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Chapter 53

There was a prerequisite for the placement of Immortal Spring, that was there must exist a drilled well.

Actually, this was a cover-up.

If a well suddenly comes out from thin air, then he was afraid that everyone would have doubts.

Quickly, Ye Xiaochen moved the Immortal Spring icon to the farm map, and when the Immortal Spring icon coincided with the well in the farm it changed to green color.

Green, it represents the Immortal Spring could be placed there.

He moved his thoughts and then the Immortal Spring icon was placed.

Suddenly, in the map of the farm, some changes happened to the well.

On top of the wellhead, a cement-like lid suddenly appeared and a water outlet was attached to the lid.

It was a live map, but things could be seen clearly.

Ye Xiaochen wasn’t surprised by the fact that Shennong System could remodel the well.

Immediately, he went to the location of the Immortal Spring.

It was same as shown on the live map.

In the position of the water outlet, there was a platform where the special sprinkler could be placed.

He touched his chin and immediately took out the special sprinkler.

The special sprinkler was not much different from your usual pesticide sprayer, but it looked more sophisticated.There were a thin outlet nozzle and water injection port, which would perfectly connect to the Immortal Spring water outlet.

There was a button to switch on the sprinkler, as long as he presses the button then water from the Immortal Spring would eject.

On the top of the sprinklers surface, there were some strange textures, which was not a decoration but was special immortal lines.

“Unfortunately, currently he cannot take water from the Immortal Spring.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

Immortal Spring was different from ordinary well, it was not readily available anytime.

It has lots of restrictions, generally, it takes six hours to accumulate a barrel of Immortal Water.

Moreover, the water from the Immortal Spring would not flow out and could be stored.

Will it happen because of water being full and high pressure the water from the Immortal Spring will flow out?There was no need to worry about it, even if he never takes the water out.

That’s how good the Immortal Spring was.

Now there were only two pieces of the first level Immortal Land, so one Immortal Spring should be able to meet the needs.

If there was more Immortal Land, then it certainly could not do it.

Either he needs to add an Immortal Spring or he might need to upgrade the first level Immortal Spring to second level Immortal Spring, which would then improve the quality of Immortal Spring and the quantity of water would also increase.

Ye Xiaochen looked for a few minutes, then he lost the interest. After all, currently there was no Immortal Water, and it would take quite a while to see it.

Now it was time place another level one Immortal Land.

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiaochen to place the second piece of Immortal Land on the land, it was connected with the borders of the previous Immortal Land.

Now, in the two Immortal Lands, there was nothing except three immortal yellow beans, so the implantation was necessary.

Now there was even an Immortal Spring, so he couldn’t let the Immortal Land be idle.

Immediately, he took out the immortal hoe and began to work.

It was a laborious task to dug two Immortal Lands

After having lunch, he continued to dig the Immortal Lands till four o’ clock afternoon and completely dug up the two Immortal Lands.

Even if the Immortal Land was not hot and he could recover quickly, Ye Xiaochen still felt very tired.

He was satisfied with his results.

Next day, Ye Xiaochen again dug Immortal Lands for seco

nd processing, he broke the immortal clod and dug small pits.

One pack of immortal carrot seed and one pack of immortal white radish seed, which was totally 200 seeds.

Then 33 seeds of Yellow Immortal Beans.

So, altogether 233 pits were dug up.

The pits for immortal carrots were very close to each other.

There was no need to worry about the immortal qi because of Immortal Spring, so as long as the nutrients were guaranteed it was good, the green compost was also ready for the use.

The immortal white radishes and Yellow Immortal Beans seeds must need good spacing, it shouldn’t be too close and at the same time, it shouldn’t  be too far, as it would waste the space.

Especially, the Yellow Immortal Beans have spirit seizing characteristics.

Ye Xiaochen arrived at the corner of the shed where the compost was placed.

The shed was not torn, but a Tin house was built nearby it.

The compost was still there.

“Well, the strange smell is richer.”

Ye Xiaochen untied the junk pan of the top and saw the piles of compost covered by thin layer of immortal soil.

It was a dark green substance and emitted a very strange smell.

It was both fragrant and pungent.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen shoveled the dark green substance into the prepared plastic barrel.

It was a load of full two barrel, he directly carried it to the Immortal Land and began to use as fertilizer in small pits.

However, Ye Xiaochen only put green compost in some pits, in some pits he used urea compound fertilizer, in some he used both and is some pit he didn’t use any.

He did mainly to make comparisons.

After he finished, he recorded everything in his notebook.

One hundred immortal radish pits and ten Yellow Immortal Beans, only green compost.

Fifty carrots and ten Yellow Immortal Beans pits, only urea compound fertilizer.

Twenty-five carrots and ten Yellow Immortal Beansss pits, both green compost and urea fertilizer.

There were twenty-five carrot pits and three immortal beans in which nothing was used.

When he filled all the pits then only did he start putting immortal seed.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t buy immortal liquid, otherwise, first this seed would be covered in liquid for some time which will be able to stimulate the potential of immortal species completely, and then the production and quality could be improved for future.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion.

Unfortunately, the collection of bottles were expensive, even the cheapest bottle would cost 50 immortal Yuan.

He had thought about it before, but after thinking, he gave up on it.

There was no need to hurry and he doesn’t have any problems also, so he needed to buy the most important things.

Ye Xiaochen went towards the direction of Immortal Spring.

It has been more than 10 hours since the Immortal Spring has been placed. Under normal circumstances, the Immortal Spring should have accumulated two barrels of Immortal Water.

Now, it was time to water the seeds.

Since it should be watered, then it should get watered by the water of Immortal Spring.

Ye Xiaochen was very much looking forward to it, do not know how does the Immortal Water look like?

Arrived at Immortal Spring.

Ye Xiaochen took out the special sprinkler, place it on the platform, then connected the sprinkler to the water outlet pipe.

Immediately, from the transparent tube, a clear water gushed into the sprinkler.

It was not much different from normal well water.

However, Ye Xiaochen knows that this water contains very strong spirit.

“Well, in this way, there is no need to use carrot leaves to extract the immortal qi, it is possible to separate the immortal qi from the water.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Although, this waste a wastage of Immortal Water, it was more convenient.

Those immortal plants leaves would not go waste and could be used as raw material for the compost.

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