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"The Goddess of the moon has sent you a message."

"Daoist Fei Xiang has sent you a message."

"Taishang Laozi has sent you a message."

"Guang Cheng has sent you a message."

"Daoist Huanglong has sent you a message."

Ye Xiaochen was stunned looking at the series of messages, how did suddenly so many Gods were sending messages to him?

He quickly looked at the messages one by one.

"Ye Xiaochen, if you still have Immortal Yellow Beans.No, I want all."

Since he has been in contact with the Goddess of the moon, he habitually read the Goddess of the moon's message first.

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood that the Goddess of the moon already knows he has put the Immortal Yellow Beans for sale in the store.

In other words, it was probably the Goddess of the moon who has purchased his Immortal Yellow Beans.

However, he didn't immediately respond to her, he looked at other's messages.

Without exception, all of them has asked about Immortal Yellow Beans, stating that they want to buy.

"Why are Immortal Yellow Beans so popular?"

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

In the beginning, when he had just harvested the Immortal carrots, he gave messages to all the Gods, but only the Goddess of the moon replied.

It appears that to Gods the Immortal Yellow Bean was much more important than the Immortal carrots.

It was no wonder that these Immortal Yellow Beans possess the divine and Spirit characteristic.

Why was Immortal Yellow Bean with Spirit characteristics important than the Immortal carrots?

Ye Xiaochen already knows about this.

It was this Spirit characteristic that made the Immortal Yellow Bean unusual, it was no longer a common Immortal seed. It could not only be used for just eating but also as a raw material for all kinds food ingredients, furthermore, there was one more important use 'Beans cast soldiers’ technique, this was a compulsory material.

'Beans cast soldiers', it was not that the Immortal Beans would turn into soldiers.

Rather, using the Spirit characteristic of the Immortal Beans, to summon ghost phantom, and attach them to the Beans, to turn it into good controlled yin soldiers.

According to the introductory guide of Shennong system, the celestial troop in the heavens were not composed of Immortals but was similar to Beans cast soldier techniques Yin soldiers.

Only through special method, this Yin soldier could eliminate the ghost characteristics demon qi, to reverse Yin And Yang, which could make them exist for a long period of time, and ultimately becoming the celestial soldiers that guard Heaven.

Therefore, the best use of the Immortal Beans was to refine it into a celestial soldier.

It was a pity that the current Jade army in the heaven was refined from former Shennong’s top rate Immortal Bean.

Since the absence of Shennong, the number of soldiers had only decreased and never increased.

The reason for that was while refining Immortal Beans, it must contain divinity talent. And the Immortal Beans with divinity talent, only Shennong could grow.

Of course, though Ye Xiaochen's Immortal Yellow Beans possess divinity, they were far enough from making a celestial soldier, the quality of the Immortal Bean was too low, it was a defective product.

Only the medium product or higher Immortal Beans could be used for a celestial soldier.

As far as for heaven, it would use top or best quality Immortal Beans.

Ye Xiaochen looked at store transaction again.

"Hey, unexpectedly there was more than one?"

Ye Xiaochen was surprised to discover that five hundred Immortal Yellow Beans have been purchased by a dozen of Gods.

"What should I do?"

Ye Xiaochen was in dilemma. Whom should he sell the remaining seventy-two Immortal Beans?

They were Gods, he couldn't afford to offend them.

However, there were only seventy Immortal Beans, couldn't he keep them in his hands?

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen's eyes flickered, soon he got the solution.He immediately used the function of Shennong system to create a discussion group in the column of friends.

The discussion group was same like in penguin.

After creating the discussion group, he pulled all the Gods who had messaged him into the discussion group.

He was going to hold an auction for the Immortal Beans.

No one would get offended, if they want to buy Immortal Bean, they could as long as they bid the high price.

Ye Xiaochen praised his wisdom.

In Discussion group.

"Hello, everyone, I am Ye Xiaochen, I thank you very much for liking the Immortal Yellow Beans I have planted. I have an only small number of Immortal Yellow Beans and there are too many people, so it is difficult to choose. Therefore, I opened discussion group, to hold an auction for the rest of the 60 Yellow Immortal Beans."

Ye Xiaochen gave a direct speech in the group.

He has only mentioned sixty Immortal Yellow Beans, rest 12 he was going to try and plant them to see how big the difference would be from the seeds purchased at the store?

"Haha, Ye Xiaochen, your idea is good, so what's the rule for auction?"

Taishang Laozi said.

His attitude was warm.

Ye Xiaochen was happy in his heart, this Taishang Laozi from the journey to the west was a good old man, and was one the third moral incarnation of Taizun, in heavens, he was respected very much.

If there was Taishang Laozi then other Gods would also agree.

Sure enough, all other Gods also agreed with Ye Xiaochen.

"This is what I have thought, 60 Immortal Yellow Beans would be split into ten batches, each will consist six seeds, each batch's starting bid price will be two Immortal Yuan, each increase may not be less than a Spiritual Yuan."

Ye Xiaochen said the bidding rules.

He was looking forward to it in his heart, these Gods were definitely rich, they would certainly not lack Immortal Yuan, perhaps this auction would make the Immortal Yellow Bean reach high prices.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen thought too much.

These Gods were shrewd, how could they not see through Ye Xiaochen's mind?

In the first batch of the auction, although the competition was very fierce, the price was increased by only one Spirit Yuan, the final price was two Immortal Yuan sixty Spiritual Yuan.

Who says Gods were generous and lavish?

Have you seen such sting Gods, who compete for one or two Spiritual Yuan?

Although the bidding price was higher than that of store's

Ye Xiaochen was just not happy!

The second batch of Immortal Yellow Beans transaction price was two Immortal Yuan seventy Spiritual Yuan.

The third batch of Immortal Yellow Yuan was sold for two Immortal Yuan 80 Spiritual Yuan.

The fourth batch of Immortal Yellow Yuan sold for two Immortal Yuan 90 Spiritual Yuan.

The tenth batch of Immortal Yuan was sold at the highest price, three Immortal Yuan 50 Spiritual Yuan.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen's total income was 31 Immortal Yuan and 20 Spiritual Yuan.

After the auction ended, the Gods have sent messages to Ye Xiaochen, when there would be Immortal Yellow Beans or other implanted products, he must inform them and they would certainly pay the high price for it.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, paying a high price to buy, you Gods have been competing half day for few Immortal Yuans, do you still have the demeanor of Gods?

He started checking his personal account information.

Before the Immortal Beans have been sold in the store, money has been transferred to account with deducted sales commission fee, altogether he got 123 Immortal Yuan and 19 Spiritual Yuan.

From auction, he got 31 Immortal Yuan and 20 Spiritual Yuan, there was no need to deduct the fee.

In addition, he had 34 Spiritual Yuan in the account.

So adding it up, he now has 154 Immortal Yuan and 73 Spiritual Yuan.

So much, Immortal Yuan, he could buy an Immortal Yuan again.

Buy it, must buy it.

The more Immortal land, more Immortal plants and once harvested there would be more Immortal Yuan, which was a virtuous cycle.

Though spending in the store would raise consumption quota, he won't be able to get the so-called lottery, the Immortal Yuan would go to waste.

Ye Xiaochen was calm and did not go to the store to consume.

As long as there was enough Immortal land, his income would be higher, and there would be more capital to go to the store for shopping.

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