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Back at home, Ye Xiaochen saw that his mother was chopping red hot pepper.

All of the red hot peppers were bright, big, fresh and had a good appearance.

Naturally, these peppers were from his farms.

This pepper was sweeter than the ordinary pepper and no longer had the pure spicy taste.

Chop chop chop…..

As the mother was moving her hands up and down, the two kitchen knives were also rhythmically were moving up and down, and the hot peppers were gradually chopped to pieces.

Ye Xiaochen knew that his mother was making hot sauce.

This was a local specialty, and almost every household makes this hot sauce.

It's hot, sweet and delicious.It could be eaten directly or as an ingredient in a dish, and sword beans also could be put in the hot sauce.

Because the hot sauce needed to be exposed to sunlight, it was generally made during summer.

Every year mother makes a big jar of it.

When he was a child, while eating meals, he must have a chill sauce.

This year the weather in summer was not good, although the temperature was high, there was also too much rain, so the hot sauce had to be delayed a little bit than usual.

"By the way, don't know if adding the hot pepper which has been watered with Immortal spring water would taste better?"

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had an idea.

Because some vegetables were watered with Immortal spring water, they were not sold.

This was Immortal spring vegetable, how could it be sold cheaply.

However, there were a lot of Immortal spring vegetables, and his family couldn't finish everything, so he has sent some to their neighbors and friends.Before when he went to Wang Shuisheng villa, he gave them some Immortal spring Vegetables.

Thinking till here, he hurried back to his farm and picked some fresh Immortal spring hot pepper

Immortal spring Vegetables, which was the name of the vegetables which he watered them with water of Immortal spring, and were different from other vegetables.

Quickly, he picked a big basket of immoral spring hot peppers.

"What are you going to do with this many hot peppers?

His mother was confused.

"Mother, can you give me a little sauce embryo?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

The main material of the sauce was wheat, glutinous rice, a little salt, in which the wheat was needed to be cooked and fermented, and then was exposed to the sun for more than a week and forms sauce embryo.

"What are you going to with it?"

Mother asked.

"Of course it is to make hot sauce."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Your aging mother, I am making it, go to side and don't talk nonsense"

His mother scolded.

"I don't care. I am going to take some."

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn't give up like that.

He took out a clean jar and took some sauce embryo from his mother's jar.

His mother didn't know to laugh or cry.

"I just have little, don't waste it."

She couldn’t help it and could only let Ye Xiaochen fool around.

After taking the sauce embryo, Ye Xiaochen began to wash the fresh picked hot pepper, then chopped the hot pepper like his mother has chopped.

Chopping the hot pepper was not an easy job, not to say the pungent smell, you have to hold kitchen knife properly and after chopping need to be put in boiling water to cook.

When the chili was finely chopped, Ye Xiaochen put the chill into the jar and mixed with sauce embryo.

Looking at the red pepper sauce, Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied.

"Mother, I’ll give you this hot sauce"

Ye Xiaochen's purpose was just to make hot sauce with Immortal spring hot pepper, which would taste little better.As for the hot sauce, it requires very patience, as it will not be ready in two or three days, but will take 10 days to half a month.

Let the mother handle it, and he doesn't have to worry about anything, then he would be able t see the finished product.

His mother was speechless

Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station

Fangyuan was looking at the documents and was writing reports.

He had been very busy during this period of time.

Suddenly, the phone in the desk drawer vibrated.

He picked up the phone and saw that his uncle was calling him and answered immediately.

"What?the broccolis seems to show the sign of improvement?"

He was shocked and then asked in an anxious voice.

"Yes, the broccoli's seems to have become more energetic, and the water loss is also obviously less."

Uncle An said from the other end of the phone.

"Uncle An, it is the third day I suppose?"

Fang Yuan's eyes lit up and there was unspeakable excitement in his heat.

If Uncle An was telling the truth, then…. Ye Xiaochen'd method was really working!

"Yes, in fact, the broccoli's condition improved yesterday, but I was not sure.Today, the results are very clear.Fang Yuan, do you want to come and see?"

Uncle An said.

"Okay, I’m coming right now."

Fang Yuan couldn't calm down, his heart seemed to fly.

He didn't go there alone, but also took a tech guy from the promotion station.

When the two men arrived, they looked closely at the broccoli and concluded that the situation of broccoli was actually improving.

Of course, it was not that the broccolis were completely perfect, certainly, there would be some impact like a decrease in yield and quality.

For uncle An, the loss was greatly reduced.

For Fang Yuan, this was the solution to the problem of broccolis defect.

Fang Yuan was not able to stop himself, he immediately called Ye Xiaochen, and told him everything.

Ye Xiaochen answered in lazy voice, "I know"

"Damn, Ye Xiaochen, Are you not surprised?"

Fang Yuan said loudly.

"What surprise! I had already expected it."

Ye Xiaochen said.


Fang Yuan was speechless as if his throat had been stuck.

"Xiaochen, I really thank you for this time, please forgive for not believing you at first.You wait, after all these things are finished, I would  take you to eat a meal of your choice."

Fang Yuan heroically said

He knew that this time he had the opportunity to turn back things and even has the chance of rising.

"All right, that's what you promised."

Ye Xiaochen said.

They chatted for a while before hanging up the phone.

Fan Yuan immediately rushed back to the unit and directly reported the situation to the station.The station leader attached a great importance to this, organized experts to see and finally, they got the same result.

This time Fang Yuan has become the hero of the station.

Southern province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.

Just now, from the Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station, they got the news from the company executive and immediately convened a meeting.

It was not the general manager He Haomin who presided over the meeting, but a person surname Ling sent from the main office.

A very serious woman, her age was not big and probably was in her 20's, but she was very dry and cold.

"Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station solution method is very important.Minister Li, your research team must immediately carry out the experiment to verify the effectiveness of this method.In addition, sent the research team to the farmers to conduct field research and communicate this method to various promotion agents, be sure to make them cooperate and let all the farmers facing problems to use this method."

The female surname Ling was beautiful, but her temperament was cold, sharp, and a bit fierce.

Without asking anyone's opinions, she made the direct decision.

"Ms. Ling, are we not going to wait to verify the result of the method?"

He Haomin's was little cautious, so he couldn't help but speak.

"No, the situation is very bad, can't wait for the confirmation.This is the best strategy."

The woman surnamed Ling flatly rejected the point.

He Haomin couldn't say anything, and others were even more afraid of talking.

Zhao Hui never opened his mouth during this time, his face depressed and bit lonely.

The management of the head office hasn't come yet, but it was almost certain that he was going to get transferred.As for the increase in payment, he shouldn’t even think about it.

It was still good to keep his position.

Although he has a backer in the main office, this time he has created a very big trouble.

"There is one more thing, that is to contact the person who found the method as soon as possible."

The woman surname ling said again.

If this method was effective, then the person who has found out the method must have a deep attainment in the plant research.

If like that person could be brought into the company, then it would greatly enhance company's research and development capabilities.

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