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After driving for half an hour they reached Yuelu mountain where a unique house was situated.

There was no luxurious decoration, it looked like an ordinary farm courtyard.

However, this place was one of the few tourist places in Shashi and it was impossible to construct any private residence.

If there was a private residence then there were only two possibilities, either a powerful figure or residence left behind by the natives.

Even a native-born resident was asked to move out of the scenic area.

Of course, the compensation was very high.

The car snaked along a flat and broad road.

Finally, the car came to halt next to a wooden bridge over a stream, opposite to the wooden bridge there stood a courtyard.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep sigh, in this city to be able to find a house with this kind of beautiful scenery would not be very easy.

Thus, it could be seen that the owner of this residence was not an average person!

Three people got out of the car, walked into the wooden bridge and reached outside the courtyard.

Through the bamboo fence, they could see two men sitting under a huge old tree playing chess on a stone table.

One of the old men had gray hair and rosy complexion.

Obviously, he was skilled at keeping his health good.

And the other one was thin and looks like an old farmer, he didn’t look anything extraordinary.

"Let's wait here"

Professor Zhang said to Ye Xiaochen in a low voice.

Apparently, he didn’t want to go in and disturb their game.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to refuse in his heart.They couldn’t go in and still had to wait outside

But looking at professor Zhang's serious face he could only nod.

Even the arrogant Wang Yuandong was looking serious and behaved just like an obedient student.

From this, Ye Xiaochen could see that these two old men were certainly not ordinary people.

Professor Zhang also had the identity of a professor, it was unlikely of him to be this much reserved.

After more than one and half hour.

"No more, you are very insidious"

Suddenly, the old farmer with his chicken like palms pushed the pawns on the chessboard and made a mess.

"Old Ye, aren't you afraid to see yourself as a joke in front  of the outsides guest?"

The old man was not angry, instead, he smiled and shook his head.

He began to put the scattered pieces into the box.

At this moment, professor Zhang took Wang Yuandong and Ye Xiaochen, opened the door and entered into the courtyard.

" Old Ye, Master Peng"

Professor Zhang directly went towards that two old man and greeted in a very courteous manner.

"Professor Zhang you have come. Didn't you say that you invited someone?Where is that person?"

That thin old farmer was called old Ye.He looked at professor Zhang, and saw only two young men and was surprised.

Another old man was still cleaning the pieces, but still took a glance, and didn’t say anything.

"Old Ye, this is Ye Xiaochen.The person whom I invited.The plant promoting growth medicine which I used last time was made by him"

Professor Zhang said quickly.


The old farmer Ye's vision fell on Ye Xiaochen and he was surprised.

He expected that Mr.Zhang would bring one of his colleagues, but who thought that he would bring such young man.

"Zhang Keqin.You didn’t bring a random person to fool me. Did you?"

The old man Ye's face suddenly turned cold.

Just a moment back it was like a harmless cat, but suddenly it turned like a ferocious tiger.

This kind of imposing momentum sent by old Ye takes a long time to cultivate.Suddenly, on professor Zhang's forehead started to appear cold sweat.

Ye Xiaochen has psychic talent, so his spiritual level was more sensitive.He couldn’t help but be amazed when he suddenly felt the intense pressure.

"Old Ye, what is plant promoting growth medicine?"

The grey-haired old man was Chinese medicine professional, so when he heard about the plant promoting growth medicine, he became curious and immediately asked.

"Last time, I told you that my bonsai plant has some problem.So I invited many people to check it.He said that there is a plant promoting growth agent which can cure it and make it better, but instead, it made worse"

Old Ye said while foaming in anger.

"Professor Zhang, what magic does this plant promoting growth agent has?”

The grey-haired master Peng hurriedly asked professor Zhang.

Professor Zhang's face became little awkward.Nevertheless, he told the truth.

"This thing?"

Master Peng was surprised.

Although he has not engaged in botany, he has dealt with all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.

If what he said was correct, then the plant promoting growth agent was really amazing

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are no drugs that could delay the aging.Even if there is a suspension of life medicine, it could only stop the illness for a very short time.

"I don't care, you have to compensate for my treasure"

Old Ye said in a strong tone.

Professor Zhang's body broke out in cold sweat.Compensate?Even if he sold his whole body, he wouldn't be able to pay!

He couldn't help but look at Ye Xiaochen, hoping he would help him.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but touch his nose, he knew from a look that this old man was not easy to get along with, if he couldn't cure, he might also be in trouble.

The present situation couldn’t allow him to be careless.

"Well, old man let me see that …… bonsai?

Ye Xiaochen coughed to show his presence and said.

But, suddenly he forgot the name of the bonsai.

Professor Zhang felt like thousand grass mud horse whistle past him.All of sudden, he thought if he made a mistake to bring Ye Xiaochen here?

Wang Yuandong rolled his eyes.Damn even the name of bonsai he could not remember.Was this a joke?

The old farmer Ye looked at Ye Xiaochen and said in cold tone “Boy, although you have the same surname Ye, I am a very unreasonable person, if my bonsai tree couldn’t be cured, you have to compensate together with him.I guess you will not even afford it."

Ye Xiaochen was very embarrassed that he lost his face and name.

He still tried to be calm.

However, he was little annoyed with the old man's sarcastic remarks. He doesn't believe that the Shennong system would not be able to cure it.

If it could not be cured in a day, then he will take ten days, if in ten days he couldn’t cure it, he will take 100 days.

Ye Xiaochen was a very cautious person and has consciousness of small farmer.

Since obtaining the Shennong system, and having success and achievement made him have some confidence and pride.

In the past, his reaction would have been like an ostrich.

But now, it wasn’t like that

"Old gentleman, let me see that piece of white wax bonsai tree"

Ye Xiaochen said again.

He made his waist straight.

Chin up.

His tone was calm and clever.

He had a sense of pride in his face.

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