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Fang Yuan has been recently very annoyed and busy, he has been very tired that he has lost one big circle weight, he has been so much busy that he couldn't even have time to accompany his girlfriend.

"Fang Yuan, at that time I listened to you and bought this broccoli seeds, now you have to help me inquire and say when the global company will pay for my damages."

Fang Yuan was accompanying a middle-aged man with a shrewd face.

This person was one of his relatives, who also has set up a greenhouse vegetable.

"You take a look, all these big ten sheds consist only of broccoli, if I can’t get compensation, then I have to pay for all this cost."

The middle-aged person's whole face was in pain.

If it wasn't for Fang Yuan was his distant nephew, he would not have got discount at the time of purchasing seeds.And, now, he was ready to jump and cursing at him.

Of course, he was speaking in a moderate tone, he was hoping that Fang Yuan could help him get the compensation money as soon as possible.

"Uncle An, you can rest assure, believe me, I will certainly not let you suffer.The matter of compensation has already been discussed by above, it is estimated that very soon the plan will be in motion."

Fang Yuan said in a comforting tone.

Actually, he also doesn’t have any confidence, how much the compensation will be and when will it be given, there was too many stuff.

"However, Uncle An, why haven't you pulled out your broccoli?"

Fang Yuan looked at the greenhouse shed full of broccoli sprouts, he wasn't clear how many yellow leaves there could be.

If the roots were dug, then it could be found that the root system was a bit rotten.

It was estimated that in few days the whole plant would die.

"I deliberately didn't pull out, if the global company shamelessly backs out, then with this as evidence, they won't be able to back off."

The middle-aged Uncle An said.

Fang Yuan doesn't know what to say, he came today with the task to persuade farmers to pull out the broccoli.

Now, all the news media were sniffing like a shark, everywhere, they were looking for new reports, and there have been some media that has disclosed the problems of broccoli seeds.

The farmers were not fools, and not many people were willing to pull out the broccoli sprouts, all of them were hoping if any cure be could found out for this broccoli.

Naturally, Uncle An was also having a similar idea, he was afraid if he pulls out the seeds, then the global company would try to play some trick.

The situation hasn't occurred, but the farmers were shrewd.

"Well, Fang Yuan, you say, is there really no method for curing this broccoli?”

Uncle An was little unwilling.

Even if he gets the compensation, it could mostly cover seed cost, but there were labor cost and other things, and certainly, it would not be sufficient to make up for the loss.


Fang Yuan wanted to say there was no method, but suddenly in his mind, the method said by Ye Xiaochen popped out.

Why don’t I try it?

Whether or not it’s a good idea, let’s just try it.

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth, and then said to his uncle "Uncle, there is actually a method, but I don't know if it will work."

"What method?"

Uncle An's eyes lit up, he hurriedly asked him.

Now, he was just like a drowning person who suddenly caught a straw. He saw a glimmer of hope and was willing to give it a try, he wouldn't let this chance pass by.

Immediately, Fang Yuan said the original words Ye Xiaochen said to him.

Uncle An didn't think too much, he excitedly went to prepare the things.

Although Fang Yuan doesn't have any assurance, he has helped his uncle and then began to work.

Back at the farm, Ye Xiaochen was watering all the vegetables and fruits.

He has installed an irrigation system on the farm, the water pipes were buried underground, each connecting with a greenhouse.

However, there was no automatic control in the sprinkler, so Ye Xiaochen has to use the hose that was connected with hose taps, and then water the vegetables.

As for Immortal land, the water of Immortal spring along with special sprinkler was used to water it.

This time also, Ye Xiaochen kept a small portion of Immortal spring water, however instead of pouring it only on carrots, he has poured them on several vegetables.

Since the water from the Immortal spring was limited, he has only used a small portion to water the vegetables.

In the morning.

When Ye Xiaochen finished delivering the vegetables, he drove straight to Wang Shuisheng villa.

It has been a while.

In the past, he mainly came to give plant promoting growth agent to Wang Xinyi.

The plant promoting growth agent he has last time has been used up.

Wang Shuisheng, his wife, and son were not there, only Wang Xinyi and the nanny was there in the villa.

Ye Xiaochen directly went to the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

Wang Xinyi was dressed in white and was pure and fresh like water.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt that on Wang Xinyi's cold face there was a touch of brilliance.

The cold and indifference that rejects people seem to have reduced a lot.

There was two writing slate for communication, Ye Xiaochen occasionally adds some dumb gestures in it.

During this time, he has also spent some thoughts on learning the sign language.

The simple communication was no problem for him, but for a little more complex communication, he has to use the slate.

"Wang Xinyi, do you stay every day at home?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen's writing and nodded gently for the answer.

"Don't you like to go out?"

Ye Xiaochen continued to write on the slate.

Wang Xinyi little hesitated.

However, Ye Xiaochen from her eyes could see a little desire that was yearning outside world

Wang Xinyi bit her lip, there was a sad look on her face, then wrote on the slate "Even the bustling lively scene is same for me."

Ye Xiaochen from her answer got a lonely and melancholy feeling.

He knows that on surface Wang Xinyi appears calm, but deep inside, she has a strong desire to be like a normal person.

He doesn't know what to say.

Modern medicine was developed, but some diseases were there which doesn't have any cure.

With the money Wang Shuisheng has, if there was any cure for Wang Xinyi, then he would have already tried it.

"No.I have Shennong system. Maybe later a cure can be found for Wang Xinyi."

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got hope.

"Wang Xinyi, do you believe me?" he looked at Wang Xinyi and then wrote on the slate.

Wang Xinyi first looked at the slate, then looked at Ye Xiaochen's eyes, the eyes revealed a thought, then she nodded.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen's heart was pleased, since Wang Xinyi said that she believes in him, then she certainly wasn't lying.

Wang Xinyi like a girl with a autism, if says she believes in a person, then it was the truth she will not lie, she only believes in the people she really trusts.

"I will cure you Wang Xinyi, just like I have cured your two plants."

Ye Xiaochen's face became firm and looked like he made a vow, and then wrote the words on the slate with intense faith.

Wang Xinyi was shocked.

He long eyelashes slight trembled, and her eyes became little wet.

Although she couldn't hear and speak, her heart was slightly sensitive, she could feel Ye Xiaochen's heartfelt oath.

Unconsciously, her insecurities and loneliness suddenly seem to have found a safe harbor, so she couldn’t help feel closer to him.

Suddenly there was a faint blush on her warm cheek.

Seeing her look, Ye Xiaochen's heart skipped a beat.

Wang Xinyi also noticed Ye Xiaochen's eye, she couldn’t help but drop her head down, then she wrote two characters on the slate, "Thank You".

When Ye Xiaochen drove away, his mood was very pleasant, the smile on his face couldn't be stopped.

He could feel that Wang Xinyi has changed very much and has become closer to him.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but always think of Wang Xinyi.

It was like there was something in Wang Xinyi which was attracting him.

Maybe this was the beginning of love, the feeling of first love.

For a single dog who has never been in love, it was like a broken embankment which couldn't be blocked.

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