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From the cell phone, a clear notification sound came.

This was from Taobao message.

Ye Xiaochen was busy and didn’t care about it; it was probably a fraud or from an advertisement.

At this moment, he was calculating the Immortal carrots seedling height.

On a nearby notepad, there was a lot of densely written data, they were about plants in the Immortal land.

There was also another notebook, in which there was data on the cultivation of ordinary vegetables and fruits.

"It looks like the effect of fertilizer is not small."

After Ye Xiaochen finished measuring, he carefully compared the data.

Obviously, the Immortal carrots with fertilizer were better than carrots without it.

As for general fertilizers, it was better than nothing, it has little benefit.

This indirectly shows that even the common fertilizer has a very weak effect on the Immortal plants.

Ye Xiaochen was also comparing the current Immortal plants to previous ones, this was better than the previous two batch.

He also estimated that his talents were slowly growing.

For example, his divine talent was 0.79, once it reaches one, it would reveal its effect.

Other talents were definitely more than 1.

In the evening.

Ye Xiaochen was finally little free and had time to look at his cell phone.

He habitually opens Taobao.

There was a message.

"Your pickled vegetable packaging is too bad, pictures are too bright, it is not even worth seven Yuan. Five Yuan, I'll buy the pack and help you increase your sale."

Seeing the message, Ye Xiaochen didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Damn, he actually wants to lower the price?

Seven Yuan, that was the price of delivery!

The delivery charges were not cheap, this was not a city, but a remote town, the delivery charge would be at least 10 Yuan.

In other words, he would be making a loss by delivering.

"Okay, you order. I'll change the payment amount for you."

Ye Xiaochen was angry.

He must make the man regret buying his pickled vegetables.

Don't know if the person was online or not, he replied quickly.

"Well? I suddenly think that five Yuan is also expensive, what about three Yuan?"

Ye Xiaochen almost vomited the blood seeing the reply.

Damn, could you become more shameless?


Be patient.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, and then replied, “Ok, as you are the first customer, I'll give you the biggest discount."

In Hei province, an old-fashioned residential building.

Lin Qiang wearing a sleeveless shirt, holding the cigarette, opened Taobao in his computer, he saw the message from the seller.

"My god, he accepted?"

He was bored, so he was browsing shops in Taobao and then came across a strange shop.

The shop was very shabby, the shop owner was obviously lazy and doesn't know any decoration.

The picture of the product was also messy.

The even more outrageous thing was the price of the pickled vegetables, the first packet was free, the second packet was unexpectedly 188 Yuan, the third packet was even more outrageous.

And each customer could only buy three packs a month.

Damn, in your broken shop, there were so many restrictions.

As it turns out, the sale of the shop was zero.

"Dude, as I am your first client, why don't you just give me the package without charges? As long as it's delicious, I promise to advertise it."

When Lin Qiang saw the shop owners attitude, he couldn't help but laugh.He decided to keep teasing the lovely shop owner.

On the other side, Ye Xiaochen was already grinding his teeth, he wished to block him directly.

However, when he thought of letting him go.

It would be very annoying, and immediately replied, "Okay, sent me your address, and I’ll send you the package."

He doesn't believe that after getting the package, he would resist purchasing the second and third package.


"Oh my god, the shop owner is really mad."

Lin Qiang decided to send the address.

But it was not his.

It was his best friend's.

He feared that shop owner would send something messy to deceive him.

As a result, the knife would fall on his best friend.

Next morning, Ye Xiaochen sent a small package of pickled vegetables to the customer whose name was Honest Bandit.

Damn, the delivery charges were expensive, it was asking 15 Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen in his heart was cursing unceasingly if he won’t be earning back from him, then his surname would not be Ye.

Just when he stepped out of courier place, he received a call from brother Jie.

"Xiaochen, your pickled vegetables are really delicious, my friends after eating have also said it was delicious, right, what is the name of your shop?"

Ye Jie's voice came from the phone.

"Brother Jie, I'll just mail you some packages,"

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Once enough for eating for free, you are also doing business.Moreover, my friend also wants to purchase."

Ye Jie said while laughing.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, he couldn't directly say his pickled vegetables were expensive.

For those unfamiliar customers, he could use love to buy or not buy attitude, but he couldn't do that with his relatives.

What would happen, if brother Jie saw the ridiculous high rice in the shop?

Ye Xiaochen was felt awkward. He would rather send some more packets of pickled vegetables.

After much pondering, Ye Xiaochen sent the online store address to Brother Jie

In Shanghai, a high residential building.

Ye Jie was having some drinks with his friends.

The table was full of different vegetables.

However, one plate was empty.

In the air, there was also a strange smell, which was making the people drool.

"Old Jie, did you ask for the URL?"

Nearby, there was a one person from the look you could say he was a foodie.The big fatty asked him

The same was true for others.

They were all conquered by the delicious taste of the pickled vegetables.

"Yes, I will share it on WeChat right now."

Ye Jie said with a smile.

Quickly, he shared the address with others.

They immediately opened Taobao shop

"Oh my god, is there a mistake?"

The big fatty cried out.

Others were also stunned.

"One pack 188 Yuan?"

Ye Jie was also gasping for breath.

In an ordinary shop, a packet of pickled vegetables would be less than few Yuan.

"The first packet is free, the second packet is 188 Yuan and the third package is 288 Yuan, each month a user can only have three packets"

Another man with strong build read the introduction

The hall soon became quiet.

"However, you can say it is expensive, but I think it's reasonable.Have you ever eaten anything so good?"

"No, don't say pickled vegetables, even if I have tasted other delicious food, I feel that compared to this pickled vegetables, they are worth nothing!”

The big fatty said suddenly.

"Well, listening to you.I also think 188 Yuan a pack is still very affordable."

"Yes, it's my first time I have ever eaten anything like this, don't say 188 Yuan, even if it is 288,388 Yuan, I will buy it."

"I also can't help it, I must buy three packs."

Rest others were also thinking, those top delicious dishes, in those top restaurants, which one doesn't cost hundreds to thousands?

There was nothing like this pickled vegetable.

Soon, there were few people who ordered on the spot.

Even Ye Jie was not an exception to it, though he could have gotten it from Xiaochen.

However, this expensive pickled vegetables after eating for free once and then asking again it would seem greedy.

Besides, with his current income, it was no problem to buy few packets of pickled vegetables in a month.

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