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After the sprinkler by more than half a barrel, Ye Xiaochen closed the water outlet of the spring.

He carried the special sprinkler on his back and went towards the direction of Immortal Land.

When he reached the Immortal Land, he pressed the on button on the sprinkler head.

Suddenly, a thin stream of water jet forming mist fell on the top of Immortal Land.

In an instant, a hazy mist pervaded the whole greenhouse.

Walking in the Immortal Land, Ye Xiaochen felt the whole greenhouse becoming cool and refreshing, the air contained a steam which couldn't be expressed in words, the breathing became more comfortable.

Although most of the spring water has been absorbed by the Immortal Land, there were some Immortal Qi mixed with water mist which was permeated in the air of the greenhouse.

Ye Xiaochen knows that the human body could absorb a tiny amount of Immortal Qi. As long as it does not exceed the limit of the human body, it would be harmless and beneficial to the body.

It was like drinking alcohol, if it was taken in moderate then it would have health benefits.

Once you start drinking extremely, then it would cause harm to the body.

In this type of space that was sending out the small amount of Immortal Qi, the human body could become comfortable.

The longtime breathing could definitely make the human body healthy and strong.Not to say the extension of life, even immortality could be possible.

"Don't know if ordinary plants can absorb Immortal Qi?"

Ye Xiaochen wondered in his heart.

He had experimented, to extract the Immortal Qi from the vegetables of ordinary greenhouse shed.

These vegetable taste, quality, yield, and growth speed has been improved, though it was related to Ye Xiaochen's talent, the role of Immortal Land couldn't be ignored.

After all, there was the chance of small amounts of Immortal Qi getting escaped from Immortal Land and being absorbed by nearby vegetables.

However, the result disappointed him.

There was no trace of Immortal Qi from the greenhouse vegetables.

Perhaps, the Immortal Qi was so less that even extraction method didn't work

Ye Xiaochen wondered if he waters the vegetables with Immortal Spring's water would it give better effect?

He had also thought of planting ordinary vegetables in the Immortal Land, but because of the quality of the

Immortal soil, ordinary vegetables wouldn't survive at all.

Just like how plants couldn't be grown on rocks.

The Immortal Land was similar to rock for ordinary vegetables, so how could the plants grow which was stronger than steel?

With such an idea, Ye Xiaochen could no longer hold back.

After pouring the water of Immortal Spring on all the Immortal plants, he left a small portion of water and poured it on a small patch of carrot seedlings.

This carrot seedling was a quick food vegetable and have short growth cycle, so this could be used for verifying the experiment.

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen visited the farm.

When he came to the little patch of carrots seedlings that he had water with the water of Immortal Spring, he was shocked; he found that these carrots seedling were significantly much better than others.

Other carrot seedlings would at least take 4-5 days to be picked, but these were already ready for eating.

Moreover, these carrots seedlings were green and much brighter. In the morning sunlight, it emitted a halo.

"Oh my god!does this water is really working?"

Ye Xiaochen could almost judge that the changes in the carrot seedlings were related to water from Immortal Spring.

"Don't know how this carrot will taste?"

Ye Xiaochen was very curious about it.

To be honest, he felt bad that those immortals carrots he couldn’t eat.Those things were eaten by deities, so it should definitely taste good.

Now, these carrot seedlings have clearly absorbed the Immortal Qi and produced very big changes, though there were not true Immortal plants, they still have some characteristics of it.

Immediately, he pulled out a big carrot, and then returned home.

"Temporary cannot cook it directly, first need to check if it can ."

Ye Xiaochen was very cautious.

He was afraid that Immortal Qi in the carrot seedlings would be very high.

Suddenly, he looked at a group of chickens who were searching for food, his thoughts moved, he immediately got their attention and hurriedly threw some small pieces of carrots seedlings towards chicken.

He didn’t care if it would kill the chicken, it was still better than poisoning human.

The flock of chickens came running and fought with each other for food.

"They ate it!"

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to eating it.

Previously, he had done a similar experiment, he had thrown some small pieces of Immortal carrots towards chicken and they did not even look at it.

It seemed that chickens were as sensitive to Immortal Qi as the two dogs.

Soon, the small pieces of carrots were eaten by chickens.

After they finished eating, they stared at the big carrot seedlings in Ye Xaicohen's hand.

"Oh my god!"

Ye Xiaochen saw the chickens malicious intentions and rushed back home.

All the chickens swarmed towards him.


Ye Xiaochen shut the door in time, and the chicken stopped, they again went back to search for food.

Ye Xiaochen watched them for a long time, he saw that there was not even a bit of reaction in chickens.Immediately, he was relieved, he felt that there should be no problems.

He immediately went to the kitchen and asked his mother to make breakfast.

In the countryside, the three meals a day was very important, so the breakfast was very important.
The breakfast was ready.

A fragrance drifted in the whole house,

"Well, what delicious food is today?"

Father just got back to home from outside and smelled the fragrance.

Ye Xiaochen couldn't wait to sit at the table, with chopsticks he picked up a handful of carrot seedlings. Although it was cooked, there was no loss of green color.

He put it in his mouth, he chewed it gently, it was fresh and crisp, full of fragrance, and a sense of inexpressible wonderful feeling came, it was just like kind of floating like fairy

"This should be the taste of qi in the carrots plants."

Ye Xiaochen's five senses were very sharp, from the taste, he had immediately perceived the change.

With his Shennong talent even if he cannot be a farmer, it would not be a problem to become a top gourmet.

"Well, the carrots are indeed delicious, why today it is like this?"

After the morning work, the father became hungry, smelling the delicious fragrance, he directly sat down to eat.

Mother felt little weird. Wasn't this the usual carrot?Though it was delicious, there was no need to say it was very delicious.

When she tasted it, her eye immediately became big.

This was very delicious, it was too good.

She had never eaten such delicious vegetable.

It was the ultimate delicacy.

She became curious, did her cooking progressed again?

No, it was same!

Suddenly, the three chopsticks in the family started to fight for the plate of carrot seedling, they did not touch any other vegetable.

Other vegetable ingredients were from the farm, and their tastes were also good.

However, it was just that it couldn't be compared be with the carrot which was irrigated by the water of Immortal Spring.

By the time the plate of carrots seedlings were eaten, all three members were still lost in the taste.

Suddenly, father poured rest of the soup into his bowl.

"How could you do old man?"

Mother glared at the father.

Father didn't seem to hear, squinting his eyes he enjoyed himself.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen eyes became bright.

He got more confidence in his high-quality vegetable plan.

This kind of vegetable could not be compared with the high-quality vegetables, there doesn't exist high-quality vegetables which could be better than this.

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