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While driving back to home, Ye Xiaochen heard the notification sound of Taobao on phone for continuously.

He was surprised, he stopped the vehicle to the side of the road and looked at his phone.

"Why there are so many orders?"

Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

There was totally seven orders, and all were for three packages.

One package was seven yuan, adding the second package it would be 195, then totally three packages would be 483 Yuan.

Currently, there were seven orders, that means 3,381 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was curious that how suddenly he got seven orders and that too all at the same time.

He suddenly thought of Ye Jie, he had called him and asked to send the online address.

Now, it appears that it was likely Ye Jie's and his friend had visited his online store.

Thinking till here, he suddenly accepted all the orders, and sure enough, there was a customer with the same mailing address of Ye Jie.

"Haha, elder brother Jie is really kind!"

Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but laugh.

He turned back and returned to the town, from the storage space he took out twenty-five packets of pickled vegetables.

For these frank and straightforward customers, Ye Xiaochen has also rarely shown his generosity, all the pickled vegetables were in large packages.

Only the free packages were small.

The reason why he took out twenty packages was naturally to send four packages to brother Jie.

Thanks to brother Jie, his business has started this quickly.

After sending the seven express delivery, Ye Xiaochen felt a sense of achievement, it was good if he could have this many orders every day.

Of course, he could only imagine it for the time being.

Unless his pickled vegetable reputation spreads around, if not it would be impossible in short time to have this good orders.

For the following several days, there was not even a single order.

However, there were more frequent visitors than before, and he had seven sales, so there was a little energy in him.

Ye Xiaochen was not anxious, with the previous seven orders, he felt that if it should come it would come, there was no need to rush.

He focused his attention on the three Immortal Yellow Bean plants.

Because the Immortal Yellow Beans were now matured.

The sign of maturity was  Beans pod turning completely golden and appearance of a crack in the edge of Bean pods.

"Hey, finally can pick the Beans."

Ye Xiaochen picked up a vegetable basket, a pair of scissors, and one by one started to cut the Beans pods from the Bean plants.

His action was very careful.

There was a serious expression on his face.

He was afraid of hurting the Beans in the Bean pods.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen cut off a total one hundred and seventy-eight Beans pods and put them in the basket.

The baskets were shining as if the Bean pods were forged with gold.

Immortal Beans this were Immortal Beans!

The next step was to peel off the shell and take out the Beans from the inside.

The process was not simple, and it was not easy to open, it was very easy to hurt the Beans in the process.

There was a very special method to remove the Beans.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t have any supernatural powers and couldn't use the special method, so he could only use the clumsiest method.

He took out the boiler, put it on the gas stove, poured all the bean pods into it, and then filled it with a bucket of the Immortal spring water.

He covered the lid and lighted the fire.

The fire was very small, after all, he could not cook completely the beans.

He was so nervous that he could not turn his eyes away from the stove, he feared that the water would become too hot and hurt the Beans.

After few minutes, you could see the Bean pods getting split and showing golden Beans inside it.

The Beans were round, big, sparkling and translucent and extremely out of ordinary.

After that, the Immortal Beans started falling from the Bean pods.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he immediately turned off the stove and then scooped out the Immortal Beans pods and Immortal Beans.

He spent a lot of time to pick out all the Immortal Yellow Beans.

He counted, there was a total of  573 Immortal Yellow Beans.

Looking at those golden Beans Ye Xiaochen was very happy and excited.

It was not easy!

For the sake of these treasures, he had been tired for a long time.

"I don’t' know, what will be this Immortal Beans price?"

Ye Xiaochen thought.

However, before that, he decided to take out an Immortal Bean and appraise its quality.

He took out a dagger and began to cut the Beans.

It was not easy to cut such a small Bean.

Also, the Beans were very hard!

He had almost cut his finger.

Finally, the Bean was split into two pieces.

The cross-section was clearly visible, and two round lines could be seen.

"Ha ha, really two round line, and they are very clear."

Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised.

Last time, in the Immortal Carrots, though there were two round lines, it was not clear and blurred.This represents that his planting technique has improved since last time.

This was not a surprise, this period of time he had studied potential guiding method.

"I wonder, what will be its price?"

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it.

He just looked a moment ago, after harvesting Immortal Beans, he had earned three experience points.

since the Immortal Bean was a Yellow second order immortal plant, the basic experience value for the first was two points, but because of the two round lines, he was awarded an extra experience point.

It wasn't easy, finally, there were six experience points.

Ye Xiaochen was most concerned about the price of the Immortal Bean, he immediately contacted the store and went to consignment.

"Ding! Because Yellow Immortal plant belongs to low-level Immortal Plant, a minimum of 500 Beans is required to sell. Do you want to put on consignment?"

The system prompt came.

"Five hundred?"

Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

He had 573 Yellow Immortal Bean, he had cut off one, which means that if he sells 500 of them, then he would be left with seventy-two Immortal Yellow Beans on his hands.

Unlike Immortal carrots, the harvested Beans could still be used for planting, but because of genetic factors, the yield and quality would be reduced to a certain extent.

"Well, let’s sell five hundred first?"

Ye Xiaochen decided to leave seventy-two Immortal Yellow Beans with him, which he could use them later for planting.

Immediately, he agreed.

At once, 500 Immortal Yellow Beans disappeared from the storage space.

"Ding, now carrying on the commodity appraisal, please wait a moment…"

The system prompt came.

Not long after that, the appraisal result came out, Ye Xiaochen began to look at the appraisal, he was slightly surprised and immediately revealed an expression of joy.

The value of immortal yellow Beans was much higher than he thought.

No.1 Immortal Yellow Bean, Yellow level second order Immortal plant, commodity appearance 2.27, texture,2.25, nutrition,2.21, Immortal line 2.28, defective product, with additional divinity 0.80, additional spirit 1.19, price 24 spirit yuan.

"Why there is additional spirit thing?"

Ye Xiaochen was amazed, his own spirit talent was +1.

Could this talent has been added to the Immortal Yellow Beans?

Moreover, the added divinity has risen from 0.79 to 0.8, that means his divinity has increased.

As spirit was 1.19, does this means his spirit talent has reached this value?

He became more and more curious about his Shennong talent.

After calculation, there was a total of 500 pieces of Immortal Beans, so the total value was 120 Immortal yuan and 67 spirit yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied by the price.

It was just three pieces of Yellow Immortal Beans. If you convert it into immortal carrots seed, then it would need a half package.

Although the growth cycle of Immortal Yellow Beans was longer, there was a significant advantage over the Immortal Carrots that was the demand of Immortal land.

The Immortal Bean tree occupies the Immortal land, in which several Immortal Carrots could be grown.

However, the values of Immortal Beans was more than that of dozen of Immortal carrots.

In both cases, the benefit of growing Immortal Beans was greater.

While Ye Xiaochen was thinking, suddenly a prompt sound came,

"Ding, the commodity has been completely sold, the settlement has been transferred to your account."

Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned, so fast?

He did not even have the time t see who bought his Immortal Yellow Beans.

A series of messages appeared inside his mind.

All were… from Immortal friends.

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