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"How did you know?" the old Ye continued "recently from few months I have been suffering from high blood pressure.So I cannot drink normal wine and instead of it, I am drinking medicinal wine."

Old Ye was slightly stunned.

Had he not been confident about his secrecy, he would had doubted if Ye Xiaochen got the information through some source.

"In that case, old gentleman, do you also pour the medicinal wine to the white wax tree?"

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

"Do you mean to say that this problem is because of my wine?"

Old Ye was not able to believe.

Is any wine not wine?

Medicinal wine's essence was wine, only some traditional Chinese medicines were added to have some good effects on health.

"You can say it but at the same time, it may not be. The wine is just one part, the original cause should one of the medicinal ingredient.I also understood why my plant promoting growth agent when poured into it the situation became worse. Though I don’t know the detailed data of the bonsai plant, there is one thing for sure that this bonsai plant is allergic to certain substances. Whether it is my plant promoting growth agent or your medicinal wine, it contains those substances."

Ye Xiaochen explained.

"So, as long as I don't pour medicinal wine?it will be good?"

Ole Ye was not able to believe


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

"Are you sure it will work?"

Old ye was still not convinced.

This was very simple. Was it a joke?

"Ha-ha, as long as you do as I told.If it doesn’t become better, I will compensate you."

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

"Hmph, you will compensate me?"

Old Ye sneered.

Such a precious bonsai tree was very priceless, it would be strange if Ye Xiaochen could compensate it.

"Ok, then."

Old Ye decided to believe in Ye Xiaochen.

He was not afraid that Ye Xiaochen would run away.

After coming out from Old Ye's courtyard, professor Zhang and others couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Inside the pressure was too big.

"Brother Ye, are you sure that it will work?"

Professor Zhang couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

It was little hard for him to believe that the solution was this simple.

"Hmph! From one look you can say it is a lie."

Wang Yuandong, who was always behaving like an honest person in front of Old Ye, finally showed his habitual arrogance and sneered.

He didn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen could solve the problem this easily.

One must know that besides his teacher Zhang Keqin, there were several other famous experts who came and checked but still were at loss.


Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulder and just smiled. He didn’t care much about Wang Yuandong's taunt.

Whatever he will say would be meaningless, and only the facts will prove it.

Ye Xiaochen did not much longer stay in Shashi and directly drove back to his home.

Originally professor Zhang wanted to have a meal with him, but Ye Xiaochen refused.

It didn’t matter much to have a meal, but he wouldn't be able to bear Wang Yuandong's constant mocking and ridicule.What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.

The following day, Ye Xiaochen continued his joyful laborious work, the momentum of making was increasing bigger and bigger.

The construction of the tin house was also started.

At the same time, he was frequently contacting with professor Zhang and exchanged knowledge of plants.Every day, professor Zhang would also give him feedback on the old man's white wax bonsai tree.

First few days there was no change and the yellow region was still spreading.

However, Ye Xiaochen wasn't worried, the side effect of plant promoting agent was still acting.

It was nearly 8 o’clock and Old Ye was still sleeping.

After retiring, old Ye started to sleep longer.

He thinks that he spent the first half of his life was very busy.

If he wants to enjoy his old age, he was going to sleep and wake up naturally.

He was going to make up for the lack of sleep for the first half of his life.

Although his health doctor, master Peng would always remind him to get up early.

But he neglects his advice.

Old Ye opened his eyes, he sat up straight and stretched his body.

Ah, The sleep was really comfortable!

Habitually, he arrived near the white wax bonsai and started to water it.

"Hey, does the yellow area expansion stopped?or is it just illusion of my eye?"

Old Ye' complexion slightly changed.

He hastily called master Peng and maid.As Mr.peng was his doctor, he lived next room and generally accompanies him 2-3 days in a week.

When Peng would not be there, he would arrange a special nurse to stay with old Ye.

There was also a maid who takes care old ye's daily life.

"Does it look like it’s not spreading?"

Master Peng took looked at the photo of the bonsai which was taken yesterday afternoon and compared with the present bonsai.After a moment of hesitation, he said, "old Ye, it seems that young man really has some skill."

"That may not be the case, let’s see it again"

Old Ye refused to admit, "A young who has not grown up, what great skills can he have!"

"The professor should also come and check, he might be able to see something."

Peng just smiled, he has been the doctor of old Ye for years.From a small healthcare doctor to vice preside of the hospital.He has a  very good understanding of Old Ye.

Speak of the devil.

Zhang Keqin came along with Wang Yuandong.

In order to pay attention to the situation of white wax bonsai, professor Zhang would visit old Ye twice a day.One in morning and another in afternoon, he had been making detailed records.

"Mr.Ye, I have carefully compared the yellow region of the bonsai plant.Since 4 pm till now, it has been more than 10 hours and the yellow region has spread only a millimeter, far below than the previous rate.From the point of the curve, it is obviously showing a big gap.Moreover, the color of the leaf is changing, it is hard to see through the naked eye, but when observed  through magnifying glass, we can discover the small change.."

Zhang Keqin made a careful comparison and analysis and finally came to a conclusion which surprised him.

The condition of white wax bonsai was improving.

"Professor Zhang, don't be anxious to conclude.The science has told us, the probability is an accidental variable and unpredictable.Only constant stability can lead to a true conclusion."

Old Ye said.

"Yes, yes.What Mr.Ye said is correct."

Professor Zhang doesn’t dare to argue after all it was a fact.On one side Wang Yuandong hoped that the white wax bonsai condition to improve, but at the same time he was very upset.Why was he not the one to improve white wax bonsai?

After few day later, the deterioration of white wax bonsai had completely stopped, but there was still no signs of improvement.

Although the yellow color of the leaf did not change, the originally grey trunk had shown signs of turning white.

Moreover, the entire white wax tree started to have more and more aura.

Only with the aura of the tree, professor Zhang was quite sure that it will be only a matter of time before this white wax bonsai was completely restored.

He was thoroughly impressed by Ye Xiaochen's level.

The problem that many experts weren't able to solve was easily handled by Ye Xiaochen.

What does it tell us?

It was that Ye Xiaochen was really skilled and not some fake.

Even the hot-tempered Ye, who doesn’t say any good words, praised Ye in his presence and even said if Ye Xiaochen has anything, he could come to him.

Old Ye would always remember Ye Xiaochen's favor of treating bonsai tree.

Professor Zhang told Ye Xiaochen the exacts words of old Ye.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it.Even if there was any favor, he didn’t want to ask anything

The reason for him to treat white wax bonsai was just to help professor Zhang.

That was all.

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