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Chapter 52

According to the introduction of Immortal spring, after the water was taken out from the Immortal spring, the Immortal qi would slowly start to disperse from it.

The main reason for this was because the Immortal qi was only attached to the spring and was not fully integrated with it.

Only a special sprinkler could save the Immortal qi for a long time.

This special sprinkler was not cheap, it was thirty Immortal Yuan.

The total became two hundred and eighty-three Immortal Yuan.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen was left with only thirty-four spirit Yuan.

“I am broke again.”

Ye Xiaochen unceasingly sighed.

However, he was looking forward to the purchase.

Especially the Immortal spring.

“Ding!Congratulation! On your purchase of more than hundred Immortal Yuan, you got an opportunity to draw special lottery from the store, whether do you want to draw lottery?”

Suddenly, system sound came into his mind.


“What? There is an opportunity to draw lottery?”

Ye Xiaochen was little shocked, but then he immediately became pleased.

This was a great thing!

In his mind, he started calculating, he indeed has shopped for more than 100 Immortal Yuan.

The farm building, like Immortal land and Immortal spring, were not related to store, so consumption of Immortal Yuan was not included in the store.

Last time, he had bought a package of Immortal carrot seeds, a special boiler, and three yellow Immortal beans.The total was 48 Immortal Yuan.

This time, he bought two packages of Immortal radish seeds, 33 Yellow Immortal beans, and a special sprinkler, which cost him 83 Immortal Yuan.

In this way, he had spent total 131 Immortal Yuan, which was more than 100 Immortal Yuan.

“I didn’t think that there will be a special lottery.It is a surprise.”

Ye Xiaochen was curious, he doesn’t know what good rewards he could draw from the store?

He guessed that like general supermarket lotteries there could be some good things, but there was also the chance of having only things like basic detergents.

He hopes the store was not bad

“Draw!How can’t I draw!Again there will not be like this chance to get system store’s objects.”

Ye Xiaochen was very excited, he shouted in his heart and rubbed his hands.

Soon, in his mind, a huge wheel appeared, it was similar to like lottery turntable.

There were 365 sectors.

These sectors were very small, some only had line size width.

Whenever Ye Xiaochen looks at any sector, the information automatically comes into his mind.

“Each sector represents an item, the wider the sector more it is easier to draw and naturally has the lowest value, while the narrow sector has the highest value and is very hard to draw.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly learned.

Most of the things were related to farm or had indirect relations, some were directly related to Immortal Yuan.

For example, there was the sector with full 100 Immortal Yuan, but the sector width was very narrow, it was almost like a line.

Ye Xiaochen’s attraction was drawn to the line size sectors.

“Plant Tactic, the basic, the method of practicing Qigong technique and can absorb the power of the plants.”

Ye Xiaochen stared at it and started to breathe heavily.

Unexpectedly it was a method of practicing cultivation.

Moreover, this was using the power of plants.

Ye Xiaochen possessed the Shennong system and has activated the Shennong talent, it could be said that he was natural plant practitioner, so this method was very suitable for him.

Although this was only the basic, it was very suitable for him to practice.

But, could I get it?

Ye Xiaochen star

ted to calculate the gains and loss.

No one knows if there would be again lottery system and even if there was then it might not be the turntable lottery.

The Plant Tactic could be bought in the Store, but it was very expensive, it would cost him up to a thousand of Immortal Yuan, which Ye Xiaochen couldn’t afford now.

There was another line size sector, it was a piece of the instrument and was called as Cloud Cover.It could form strange clouds and provide full vitality of Immortal rain and the growth of the vegetation would be very powerful.

Unfortunately, it was an instrument, and to use it, he should be a cultivator.

The cloud cover instrument has very little attraction for the current Ye Xiaochen.

There were also some good things, like an Immortal egg, Immortal worm, this Immortal worm was similar to the earthworm.It has a similar effect like earthworms, but it was more powerful, they could loosen up the Immortal soil, and could also enhance the fertility of the soil.

So, in this way, Ye Xiaochen would not need to work hard to dig the Immortal soil.

The Immortal egg was not valuable.

The biggest attraction Ye Xiaochen was Plant Tactics.

As for the rest, they were some normal things.

At the end of the day, this lottery was same as supermarket lottery.

Of course, even the most common thing in the lottery for current Ye Xiaochen has still very practical use.

It was a pity that he could only draw one.

Fortunately, there was no blank space, otherwise, if he drew the blank space, then he would cry.

It has to be said, the store this point was to be loved.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiaochen silently prayed hoping to be able to get something practical.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen thoughts moved, he clicked on the wheel button.Suddenly, the big wheel started to rotate at a high speed.

After rotating for more than a minute, the speed of wheel gradually slowed down.

His heart was hanging when the pointer moved past the sectors.

“God, I hope it is Plant Tactic.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes were fixed on the handle.

He was disappointed when the pointer crossed the Plant Tactic sector.

From the speed of the wheel, he was afraid that position won’t come again.

That was to say, he has missed the Plant Tactic.

When the pointer stopped, Ye Xiaochen took a breath, he felt helpless.

Sure enough, his luck was not strong!

The width of the sector was not small, although it was also not the widest, it could be estimated to be in top 20.

“Ding!Congratulations on getting the Magical Pickle Jar.”

When Ye Xiaochen heard the system sound, he was shocked.

“Damn, What use is this for me!”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

What would he do with magical pickle bar, should he make cabbage pickles?

Don’t joke.

With a thought, he took out the Magical Pickle Jar from the storage space.

It was no different than a regular pickle jar.

The one difference was there was some strange texture on the surface of the jar.

“Magical Pickle Jar; a special tool, put the raw material into it and it would change to delicious pickles”

(Note: if you use normal water and materials which does not contain any Immortal qi, then you must first inject qi or put Immortal qi stone in the Magical Pickle Jar)

“Damn!need to use Immortal plants to make pickles, and can’t eat them, then what’s the use?It’s a total waste!”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed after reading the introduction.

He shook his head and stored the Magical Pickle Jar in storage space.

The vegetables in his farm do not contain any Immortal qi.

Of course, he had Immortal spring which he had bought and it was ready to use.

However, the water of Immortal spring was very precious, and the quantity was not high.It would be a waste to use it for making pickled vegetables.

Bad product.

Ye Xiaochen made the evaluation of the Magical Pickle Jar.

“I don’t know if afterward the store would give another chance for the lottery?”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

He was having great resentment at getting this useless thing.

The thought that he had missed the Plant Tactic would want to make his heart vomit.

“Ding!Special tip.As long as the cumulative consumption of the store reaches 1000 Immortal Yuan,10,000 Immortal Yuan,1 million Immortal Yuan,10 million Immortal Yuan,100 million Immortal Yuan, there will be an opportunity to get the lottery. Besides, if the amount of spending per year reches5000,50,000,500,000,s million,50 million, then there will be an additional chance to receive the lottery”

Suddenly, System stereotypical voice came.

The Shennong system actually, replied to Ye Xiaochen’s question.

“There’s really lottery!”

Ye Xiaochen got excited.

Although the lottery was limited, it was better than nothing.

“With my current spending capacity, it was easy to spend thousand Immortal Yuan this year.As for 5000, I don’t know when I can do it.that is to say, I have at least one lottery this year.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Immortal spring, Immortal land and etc couldn’t be bought through the store, so it would not get added in-store consumption.

These were the major part of his Immortal Yuan consumptions.

Immediately, he shifted his attention away from the lottery and opened the far.

Two icons in the column were suddenly lit up.

An Immortal field and an Immortal spring.

“Well, let’s first put the Immortal spring.”

With a thought, he immediately moved the Immortal spring to real-time farm location.

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