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For continuously three days there was no movement in the shop.

Through Awesome Seller platform, he could see the number of visitors, it was basically in single digit.

Ye Xiaochen comforted his heart, all things at the beginning were difficult, fragrant wine fears no dark alley ((idiom) /quality goods need no advertising), one day someone would find the delicious pickled vegetables, and it would definitely become popular.

A week had passed, and there was still no business.

Well, someone did send message him, but it was a fraud agent.

As for the real customers, there was none.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen made several batches of pickled vegetables.

However, seeing the current situation, he felt that his confidence was fading away.

At last, he suspended the production of pickled vegetables.

Although the online pickled vegetable sales have failed, the neighbors, friend's and relatives of Ye Xiaochen were full of praise for it.

Ye Xiaochen had been eating pickled vegetables every day, so there was no way it couldn’t be known to the surrounding people.

Ye Xiaochen was not stingy and sent some to every family.

Today, Ye Xiaochen poured Immortal spring water and then began to use potential guidance method to communicate with Immortal yellow beans.

The bean plant was full of bean pod and was beginning to turn yellow.

It was not ordinary yellow, but a kind of especially good looking golden yellow.

Even though it was about to be harvested, Ye Xiaochen still everyday used potential guidance method on the three Immortal yellow beans plants.

Also don’t know if because of potential guidance method the three Immortal yellow beans were full of bean pods, once it was harvested, the quality would certainly be not bad.

He was looking forward to it.

Suddenly, his mobile phone began ringing, he took it out.It was Jie's phone.

Ye Jie was elder aunt's youngest son.

Elder uncle died early, Ye Jie and his siblings were raised by the elder aunt.

"Jie, how did you have time to call me today?"

Ye Jie was in Shin city and had opened an advertising studio, the business was going very well.

His wife was a careful and strict budget woman. Currently, they already bought a house and ordinary car.

In Ye Xiaochen's generation, Ye Jie was considered to be well.

"Don't tell me, there was no time to contact you, I heard your farm is doing good."

Ye Jie laughed.

"Well, it is on the right track."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Good work Xiaochen, uncle and aunt can now ease off little."

Ye Jie said.

"That's natural"

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Ye Jie was good to his family, and every time during the new year he would send give money to his parents.

"Xiaochen,  I heard aunt saying that you have made very good pickled vegetables?"

Ye Jie suddenly asked him.


Ye Xiaochen now understood why Ye Jie had called him, it was originally for the pickled vegetables.

It seems that news of his pickled vegetables has reached to Ye Jie, immediately laughing he said, “Yes. if you want to eat? I can send some."

Since Ye Jie has asked about it, he must have wanted it.

"By the way, I also heard that you are selling your pickled vegetables online, I have some friends and I will definitely recommend it."

Ye Jie said.

"That would be great."

Ye Xiaochen was naturally pleased.

Over the next few days, Ye Xiaochen did not have any sale of pickled vegetables in the online shop, but several of his cousins had called him.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t refuse them, so he has sent some packets to them.

He couldn't help but feel that he did not earn money, but has made a loss!

In the morning, Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng villa.

Obviously, he had talked with Wang Xinyi in advance.

He also chose the opportunity when Wang Shuisheng and other were out.

To be honest, he doesn’t want to often meet with Wang Xinyi, if it was known by Wang Shuisheng, they might get some other ideas.

So, he has tried to meet Wang Xinyi as little as possible, and most of the time he chats with her on WeChat.

Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen arriving, on her elegant face a heartfelt smile was revealed.

With the deepening of the contact, the young hearts has also become closer.

Those two have developed a tacit understanding.

Chatting on WeChat also had become very natural.Wang Xinyi in chat also scolds him, it was no longer simple replies, sometimes she would take initiative to chat with him.

Perhaps, Wang Xinyi has closed herself for too long, and in being in relationship Ye Xiaochen her heart's protective barrier has melted.

"Wang Xinyi, look, what I have brought for you."

He has made great progress in the sign language, and it was not a problem for him to communicate with Wang Xinyi.

Since previous time eating his pickled vegetables, she also had become a loyal fan of Ye's pickled vegetables.

Wang Xinyi with a small toothpick stabbed a small piece of cucumber and ate with relish.Ye Xiaochen looked at her.

Wang Xinyi was eating very elegantly, her every move was filled with a sense of spirit.

"Is it delicious?"

Ye Xiaochen asked by making a sign.

Wang Xinyi slightly nodded.

"If it gets finished, ask me."

Ye Xiaochen said.

Just then, a loud young voice came, "Auntie, auntie, I am back, I am back."

It was Xibao.

When Xibao saw Ye Xiaochen, he hurriedly fluttered towards him and got closer, “Uncle Ye, why are you here?"

Quickly, Xibao's eyes were fixed on the packet of the pickled vegetables which lying near Wang Xinyi.

His mouth was watering.

The pickled vegetable had very rich and attractive fragrance.

"Aunt, I want to eat."

XIbao said while using a sign.

However, she shook her head and mode some sign, saying that children should not eat pickled vegetables, it would be bad for stomach and teeth.

Xibao looked in a pitiful way at Ye Xiaochen, it seemed he was pleading to Ye Xiaochen.

"Eat only one piece, ok?"

Ye Xiaochen was not able to stand the innocent eyes of the child and immediately said.

Xibao repeatedly nodded.

Finally, Xibao ate a small piece of pickled cucumber.

He almost swallowed his tongue and kept licking his fingers, then he looked pitifully at pickled vegetables.

However, Wang Xinyi did not give him any more and took the pickled vegetables.

As Wang Shuisheng and his wife came back, he ate lunch with them before leaving.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen also left few packets of pickled vegetables.

Wang Shuisheng and Zhu Qingqing were full of praise for Ye Xiaochen's pickled vegetable.

This was greatest pickled vegetables, they had not eaten anything like it, they usually order a dish of pickled vegetable in the high-class restaurants, but they were nowhere near as good as this.

As for the little guy Xibao, with his mothers help he ate few more pickles.

Wang Shuisheng unceasingly complained.

When he finished eating a plate of pickled vegetable, he still wanted more.

He was almost tempted to open another bag of pickled vegetables.

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