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Ye Xiaochen inserted the plug of the air conditioner in the socket, then pressed the start button on the remote.After a sound of the beep, the air conditioner started and cold air began blowing from it.

Immediately, the hot cage like tin house became cool.

"It's not easy."

Ye Xiaochen sat on a bamboo chair and cocked up his legs.He was satisfied with his results.

Recently, he had been working on this tin shed for quite some, and finally, it was completed today.

Old Ye's white wax bonsai was gradually improving, so Ye Xiaochen didn’t pay any more attention to it.

All right.

His primary focus was still on the farm, where would he have the energy to take care of the bonsai.

Making money was the most important thing.

After resting for a short period, all of his sweat dried up.Then, he got up and collected all the installation tools.

He didn’t want to install the air conditioner by himself, but when he went to the county to buy the air conditioner, the opening price of installation expense was 200 Yen.

He became so angry that he installed it by himself.

Anyway, what was the problem with it?

He just did his own work by himself.

Of course, he was reluctant to spend two hundred yen.

This money-saving character was inherited from his mother, so he never uses money wastefully.

As the saying goes, the child of poor person gets to know early how to manage the household.

He took a look at the phone, there was still a lot of time.

He picked the bamboo hat and went out of the tin shed.

Just when he opened the door, a sudden heat wave came towards him.

Even when it rained heavily yesterday afternoon, the temperature still didn't cool down.

He visited all the greenhouses.

The most of the new seedlings were growing very good.

Especially the carrot seedlings, it looked very tender, and recently this vegetable was selling very good.

For this reason, Ye Xiaochen got few more seedlings.

As long as the vegetables sprout into seedlings, its growth could be sped up with the help of Ye Xiaochen's talent and would be matured in a week.Usually, even if the soil cultivation technique was used, it would still take a half month to mature.

The radish was also bringing a huge income to him.

The prices of radish were not low, it has short cultivation time and high yield.

He was also planning to plant soybean, which was also considered a cash crop.

Of course, Ye Xiacohen still attached great importance towards immortal carrot, it was estimated that in a week it would mature.

The four yellow immortal beans were also growing well and were full of flowers

When he thought about those piles of flower becoming the green beans, his heart became excited.

Just when he went into the immortal land to examine, his pupils suddenly shrunk, then quickly went towards the yellow immortal bean and squat down.

He saw some withered buds and gasped.

"Damn, what is going on here?"

Ye Xiaochen muttered.

He looked at other three strains, they were good, except this one.

His heart sank.

Obviously, this yellow immortal bean was sick.

It was not a good thing.

Common vegetable disease could still be ignored, but it was different with immortal plants

Once the production was reduced, it would be a great loss.

It might also affect the quality.

The ordinary treatment method would certainly have no effect on the immortal plants.

There were many methods of prevention and treatment of disease in the Shennong system.

But, for now, he was reluctant to use it.

"Let check, what it is.I hope it is not contagious.Otherwise, the other stalks will also be in infected."


Ye Xiaochen murmured in his heart.

He examined it very carefully.

The originally yellow bud slightly withered and the petals of the flower were fallen on the ground.

The leaves were wrinkled and seemed dehydrated.

The yellow stem of it also turned a little black.

Ye Xiaochen took out his immortal hoe and carefully opened the immortal soil beside the plant and observed the situation of the roots.

Fortunately, the roots were normal.

If the root had a problem, it would have become a very big issue.

"There is some dehydration, the bean flower has withered, and the water content of the immortal soils is not low, it can definitely satisfy…."

Ye Xiaochen analyzed the matter with the knowledge he has mastered.

The moisture absorption of the immortal soil was very special.It was not like ordinary soil where after saturation it would become thin and soft, instead, the immortal soil would still maintain its previous hard nature.

In this way, the water in immortal soil could be maintained at a certain concentration.


He got some clues, but he still needs to verify it.So, immediately he checked the other three beans.

Finally, in another one yellow immortal beanstalk, he found some very subtle symptoms, it was very similar to previous one but was only slightly affected

"It seems, this is the basic situation."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

For the time being, he did not have any good solution for this problem.

Yellow immortal bean’s quality is one point higher than the immortal carrots. It was the yellow level second order plant which requires higher planting condition.

The other beans required more special conditions.

But the yellow immortal beans required only sufficient immortal soil.

Maybe, because of the high demand for immortal soil, it also needed to have a higher immortal aura, otherwise, this phenomenon will occur.

Ye Xiaochen planted yellow immortal beans for the first time, so he does not have any experience.He only combined his knowledge and some of from Shennong introductory guide, he hasn't achieved true mastery.

Naturally, there was some negligence.

Like this time, in this first level immortal land, the strain of yellow immortal beans would require some space.The bean has the characteristic of seizing aura, if space was too close, various immortal beans will compete for the immortal aura.

Once a bean could not compete, the withering phenomenon will occur.

The final result, the production will reduce or there will be no crops at all.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the immortal carrots and breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, the immortal carrot doesn’t have this seizing characteristic, they were gentle and peaceful.

However, he has finally realized if the implantation was too close, there would be lack of aura and nutrient supply.

"It seems, I need to pay attention to this matter.Unfortunately, there was no immortal spring or immortal fertilizer, otherwise, with the supply of water from immortal spring and fertilizer from immortal manure, this case might have appeared"

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

He looked at the dried yellow immortal bean seedling, with a cruel heart, he took out the immortal hoe and dug out its roots.

He knew that it had been affected 100 percent and quality of the beans was equally unavoidable.

If he doesn’t pull out, it would affect other beans

As for the other immortal beans on which has appeared slight symptoms, he struggled and finally did not take it out.

It was because the position of immortal bean was very special. And after removing that plant, this plant should be able to absorb more aura, and won't have any big problems.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen still took a big risk.

He really didn’t want to pull out.

His heart was bleeding when he pulled out.

This was yellow immortal bean!


This was not one immortal yuan.

In Ye Xiaochen's eyes, the value was more than several Immortal Yuan!

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