking also gets limited.

Under normal circumstances,if the whole farm’s vegetables are sold, his net year income will be less than 100,000 yuan

When the truck drove off, Ye Xiaochen felt very tired.

He has been working from yesterday night seven up until now.He saw mom and dad are worn out, Ye Xiaochen immediately let the two go back to sleep.

“Xiachen, you also sleep fast”

His mom said when she left.

Although weary and tired, his spirit is excited. Ye xiaochen naturally cannot fall asleep. He went to his immortal land. Entering the immortal land, his body felt cool, breathing the air, he felt relaxed.

The two dogs are still here, comfortably sleeping,he wanted to hit them, your master was busy doing the work and you two domestic animal here were enjoying.

Ye Xiaochen took a chair and sat and started Reading”Shen Nong Basic Guide”

He dozed off unknowingly.

His sleep was really comfortable, when he opened his eyes, it was morning.

Although the sun glared through the roof, Ye Xiaochen did not feel hot. His whole body is comfortable and cool.

“Well, later, I can move here to sleep.”He thought

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen, from the corner of his eye, saw something. His eyes widened. He could see, from the small pit, small, green shoots growing out.

“Immortal- carrot seed. It germinated?”

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