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Sheep City, Longting District.

Fang Yuan was leaning on the sofa, holding the mobile phone, he opened the QQ.

On the big screen LCD TV, a soap opera was playing.

His mother and father were watching with full of interest.

Fang Yuan entered a QQ group.

This was the university group.

Everyone was college mates.

However, there were only a few active members, most of the students rarely chat.

Fang Yuan was one of the active members of the group.

He was also one of the admins of the group.

"Admire, really a man among man, I am very angry, brothers today I have been defeated and met with a critical hit!."

(TN: here critical hit is referring to psychological)

He directly sends @whole members.

"OH, fatty Fang, you are the winner of the life, holding the iron rice bowl(Secure employment) and eating nations grain, still you are saying you have been hit, so how can we live?"

"Fatty Fang, say exactly what kind of sorrow can hit you?"

"Don't listen to him, he must be showing off again."

"Oh, by the way, fatty Fang, last time didn't you say there was something wrong with sales of seed, did you get expelled?"

(TN: ShuangKAi: which actually refers to stripping of position in party membership or government job.i just used "expelled")

"Haha, I was not only expelled but also interrogated."

(TN: Shuanggui: it means integration of big person or person in high level)

"For fatty Fang level, to have such treatment, ah really envy!"

The original silent group, suddenly became lively, a lot of members were chatting, and there was a lot of messages popping up.

"Haha, you don't have any idea what has happened, even if I say you won't believe it."

Fang Yuan was very satisfied seeing so many people messaging.

"What is it, brother?My time is very precious."

"Right!Not like you, to be able to eat, drink and be merry.Brother needs to do bitter work, tomorrow morning need to go and do the job."

"Stop teasing and say quickly."

Messages in the group were not stopping.

"Do you remember Ye Xiaochen?"

Fang Yuan sent the message with a smile.

"Well?Who is ye Xiaochen?"

"Hey, feels familiar?"

"Hey, isn’t he was my roommate?fatty, what this has to do with Ye Xiaochen?This guy hardly comes in the group, don't know where he has died."

"Ah, it is him, if you had not mentioned, I would have almost forgotten him."

"Fatty Fang, did you see Ye Xiaochen?Currently, what is he doing?"

Fang Yuan was satisfied, Seeing the rising appetite of the university students, with a smile, he immediately typed:"You can never imagine, Ye Xiaochen is now a farmer!"

"Didn't I hear he was a salesman?"

"That is ancient history.I heard that he had resigned long ago, and didn't have any news of him since then."

"What is the relationship with Ye Xiaochen being farmer and you getting hit?"

A lot of people were curious.

Ye Xiaochen had a very low presence in the class unless someone mentions his name, it was difficult to think of a person like Ye Xiaochen.

"Of course, there is a relationship, this time I was in trouble, and the seeds of the global company were flawed, guess who solved the problem?"

Fang Yuan was smiling.

It suddenly daws to him that in university Ye Xoachen was unknown and very introverted, now it seems this was definitely to keep a low profile!

Low profile, then how could his botanical knowledge be so high?

Indeed, made a mistake!

"It can't be Ye Xiaochen?"

"Haha, Ye Xiaochen is a vegetable farmer, he was unlikely to plant the defective seed you are talking?"

"Did Ye Xiaochen solve the defect?"

"No, fatty, didn’t you say that defect of the seeds couldn't be solved at all, even the top university at the global company couldn't do nothing?"

"It is impossible, fatty' message is certainly not simple, he should be using Ye Xiaochen  to connect to another clue…"

Almost no one believed that Ye Xiaochen could solve the problem that so many researchers were unable to solve.

"Ha-ha, you all are thinking wrong, it was Ye Xiaochen who solved the defect of the seeds, and the more explosive thing is, do you know what was the reaction of the global company after knowing?"

Fang Yuan was very proud.

Many messages came.

"Haha- the researchers of the global company were still not able to find the out the principle of Ye Xiaochen's method, you say, is it not strange?"

Fang Yuan immediately sent another message.

"It can’t be?"

"Was Ye Xiaochen so awesome?"

"Oh my god, is our class going to have a big person?"

"I say fatty, aren't you making up a story?"

"I don't believe it"

"You can't believe that global company had personally sent a senior staff to hire Ye Xiaochen as a special adviser, I was there, do you know what kind of treatment global company offered?"

Fang Yuan moved his body and tried to make his body comfortable.

"A million Yen per year, a high-end apartment, a luxury car, everybody, now, do you feel like to prostrate?"

Fang Yuan sent the message.

"Oh my god, how can it be?"

"It can't be true!"

" I dropped my glasses!"

" I am on my knees."

"Damn, a million, enough for 10 years."

"My life goal is to buy a flat and ordinary car!"

"No, I have received biggest blow!"

The speed of messaging in the group increased crazily, and even some people who seldom message was showing up.

In an apartment in Sha city, Wang Yuandong was also looking at the group's message.

He was also an active member of the group, he often appears in the group chat, and feels happy when others flatter him,

However, this time, he was not happy.

Ye Xiaochen was able to treat white wax bonsai tree, this matter might be genuine.

With his relations, he will able to find out soon about truth.

He was not feeling well!

Why Ye Xiaochen was in limelight again, and that was with college mates?"

At this time, Fang Yuan sent another message.

"Haha, you have no idea.Unexpectedly, Ye Xiaochen rejected the special treatment offered by the global company.Ah! Do you know what I felt?I wanted to shoot him, why, why did he say no?This was million Yen, if it was me, I would have accepted immediately and would not think even for a second."

"He refused?"

Wang Yuandong was slightly stunned.

Even with the recent sales of vegetables, he was far from being rich.

A million yen was definitely a huge salary for Ye Xiaochen.

How could he refuse, and why did he refuse?

Not only wang Yuandong, but many people in the group were unable to believe, a million Yen a year, how many years will it take to earn that much?

There was also a high-end apartment and luxury car, that was too much.

Ye Xiaochen refused.

Why don’t you want to live?

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