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Old farmer Ye astonishingly looked at Ye Xiaochen.Suddenly he felt interested.

Generally, everyone respect because of his status.

Even Zhang Keqin and Wang Yuandong were acting very humble at the moment.

But now, the young man not only he did not get affected by his momentum but also was speaking the words with a sense of pride.

Yes, that was pride.

He had met a lot of young men with amazing abilities, talents or strong background.Even then in front of him they put down their pride and try to please him.

All right.

Let's give him a chance.

Old Ye nodded and said, "Ok, then see it".

He didn’t say anything after that.

He was really little interested in the young man.He doesn't know what ability does the young man has that he had this much pride.

And he also felt that Zhang Keqin like a prudent man would not bring anyone casually.

Thus, it could be seen that this young man has some skills.

Ye Xiaochen followed the old Ye.

Master Peng, professor Zhang, and Wang Yuandong also went in.

The decoration of the room was very simple.

From a look, you could know the age of furniture.

Near the window, a table was placed and on top, there was a unique shaped bonsai tree.

It was exactly same as in the photo.

However, the yellow area in the leaf was larger than before.

The whole tree did not seem to have any of its charms and looked like it was in the period of declination and decay.

Old Ye looked at his treasure and immediately revealed an expression of pain on his face.

Since the day he obtained the bonsai tree, he protected it just like his baby.

Under several people’s gaze, Ye Xiaochen walked front.He first carefully looked at the bonsai, then stretched out his finger and gently touched the bonsai tree.

It was not rough like general trees and gave an exquisite sensation.

"Good plant consciousness."

However, the most attracting thing was Ye Xiaochen sensed a strong consciousness from the white wax bonsai tree.

The consciousness was so strong that it had feelings.

He thought about it, this tree seems very short for a flowering bonsai tree, but it had been growing for more than 300 years and when compared with a tree it could be considered very big.

There was very few tree which was over hundred years and was basically the kind which was getting protected.It was considered good for an ordinary tree to last for a decade.

With such a long history, it was normal for the plant consciousness to grow slowly.

In order to not let anyone get a clue, Ye Xiaochen made it look like he was just simply touching the bonsai tree.

Nobody noticed that he was exchanging communication with the plant's consciousness.

After a while, Ye Xiaochen withdrew his hand and frowned.He combined the knowledge of Shennong System Introduction Guide and began to analyze the consciousness of plant.

He sighed secretly in his heart, as result of his own limitations he was unable to carry true communication with the consciousness of the plant.Otherwise, he could directly obtain the information from the plant's consciousness.

Now, he could only carry out the analysis based on the changes in consciousness.

This was a test of his experience and insight.

Fortunately, he had received the Shennong system two months back, unlike before things were different now, he had reborn.

"Old gentleman, I want to ask you a question."

After some careful consideration, Ye Xiaochen had some ideas, he then looked at old farmer Ye and asked.

"What’s the problem?

Old Ye had been paying attention to Ye Xiaochen's every move.

As the person who had occupied the top position for a long time, he was best at observing, estimating and analyzing. It could be even said that he had perfected the discerning eyes.

Naturally, he recognized that Ye Xioachen was not pretending.

And was really trying to diagnose the cause of the disease of the bonsai tree.

"Do you generally water the bonsai plant?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

"Nonsense, if I had not water it, long back it would have withered."

Old Ye rolled his eyes.

Did he make a mistake at recognizing him?


Wang Yuandong was despising him in his heart.

Ye Xiaochen did not care and asked: “old gentleman, normally which kind of water do you use?"

"It is the water from the mountain stream, pure and natural.After boiling you can drink it, and tastes very sweet."old ye replied.

Beside grey-haired old man, Mr.peng was unceasingly surprised.According to his understanding of Old Ye, he was a hot-tempered guy, if some other guy had asked this kind of idiot question he would directly jump and roar at him.

But, now there was not even sign of him getting angry.

It was strange.

"Nothing else?"

Old ye continued, “No, just the water from stream"

Old Ye felt his patience was running out.

"I don’t know how long the old gentleman has lived here?Have you always been using the water stream since you started living here?"

Ye Xiaochen was examining the details.

"it’s been a year since I started living here and has been continuously using the water from the mountain stream."

Old Ye was not able to hold back, and said in the angry tone “Boy, did you finish?"

"Almost finished."

Ye Xiaochen nodded

"So do you know what is the problem?"

Old Ye asked.

"I don’t know yet, but I have heard that for like this kind of precious bonsai plant there is special cultivation record, may I look at it?"

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he then diverted the topic.

"You wait here."

Afte old Ye said this, he entered another room and took out a very fancy wooden box.

He carefully placed the wooden box on the table, opened the lid and took out the record from it.

From the appearance of the record, it seemed very old.It was certainly not made of general matter, otherwise, even if it was well preserved, it would have decayed long back.

"Boy, you can watch it, but don’t spoil it, you can't afford it"

Old Ye said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded.Not to mention this booklet recorded the cultivation of the bonsai, it also could be regarded as the ancient cultural relic.

After he looked at it, he rolled his eyes.Unexpectedly, the characters were written in traditional Chinese style.

Ye Xiaochen was trying very hard.

."Professor Zhang, can you tell me the contents of this record?"

Ye Xiaochen coughed and asked professor Zhang, who was very nervous.

Professor Zhang nodded, as a professor and a botanist, his literary attainments were very good.

He explained the contents to Ye Xiaochen.

After several minutes professor Zhang finished.

"Pouring wine?Are you saying that this white wax bonsai tree is irrigated with wine?"

Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

"Yes, once in awhile, it is needed to be irrigated with wine, to make it have more charm."

Old Ye continued "Boy, you cannot say the problem is because of wine, it has been used for several years, if there was any problem, it would have long back destroyed"

Ye Xiaochen was really surprised to see that the white wax needed wine if this ancient bonsai master had not confirmed, he might not have believed it.

Since the time Old Ye had the bonsai tree, he took care of it according to the instructions written in the record and had never face any problems.

"Well, old gentleman, I know where the problem is now.if I don't guess wrong, your wine should have been different from the past."

Ye Xiaochen finally smiled.

Before he was unable to judge, but now he had all information.

He finally understood the problem.

It was Wine.

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